Any way to turn off passenger side AC vents?

Any way to turn off passenger side AC vents?

First of all, yes, I did RTFM. Is there any way to turn off passenger side AC vents? I know I can aim them away from my passenger, that is not what I'm looking for here. Thanks in advance.

vmulla | 10. Juni 2019


CST | 10. Juni 2019

And if you want the long answer... nope!

hokiegir1 | 10. Juni 2019

Still longer answer:
Not right now, but many people have asked, so maybe in a future software update.

kevin_rf | 10. Juni 2019

Short answer, Duck Tape!

DirkFirkin | 10. Juni 2019

What‘s the problem? If the passenger is too cold turn the heat up their side (don‘t sync the ventilation)...

cmh95628 | 10. Juni 2019

@paul. The problem is I like lots of air, cold, and am driving. My mom/passenger wants no air at all. I would have to constantly adjust her side to find the temp that equates to "off." I would rather focus on driving.

Thanks all for your responses.

bradbomb | 10. Juni 2019

I think the best thing people have recommended in the past was directing the airflow to the top right corner for the passenger

jvcesare | 10. Juni 2019

@kevin_rf It's duct tape.

CST | 10. Juni 2019

My wife turns off the front vents and turns on the windshield vents, works ok.

cmh95628 | 10. Juni 2019

@CST. I did not think of trying that. I will give it a try and see if it keeps me cool enough. Thanks for sharing.

Kary993 | 10. Juni 2019

I just direct the air toward me and my wife is fine.

sjm4660 | 10. Juni 2019

Same requirement here. I just direct the passenger side vent fully over to the drivers side. Everybody's happy!

globalMan | 10. Juni 2019

Tesla: Please provide this improvement ASAP. Let the driver and the passenger have independent Fan ON/OFF, and independent fan speeds. Thanks.

dwakelee | 11. Juni 2019

There is only one blower motor, so independent driver/passenger fan speeds and on/off is not possible.

EVRider | 11. Juni 2019

None of my other cars have had independent fan speeds either. Don’t know if anyone does, but it’s not common.

kevin_rf | 11. Juni 2019

@jvcesare Not if you buy Duck Brand

dwakelee | 11. Juni 2019

Agree - independent fan speeds is very unusual - don't know of any car either. But being able to partially or fully close vents is pretty much a basic/standard capability on all vehicles except Model 3.

ODWms | 12. Juni 2019

Some cars have independent fan speed controls. Both my last 2 Mercedes do, and I remember at least one BMW that had it also.