Leaking roof seal...

Leaking roof seal...

So I noticed my headliner above the rear seat had a water mark on it and after this last storm the headliner was noticeably moist. I waited the 2 weeks for an appointment and they found that the seal on my rear glass is bad. I guess this is a pretty common occurrence. The bad thing is I'd already paid to get my rear window tinted and Tesla wants to replace the entire glass window instead of just the seal. And of course they won't pay to retint my window.

Is it asking too much to not have my roof leak? I'm super disappointed about my tint job. Anyone else having issues with this?

sandiegogreg | 29. Mai 2019

Just asking, but.. were the water marks caused by the tint job? I had that happen to me. Wasn't the seal, it was the copious amount of water used when applying the one piece rear window tint. If SA confirmed its the seal that sucks, but if its just some water marks left over from tint, that's easily remedied. Lots of Youtube videos on that.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. Mai 2019

Mods can void warranty, you are lucky you are getting free repair, someone else worked on your car and could have damaged the seal.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. Mai 2019

And, yes, water stains from tint install is common and not TESLA's fault. It would not surprise me if a shady tint shop did not try to cover up their damage by damaging the seal and shifting blame.

Leaking rear windows in the Model 3 are not common and anyone spreading that type of bad information is spreading FUD.

Nicholastsu | 29. Mai 2019

Sandiegogreg, sadly it is a seal. They tested it and the seal is leaking :(

Nicholastsu | 29. Mai 2019

Magic 8 Ball I can show you my texts from Tesla saying that they tested it and it is leaking. When I asked the guy on the phone he said he's seen several of them :( And I tinted my windows in December and it just started leaking and was wet in I'm thinking it wasn't the tint job.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. Mai 2019

@Nicholastu I don't deny TESLA confirming a leak "Several" out of thousands of cars that they see is not "common" and it is just hearsay from a TESLA worker. The tint guy slipped with a razor and it just now opened up as leak is what I am going with.

Why wasn't your car leaking in May if it was a TESLA defect? If your answer is some problems show up later then same applies to razor blade slips at the tint shop. TESLA will clue in and start denying the goodwill to fix screw ups from other people.

Joshan | 29. Mai 2019

You are lucky they are doing it for free honestly. M8B is right in the fact they could blame it on the tint installer and deny you. Sounds like great customer service!

andy.connor.e | 29. Mai 2019

Its much more likely that someone damaged your seal while tinting your window. Maybe thats why its so common.

hokiegir1 | 29. Mai 2019

Eh...just shoot some silicone caulk in there. Itta be aight.

mgsiderakis | 01. August 2019
omahatravelinn | 28. März 2020

I just got my brand new Model S long range plus delivered. Drove 30 miles, and car died. It is in service center and I am informed that glass roof was not sealed properly and water leaked into electronics and fried it. Now what kind of manufacturing would allow such a shady job. I loved drive whatever little I got to. Car is beautiful, but roof leak killing brand new car? In total 5 hours of getting my car after 3 months of waiting, I was on phone with Tesla to get it towed to service center.

Magic 8 Ball | 28. März 2020

@omahatravelinn This is a model 3 forum, why are you posting your issue here, you have a model S?

WW_spb | 28. März 2020

In the thread about leaking roof seal lol

Magic 8 Ball | 28. März 2020

A necro thread to boot.

omahatravelinn | 28. März 2020

Yes leaking roof seal...... my point, anyway I will move to Model S forum.

FISHEV | 28. März 2020

" In total 5 hours of getting my car after 3 months of waiting, I was on phone with Tesla to get it towed to service center."

Can you return the car in 7 days as you can with Model 3.

A car that's had water leak all through it to the point of frying electronics is likely never going to be right.

Lonestar10_1999 | 28. März 2020

You could have saved a few shekels if you bought a model 3 instead of a model S. Just sayin

Magic 8 Ball | 28. März 2020

FISHEV is EVIL with his hypocrisy. The post was not a Model 3 topic and FISHEV tries to tell everyone else to only talk model 3 here. The BS of "never be right" is pure FUD. Cars get repaired to like new condition all the time, including electronics issues.

FISHEV is EVIL and has been here using different user names, spinning anti-Tesla rhetoric, since 2016; it is a full time occupation for him.

FISHEV | 28. März 2020

Lonestar10_1999 | March 28, 2020 You could have saved a few shekels if you bought a model 3 instead of a model S. Just sayin

There you go...Return the old tech S and get a new tech Model 3. Or get newest tech Model Y, always better to get newer model with Tesla.

Should get some money back.

spuzzz123 | 28. März 2020

I have a hard time believing tesla wouldn’t service that S on warranty after driving it for 30 miles and then dying. Do you have any documentation you can share?

omahatravelinn | 13. April 2020

My car in TSC Council Bluff Iowa, They found a leak and fixing it. I have loaner right now and hope to get my car back in 3 to 4 days.