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NKYTA | 17. August 2019

Flag bump for da wife.

Shesmyne2 | 17. August 2019

8/17 even slower day...

Cordes Lake AZ
Flagstaff AZ
Kingman AZ
Las Vegas NV LV Blvd So

Still Grinning ;-)

dildanimada19 | 18. August 2019

It is very easy to use these forums because they do guide you very well.
This car is my dream car and more specifically the auto piliot feature and the fact that it is totally!!...

NKYTA | 18. August 2019

Harris Ranch cow bump

Bighorn | 18. August 2019

260k bump

NKYTA | 18. August 2019

Home bump. Can’t say enough for the efficiency of the 3! Home from Primm, NV in 8 hrs 28 minutes, which included 15 min of Sunday traffic delay. So it’s now less than 9.5 hrs to/from Vegas! Best we did in the P85 was just under 12 IIRC.

Shesmyne2 | 18. August 2019

I’m home too! ;-)
2273 miles
33 new SCs
When I (we) got Trinity my goal was 100 Superchargers by her birthday.
San Diego Pacific Heights was #100. Hello Century Club!
Her birthday is tomorrow.

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 18. August 2019

Tuesday the 20th.
These road trips mess with your clock.

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 18. August 2019

Also neglected to mention we saw NINE Tesla transporters headed South 101 on way home.
That’s lots of new happy Tesla owners.

Still Grinning ;-)

EVRider | 19. August 2019


Bighorn | 19. August 2019

Olathe KS SC bump | 19. August 2019

Not so busy - got 1 new SC, Santa Row in the last month. Congrats NKYTA & Shesmyne2, you put my feeble efforts to shame!

SamO | 19. August 2019

Nice trips all around.

Bighorn | 19. August 2019

Albert Lea Happy Trails Lane MN SC bump
Not on Nav yet

trixiew | 19. August 2019

Santa Rosa V3 chargers on the brink of opening.

I’m free for lunch......

sentabo | 19. August 2019

Hmm, Santa Rosa. Might have to make the drive and visit the Russian River Brewing Company for some Pliny the Elder.

Bighorn | 20. August 2019

Thanks dildo

lilbean | 20. August 2019


trixiew | 20. August 2019

Pliny! Bump

Bighorn | 20. August 2019

Home bump

EVRider | 21. August 2019

Hump Day bump

hammer @OR-US | 21. August 2019

Tkim flagged for spamming and being an idiot.

Bighorn | 21. August 2019

My thoughts exactly.

hammer @OR-US | 21. August 2019

"This is not hating on Tesla."

But i'm going to post the same thing in every thread, related or not.

glennv | 21. August 2019

Is there a point where flagging actually has an affect? The recent identical postings in multiple thread that has no relationship to the topic gets old fast. | 21. August 2019

@glennv - In the past, it has taken 7 different people to flag a post away. So do your part when you see spam or multiple identical posts.

glennv | 21. August 2019

@TeslaTap - Thanks. Not to single TKim out, but it made no sense to cut and paste the same comment across what seemed like a ridiculous number of threads. And it also seemed like there were quite a few responses to the posts. I liked that a few of the more visible posters said they flagged the post and I think that flagging and moving on seemed a better way to go. Just wanted to know if it made a difference.

As a new Tesla owner, I look to these forums for information and tips that will make my ownership better. I have noticed quite a few threads seem to go off the rails quite easily. I’m still trying to figure out the “bump” and +1 that get put out there. If interest is waning, then doesn’t it make sense to let it wane? But again, I’m new hear and have a lot to learn.

There is a lot to like about Tesla, but there are also some things that frustrate the heck out me (and it seems others).

End of mini-vent :)

Bighorn | 21. August 2019

The flagging metrics changed recently. It used to be 7 flags to delete. Not anymore.
+1 is “I agree”
Bump just keeps the post active or pseudo-sticky in the case of this primer thread.

EVRider | 22. August 2019

So how many flags does it now take to kill a post?

NKYTA | 22. August 2019

TKim's post seem to be disappearing, but hard to take a "group count". ;-)

EVRider | 23. August 2019

TGIF bump

NKYTA | 24. August 2019


EVRider is sleeping in...

NKYTA | 24. August 2019


EVRider | 25. August 2019


PS: Not sleeping in, traveling and in PDT instead of EDT. Still got here first today. :-)

NKYTA | 25. August 2019


Supercharging I hope!

Bighorn | 25. August 2019


EVRider | 25. August 2019

@Bighorn: That was yesterday. NKYTA beat me to it.

@NKYTA: No car on this trip, but the next road trip is coming soon. :-)

Bighorn | 25. August 2019

He didn’t say WE though, hence the quandary.

NKYTA | 25. August 2019

@BH, “Girl there ain’t no I in team, but you know there is a ME!”
-Taylor Swift-


@EV, bump it up!

nwfan | 25. August 2019

Just completed 2500 mile 3 day road trip.
DFW to Las Vegas and return.

Couple of obs on the trip. Drove my S100D (made to long driving).

Childress TX - longest gap without SC. - only person return trip. WWD 1 other Tesla. Gas station. New SC under
construction near Wichita Falls TX. WB charged to 95 percent arrived at 10 percent. EB charged to
90 percent arr at 23 percent
Amarillo TX - hotel parking lot. - only person
Tucamcari NM - 6 chargers hotel parking lot - only person
Santa Rosa NM - hotel parking lot - 3 other Tesla's
Abq NM - 1 broken pedestal located in Applebee's parking lot - active even at 0200 in the morning
Gallup NM - 4 pedestals only - good charge rate - hotel parking lot - needs expansion
Holbrook NM - 5 pedestals - Burger King parking lot - 3 Tesla charging
Flagstaff AZ - only SC ICE - hotel parking lot, hard to find. dropped in at 0430
Kingman AZ- only SC waited. 5 pedestals - 1 broke. Arr Friday at 1300 with all in use and 4 Tesla waiting.
Busy spot needs expansion. Phx, Las Vegas and east / west (LA and TX) traffic meet here.
Carls parking lot.
Henderson NV - truck stop. only person at charger - If memory correct 12 pedestal's

Big battery allowed me to bypass Flagstaff, Santa Rosa, Gallup, Santa Rosa and Amarillo on return trip.
Stayed at Kingman and Tucumcari hotels.
If you haven't driven nice views during daylights through NM and AZ.
Worse segment - I40 eb btwn Williams and Flagstaff due to paving operation on I40. 3 hr long backup.
Lots of trucks along I40.
Thank goodness for AP. Driving at night helped keep me within lanes. Easy to get around all the truck traffic.
Hit turn signal and let AP handle it.

nwfan | 26. August 2019

@Bighorn, I drove 1250 miles of my recent road trip with a 12 week old kitten. We both survived.

Bighorn | 26. August 2019

Yeah, our cat would have made us yearn for the days of just a doggie smell:) Train’em while they’re young. Hotel parking is always prone to night time icing as lots fill when they’re fully booked. Santa Rosa was blocked by a pickup with a trailer one time I was through. I managed to get in with some jockeying, but the desk staff was not too sympathetic. I also remember missing an exit there due to construction re-routing and needing to make an illegal highway u-turn in order to get back before I ran out of juice. Another reason to avoid planning arrivals with very low SOCs.

NKYTA | 26. August 2019

We stayed overnight in Kingman once. Something Rose off Route 66. Poor choice. ;-)

dr.redMS75D | 26. August 2019

@nwfan: One pedestal was broken on May, 19, 2019 at Kingman when I drove to Las Vegas from Indy earlier this year. Kingman supercharger was full with other Teslas waiting. When I was calling Tesla to report the nonfunctional pedestal, I dumped the burger I was eating in my lap. Happy to say that was the worst part of my trip.

SamO | 26. August 2019

Test aborted . . . :-(

PBEndo | 26. August 2019

Today my Tesla Account page surprisingly shows a bright blue refresh S in place of my 2015 titanium metallic S. I thought my wife may have bought me a new car, but the VIN hasn't changed, the app hasn't changed, and I even looked in the garage and the car hasn't changed.
I still smiled when I looked in the garage and saw my 2 classics charging up :)

Shesmyne2 | 26. August 2019

A garage full of Tesla’s is a happy garage

Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 26. August 2019

Someone else reported this recently.