Google coincidence or Tesla

Google coincidence or Tesla

Today I received 2019.16.2. As usual after an update I did a touchscreen reboot as well as power-down for 3 minutes and then stepped on the brake to turn the car back on.

The first thing I noticed with the new animation was that it seemed to have to re-learn a few things. First no vehicles were showing up on the screen around me at all, then I had cars behind and in front of me spinning like a top at a stop light. After about 15 minutes of driving everything was back to normal except with the new animations.

I live in a rural area and there are a lot of roads around here that show up with no speed limit at all on the screen or when the speed limit changes it takes forever for the change to show up on the screen. The thing that really came to my attention after this update is that isn't happening any more.

There is one particular road that I drive almost daily and when driving south to north the speed limit changes from 35mph to 45mph. In the past I was a good quarter mile past the first sign that indicated the change before it would change on the screen. Today it changed 50 to 100 feet before the first speed limit sign as if the car was reading the sign, and it wasn't just that road. It seems to be every road around me that I've noticed a slow reaction to in the past. Roads that never showed a speed limit at all on the screen do now once I've passed a speed limit sign.

Coincidence, or is the car finally reading speed limit signs? It certainly wasn't in the update notes.

terminator9 | 24. Mai 2019

Or just the metadata was update...

jjgunn | 24. Mai 2019

Possible map update too -- check underneath software for navigation data version.

roaddevil | 24. Mai 2019

I hope it starts reading speed limit signs, it seems to me a necessary step toward recognizing Stop signs and traffic signals.

Magic 8 Ball | 24. Mai 2019

In CA speed "limit" signs are maximum allowable under "safe" conditions. If sun is glaring in your eyes or the road is wet those are not "safe" conditions. FYI

Joshan | 24. Mai 2019

It is absolutely reading signs as of last 2 updates. I can prove it.

A road right next to my house is 35 and has been oncorrectly set to 25 in the maps sinceI have owned the car. There are only speed limits signs on one side of the road for my commute.

Driving the direction with no signs it stays at 25mph the entire drive.

Driving the direction with the sign it is at 25 until I get to the sign, at that point it changes to 35 mph.

This is a small country road with no median. There is no way the maps have different speed limits set for each side of the street. The sign is being read.

lbowroom | 24. Mai 2019

"There is no way the maps have different speed limits set for each side of the street."

I'd downgrade that "no way" to a "probably don't"

hamiltonned | 24. Mai 2019

Joshan: Maybe the Google camera car reads the speed limit signs and puts the speed limit into the Google map meta data for that road.

johnw | 24. Mai 2019

@lbowroom I would downgrade it to "absolutely it does". I have a stretch of road near my house where one direction the car thinks it should be 35mph (correct) but when I drive the other direction it thinks it is 30mph. 1st world problems- I have to shut off AP there.

johnw | 24. Mai 2019

And by the way- the speed limit is clearly marked on both sides of the road at 35mph, so almost certainly the car is NOT reading the signs

thedrisin | 24. Mai 2019

Try experimenting. Place your own speed limit sign over the real sign and see what happens. This should be easy to try in a rural area.

jjgunn | 24. Mai 2019

Remember....AP isn't intended for city streets or 2-lane roads yet.

roaddevil | 24. Mai 2019


In CA I lived , there are also minimum speed limit signs as well :)

melmartin | 24. Mai 2019

Tesla Model 3 is absolutely not reading speed limit signs. My neighborhood is never listed in Google Maps but there are several speed limit signs. Just today I drove in my neighborhood as an experiment by 1 45 MPH sign and 2 35 MPH signs. As usual, my Tesla did not display a speed limit. I'm on 16.2. I drove by each sign slowly. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Joshan | 24. Mai 2019

@jjgunn but yet its eanbled for use there. Keep telling yourself that. If Tesla truly meant it to not be used there theyw ould disable it and not add things like "red light alerts when on AP". You have lots of red lights on your freeways?

syclone | 24. Mai 2019

Seems to be a lot of people into this topic with way too much time on their hands - just saying.