Car alarm has been triggered

Car alarm has been triggered

Parked my car down the street from me at work at 2:13 MST. Had to help a few customers, and noticed on the app a few minutes ago my alarm was triggered at 2:38. Once I get a free minute I'm going to go see what happened. I know no one probably cares. Just freaking out a bit.

Joshan | 13. Juni 2019

why would you post this here instead of going to look at your car? /boggle

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

Some us of can't just walk out of work at a moment's notice. I can still use the forums while I'm working. If there was a way to review footage straight from the app..

Kary993 | 13. Juni 2019

@legna_fo_htaed - yes this feature is definitely lacking at this point unable to retrieve anything about the incident other than there was an incident. hopefully future release will allow for this. I would not even mind if I had to pay extra if I knew I could see what happened when it happened and what the car thinks is wrong at the moment.

Joshan | 13. Juni 2019

much harder than you would think. I do not see that coming any time soon.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

@Kary993 yea it really is a nice feature, and I appreciate the notice on my phone, but it would be nice to actually see what has happened. Couldn't imagine traveling and having that alert come up while the car is at the airport. Sure hoping it was just someone getting too close. Will find out soon enough.

Kary993 | 13. Juni 2019

@legna_fo_htaed was it an alert or an actual alarm?

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

The push notification says car alarm has been triggered with a time. Nothing else. And I cannot check the footage at work. Wishing I had a laptop right now.

Joshan | 13. Juni 2019

I think this is something peoiple will have to figure out on their own. This would be a large cost to Tesla which I do not see them taking on currerntly.

The data would have to be transferred to the cloud somehow (that costs bandwidth charges). Video files are very large by nature so with many cars this would cost a LOT if Tesla were to take it on.

The data would have to be hosted and made available somewhere. So there is nosting costs and again, video files are very large by nature so if Tesla took this on for all cars, they would again incur large costs.

The only way I see this working with Tesla owning it, is a subscription service.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

Well no visible damage. Will have to check the dashcam footage. Still some panic there for a bit.

Kary993 | 13. Juni 2019

@Joshan - yes that is that I was saying about a sub. It really is not that much data as Tesla is already doing it today on alarms. I am not talking about sending dashcam video just alarms.

@legna - glad car is ok, please report back and video review what exactly caused the alarm versus an alert.

Quinten | 13. Juni 2019

@ legna_fo_htaed,

I have this setup. Download this mobile app TeslaCam / Sentry Review and get a micro-USB to USB or USB-C to USB for your micro-SD or USB flash drive/reader. The cool thing is I got two one for my Model 3 and one set in my backup. This way when you get back on your car and see Sentry Model triggered you can go outside check your car's body follow by review the footage with this app. The cool thing is it organize everything and sync all 3 cameras up and put all in a time line.

You are right Tesla need to allow us to view the video of the dashcam via the Tesla app or over on their Tesla website.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

@Kary993 well surprise, surprise, the only footage on my MicroSD that is corrupt is the file from 2:38. Thanks Tesla.. Can't even rely on your own features haha.

@Quinten that is interesting, i'll have to look into that setup. Thanks for the advice!

TM3Q | 13. Juni 2019


It was 01h00 when my alarm was triggered at my house, I was sleeping and my wife wake me and noticed my cell had a notification about alarm triggered. So I went outside and didn't notice nothing so I took out the USB drive and had a look at the my big suprise the only thing I saw was a cat passing at the rear of the car, both side had the image of the cat. So it was a false alarm lol

I kept the videos as souvenir :-)

Teslanene | 13. Juni 2019

So was the alarm actually going off and did you shut it off manually or it stops after a while?

TM3Q | 13. Juni 2019


Not sure if you are asking me or the OP. For my case the car alarm was still on but don't recall if I opened the door or use the app to unlock the car to shut off the alarm....was 01h00 in the morning and not fully awaken lol

ElectricAlex | 13. Juni 2019

How is dinking around on the forum instead of working any different than stepping away to check on an alarm? Both are non-productive, unless you work at DMV, any sign of life from the drones - even checking forums lets you know they have not died sitting upright.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. Juni 2019

@TM3Q haha that's awesome, wish my video had saved.
@Teslanene i believe it turned off on its own, i noticed the push notification on my phone.
@ElectricAlex thanks for replying 6 hours later... it's called multitasking.

ElectricAlex | 14. Juni 2019

Multitasking, another name for dinking around on the bosses time. Reply sent on my own time after slaving in the salt mine.

gmr6415 | 14. Juni 2019

@Joshan, A built in web server would work with little additional cost if any. It could be a software update.

When I purchased the DVR for my CCTV camera system it came with a built in web server. I can access, control my cameras and view video either live streaming or saved from anywhere in the world using a mobile phone app.

The video is fed through a DNS owned by the manufacturer of the DVR. The service is free for the life of the DVR.

This is becoming common place in the home and business security genre and the cost is minimal. For example Ring door bells and all of the other companies that have followed. Ring streaming is free. They do charge a very small subscription fee for video storage. Teslas already have storage, so that wouldn't be needed.

legna_fo_htaed | 14. Juni 2019

@ElectricAlex good. For. You.

leo33 | 14. Juni 2019

@gmr Ironically, the home and business security genre has been notorious for being full of security flaws that allow remote access and sometimes remote takeover of their security devices. That's not to say Tesla couldn't do it better, but I sure would hope that Tesla be far more careful, and I'm not at all sure I want them to emulate how home security products implement things.