2 Cars, 1 App

2 Cars, 1 App

Maybe a stupid question, but how does the Tesla App work when you have 2 Teslas? Do you see both of them in the App?

jerrykham | 25. Mai 2019

You only have one in focus at a time. You click settings", then "switch product" to switch between them. I have 2 cars, solar, and powerwall all in the app. It is quite fast and simple to switch between them. Note that if you are using phone key for a Model 3 and you switch to another vehicle the phone key for that first vehicle won't work until you switch back. If, instead, you switch to say solar the phone key for the model 3 keeps working for several days. But eventually you have to switch back or it will stop. Still it is very easy to use.

lilbean | 25. Mai 2019

Or swipe left and right.

JW_100D | 26. Mai 2019

Thanks all.

bp | 28. Mai 2019

When you are moving between vehicles, unless you change the selected vehicle in the smartphone app, your phone may not interact completely with the vehicle.

Would be useful to have a setting to automatically change to the nearest vehicle...

EVRider | 28. Mai 2019

@bp: As long as the “switch automatically” feature is optional. My cars are parked next to each other in the garage so I don’t want the app to guess which car I’m planning to use.

cruisegirl777 | 01. Juni 2019

Ok what do I do if I don’t want my husband and kids knowing my every move when I go out? Something I would like a little privacy but they all have that app that tells your exact location. Is there a wat to adjust or disable this feature. I freel my privacy is at risk. I think it’s. Great feature but not every time you take the car out.

EVRider | 02. Juni 2019

@cruisegirl777: I won’t ask why you don’t want your husband and kids to know where you are, but do you have more than one Tesla, and if so, do your husband and kids drive the one you use? If so, I think you’re out of luck.

By the way, if you have an iPhone, your husband and kids might be able to locate you anyway depending on your Find My iPhone setting.