What Elon has wrought and FUD

What Elon has wrought and FUD

The linked video is 43:19. It's "Now You Know In Depth" and this week's topic is Elon Musk and disruption and what the disrupts are doing to fight back. It's reasonably entertaining and it explains a lot. I recommend.

Tesla-David | 04. Juni 2019

Yes, well worth the 43 minutes invested. Tesla FUD explained. Go EM, you are the Man of the Century!

Mike83 | 04. Juni 2019

Agree. Worth one's time to invest in seeing this. Beats going to gas station to pump gas.

NKYTA | 09. Juni 2019

Thanks @dmm!

Tropopause | 09. Juni 2019

Tesla Time News is one of the few REAL news sources for Tesla and other clean energy topics.

Amazing that regular folks like us are the real journalists these days and the so called “professionals” are a complete fraud.

Mike83 | 09. Juni 2019

As more and more people become Tesla owners the news media will become a bigger joke and the shorts and their cohorts exposed as liars to make a buck, ie. con artists.

Tesla-David | 09. Juni 2019

Just got back from trip to Portland, OR in our MS, and more antidotal evidence that Tesla is succeeding was plainly evident as we saw so many Tesla's (MS, MX, and lots of M3's) that it made my head spin. Tesla's everywhere we looked on I-5 N and I-5 S. We also saw two Trucks hauling M3's north presumably to Seattle. Very impressive to see so many Tesla's on our trip, and very clear evidence that Tesla is succeeding IMHO. It will be increasingly obvious to even the incredible stupid Tesla haters out there, that the Tesla EV revolution is on and Tesla is wining, and that ICE vehicles are so very over and done! Go Tesla!

dmm1240 | 09. Juni 2019

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
- Mahatma Gandhi

We're at the fighting stage. That's what all the FUD is about.

To put it another way: EV sales have started up the hockey stick. EV sales are at or approaching 5% of all vehicle sales in various places around the globe (i.e. California, Norway). It is now irreversible. Going after Tesla isn't going to stop it, but lord they keep trying.

Prediction: Around 2023-2024, all those sage projections that EVs will be 40% or so of all vehicle sales by 2050 are going to look woefully inadequate. Disruptions take 12-13 years, not 35.

Tesla-David | 09. Juni 2019

Yep @dmm1240, totally agree as does Tony Serba who predicts by 2030.

Tesla-David | 09. Juni 2019

Oops, Tony Seba (his presentation is worth watching) talking about transportation disruption by EVs.

TranzNDance | 09. Juni 2019

I can't imagine people wanting to hold on to driving ICEV once there is a better alternative. Society dumped on cigarettes and flip phones for clean air and smart phones in a matter of decades. Cars are more expensive to replace but more people would at least wish they were driving an EV.

sosmerc | 10. Juni 2019

And the time may come when some people ditch the idea of ownership of a vehicle. They can meet "their" needs via subscription service or short term rental or use of public transportation. This may be the best solution for urban dwellers that don't have convenient access to parking or room to store their toys and equipment. I have an older brother that hasn't owned a car for many years and he gets around just fine. (but he never leaves the city either).

TranzNDance | 10. Juni 2019

Indeed, car ownership would become less common.

andy.connor.e | 10. Juni 2019

Nice video. This stuff is so obvious to me, that it seems insane that people cant see it. #FollowTheMoney

Tesla-David | 11. Juni 2019

New utube from Jess and Zac regarding EM leak on Second Quarter being the biggest ever, and other interesting topics.