2019.16.1 or above in Europe

2019.16.1 or above in Europe

Can any European drivers with 2019-16-1 or above confirm if this is a problem....

etigro | 24. Mai 2019

I just got 16.2 in France. While I cannot confirm yet the limitations (if any) to Autopilot (note that we do not have NoA in France on th S), I spotted another step backwards in the release notes. For summon to work now, you need to have your phone connected to the car via bluetooth. The relase notes mentions it was made to comply with a new regulation.
Truth be told, it is a bit annoying but not a major step backward. Since the car needs to detect the keyfob as well, I was only able to use summon standing real close from the car, well within bluetooth range.

vpoz | 24. Mai 2019

AP1 with 16.2 installed today.
Driving from York to Edinburgh and I can’t say that there’s any difference at all with Autopilot behaviour.

PagemakersS75 | 24. Mai 2019

Just installed 2019.16.2 on a UK HW2 S.

It gives navigation on Autopilot for the first time.

Initial short drive seems OK on autopilot with no disconnects round tight-ish bends.

The one thing I have noticed is it no longer displays dual carriageways as 2 lanes so it is not possible to change lanes with the autopilot engaged. Is this a function of Navigation on Autopilot? If I turned that feature off would it once again see the road as 2 laned?

pgkevet | 24. Mai 2019

I onlt had a short play with 16.2 on 2018S EAP UK HW2.5.
Also found no longer can trigger overtakes with TACC engaged and with NOA it just doesn't look far enough ahead/behind. It was a busy dual carriageway and delayed offering overtakes until one was decelerating behind slower vehicles and the passing lane got crowded or offered a return to the nearside lane and got me stuck behind slow stuff again. I had overtake set to medium rather than madmax and 3 car lengths separation.
Frankly was easier just to drive it myself but will play and fiddle for longer when situation arises.
First impression is not so good

PagemakersS75 | 24. Mai 2019

@pgkevet Does it see a dual carriageway as 2 lanes? Mine no longer does and that’s why mine can’t change lanes with AP engaged.

Maybe if Drive on AP is turned off the dual carriageway will be recognised again?

pgkevet | 25. Mai 2019

I can't say i noticed at the time but something I'll watch out for due to your heads-up. Nearest dual carriageway is 20 miles from my rural spot.

etigro | 25. Mai 2019

Similar experience in France without NoA but HW 2.5. On a 4 lanes divided road (Paris périphérique), it only shows the road I am in (blue) and surrounding cars. Automated Lane change does not work. I either get a message "not available" or "impossible". Another detail, maybe not new to 16.2, the nag now says to "Slightly turn wheel" instead of putting hands on the wheel.

PagemakersS75 | 25. Mai 2019

@etigro what happens when you turn nav on AP off? Does the road correctly display again? I’m away from my car for a few days.

etigro | 26. Mai 2019

@Pagemakers75 sorry I was not clear, NoA is not available in France even on 16.2.
The behavior I am experiencing might be related to using the turn signal properly. I noticed today that the release notes mention that the lane change must be initiated less than 5 seconds after the turn signal is engaged. I used to not fully engaged the turn signal but hold it position and then release it once in the lane. Maybe this has changed and we need to engage it all the way. That does not however explain why the road is improperly displayed.

etigro | 29. Mai 2019

Got 16.3 yesterday, a week after getting 16.2. Big change is the availability of NoA on my 2018 HW 2.5 S in France. The lanes now seem to display just fine. Confirmation by turn signal is required from the little testing I could do so far.

PagemakersS75 | 30. Mai 2019

Fingers crossed it will fix the lane issues here too.

etigro | 01. Juni 2019

Well it fixed the lane but it broke the auto lane change. Very timber it ask me to confirm via the turn signal it aborts and tells me lane change is impossible. I have tried without NoA on autopilot and have the same result. On 2 occasions it even told me the change was not possible and I should disengage the turn signal. Once I did it initiated the change without signaling ! I might be using this wrong but it worked fine before 16.x

etigro | 01. Juni 2019

Very timber = every times

PagemakersS75 | 01. Juni 2019

Just installed 16.3.2 and still no dual carriageways in the UK. Still displays and single lane with no auto-lane change.