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akikiki | 24. Juli 2019

SamO, Even though he said "SUPERCHARGING IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. NEED 100% of ROUTES." We have more than 1600 Tesla's on Oahu and plenty of sales, with 2 store locations and one service center and still there's no a single place where any Tesla owner can stop and charge their Tesla. No Superchargers or destination chargers available to Tesla owners. Supercharger map shows to general locations for the past three years with supercharging coming "soon".

tes-s | 25. Juli 2019

"Ha ha ha tes has turned into a perma-bull."

No change. But I was definitely wrong about S/X demand. I always throught they could sell 100,000 a year indefinitely. I neglected two things. First. the 3 (and eventually the Y) cannibalized S/X demand more than I thought. Second, I forgot Tesla's mission is to save the world, not sell cars.

S/X do very little towards the mission now that they have served their purpose of providing the R&D and funding to introduce 3/Y/pickup. So it makes sense that Elon is not pulling any more demand levers for the S/X - just not part of the mission. Getting the Y out, and then the pickup, are what is important.

NKYTA | 25. Juli 2019

@akikiki, the three owners in ND feel your pain.


SamO | 25. Juli 2019

Just plain wrong, akikiki.

My position has been the same for 5 years.

Everyone deserves to experience the joy of supercharging.

Bighorn | 25. Juli 2019

FSD online upgrade adjusted to $3k for EAP users bump

Shesmyne2 | 25. Juli 2019

Can’t any of you Elon twitter followers get some shout outs for Hawaii? Cmon team!

Still Grinning ;-)

SamO | 25. Juli 2019

It would be helpful if owners in the area could share stories of times when they need charging.

Maybe a better fit is outside the cities. Perhaps collocated at some of the larger solar installations?

Honolulu needs urban Superchargers but where is the parking? It’s like manhattan. And power is crazy expensive is destination charging is limited. Or is it?

SamO | 26. Juli 2019

Remember when certain people claimed protest don’t accomplish anything.


lilbean | 26. Juli 2019

Protests are delaying the construction of the TMT on Mauna Kea. Save Mauna Kea!

NKYTA | 26. Juli 2019

While I can sympathize with the native Hawaiians, there are thirteen telescopes on Mauna Kea already. I’m pretty sure the horse is out of the barn and the barn is burning.

And it isn’t just the construction of the TMT, they are blocking other scientists from the other scopes from their work and upkeep.

Hobson’s choice, but let’s not eff up the science already being done.

SamO | 26. Juli 2019

Leave Mona Kea to the Hawaiians. The best views of space are FROM space.

akikiki | 26. Juli 2019

NKYTA, ROTFLMAO and I believe it.

The big picture is to shutdown 5 existing telescopes when the TMT is built. But its getting little viz.

NKYTA | 27. Juli 2019

@akikiki, noted. Is there a similar stink to the scopes on Maui? Or is the stink because of the tourists bussing up and biking down Haleakela? (I did that a couple decades ago, was fun).

@SamO, if we built observatories on Everest, the skies wouldn’t be clear as often. I’m all for yet-another-better-Hubble and here is to hoping that SpaceX launches it (because of reduced costs to orbit), but Mauna Kea is literally the best place on this Earth for a terrestrial scope (elevation + clear skies).

By the by, I encountered yet another individual that doesn’t believe we set foot upon the moon. “Most people outside the US don’t believe we did” was one of the quotes. Sigh.

I’ll stick with “Hobson’s choice, but let’s not eff up the science already being done.”

Shesmyne2 | 27. Juli 2019

Nice day for a drive.

Letterman Dr SF CA SC

Still Grinning ;-)

lilbean | 27. Juli 2019

Mauna Kea is sacred to Hawaiians. Let Spain have it. They want it. This is devastating to the Hawaiians.

akikiki | 27. Juli 2019

That's a very small number that are opposed compare the number that are for it. Just had another protest downtown Honolulu, the for's outnumbered the 'gainst". And that's within the Hawaiian community itself. There's those that are simply more vocal.

lilbean | 27. Juli 2019

Did you see all the Hawaiians on the mountain? I guess, the numbers are big to me, being in the Hawaiian community here in SoCal. With tears in their eyes, the police arrested an 80 year old lady because they were doing their job. Sad. | 28. Juli 2019

@akikiki - "..there's no a single place where any Tesla owner can stop and charge their Tesla."

Do this mean Hawaii doesn't have any electrical outlets or electricity? Clearly if there is no place to charge, then an EV would not be smart to buy. I guess you could go around the island 4 or 5 times with 370 miles of range and then ship the car back to the states to be recharged.

"No Superchargers or destination chargers available ..."

Oddly, looking at the Tesla map, I see 7 destination chargers on Oahu alone. Being on the Tesla map, I assume these are public, but perhaps not? Maui and the island of Hawaii also have destination chargers. I don't see any on other islands yet.

lilbean | 28. Juli 2019

+100 @SamO

akikiki | 28. Juli 2019

TT, what that a trap? I think you know what I meant. Good try though. :)

There are destination chargers at the two stores and the service center. Yes, we can pull in to the service center and plug in, but the staff have always got a Tesla sitting there charging. And its in their fenced lot, so we can't get to the chargers after hours even if there's nothing sitting in the space. The Ala Moana store has a few destination chargers, but they frown when anyone asks them to move a demo car so we can charge. The IMP store has the same number of destination chargers, they too discourage us from trying to use them. And we must pay a fee to get into that parking lot each time. Parking validation still does not zero the parking fee.

There are other destination chargers, but they are located a hotels. Some down in the heart of Waikiki. The other at the Disney resort west of Honolulu. But they are not available unless you are a guest at those locations.

During 2018 Delivery Week Hell, a bunch of the club members sat with people taking delivery. To help them pass the time we had a list of questions to ask. Some being can you charge a home? Where are you going to charge. A significant number told us they lived in a nearby high rise and it didn't have even 110 outlets near their parking space. And they were not permitted to use 110 outlets in common areas because that's a no-no. Some of these older high rises do not have the infrastructure to support adding level 1 or 2 capability for owners. So they are out in the wild looking for charging.

akikiki | 28. Juli 2019

lilbean, did we see the Hawaiians on the mountain? Yes, there's been nothing on the TV news on every local channel and in the newspaper for weeks now except the Hawaiians and TMT.

They used the courts to force reviews of every thing they could think of. It delayed the projected start date over and over. The courts and gov't agencies and UH that manages/controls finally dotted ever i and crossed every t. They lost the reviews, the appeals, and the final decisions by our Supreme court. And they are lucky no one is arresting all of them and forcing them out of the way so work can begin.

Don't put me on one side or the other. TMT does not matter to me. I am neither for or against. But we as a society we depend or orderly suits, appeals and a final decision and still lose, its time to get out of the way.

lilbean | 28. Juli 2019

It’s a sacred mountain. That’s all I have to say.

akikiki | 28. Juli 2019

All of ours are considered. Same stuff on all of them. Its not the first use of the mountain. They are adding other issues on this mule's back.

EVRider | 29. Juli 2019


Tldickerson | 29. Juli 2019

@lilbean, do you actually live in Hawaiian Gardens? If so I go there everyday.

lilbean | 29. Juli 2019

No, I live in the mountains. :)

lilbean | 29. Juli 2019

My beanie babies are performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall tonight. :o

EVRider | 30. Juli 2019


Shesmyne2 | 30. Juli 2019


Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 30. Juli 2019


NKYTA | 30. Juli 2019

Depends on time zone, don’t get me started.

Bighorn | 30. Juli 2019

Do you know anybody in the Atlantic Time Zone?

Bighorn | 30. Juli 2019

Fremont Mean Time

NKYTA | 30. Juli 2019

No. Do you know anyone in “all of China”, or NZ?

I refer you to “the rest of the world”.

NKYTA | 30. Juli 2019

I missed something between “No” and “FMT”.
Blame it on time zones and browser refresh times.

In code, everyone screws up time zones, because they are, by definition, screwed up.

Bighorn | 30. Juli 2019

I believe the day switches with CA for purposes of this forum.

sentabo | 30. Juli 2019


Bighorn | 31. Juli 2019


NKYTA | 31. Juli 2019

Time to add a ? to every bump?


1BadNerd | 31. Juli 2019


Bighorn | 31. Juli 2019


EVRider | 01. August 2019

Happy August bump

AlMc | 01. August 2019

So this is actually where all the cool kids hang out. Thanks for the '411' NKYTA. ( Just trying to stay hip...okay, saying 'hip' is showing my age)

Bump | 01. August 2019

This is the place to be!

Bighorn | 01. August 2019

Macy is all shampooed and showered and ready to hit the road, again.

hammer @OR-US | 01. August 2019

"ready to hit the road, again."

East or West?

Bighorn | 01. August 2019

East again. I almost did west last week, but chores.

hammer @OR-US | 01. August 2019

Argh, chores. That's what's keeping me off the road. My last couple of years of work prior to retirement were really heavy so the chores really built up.

trixiew | 01. August 2019

Yada Yada yada

hammer @OR-US | 01. August 2019

Not that there's anything wrong with that.