Sentry mode fills up my flash drive

Sentry mode fills up my flash drive

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but my USB flash drive keeps filling up with video clips from Sentry mode and has to be removed from the car to be cleaned up before dashcam will work again. The icon shows an "x" mark on it, on the screen

Is there a config where I can say that dashcam and sentry mode videos would overwrite the oldest clips unless they have been explicitly saved somehow ?

It would be really great if saved clips could be reviewed on the screen and marked for preservation

EVRider | 14. Juni 2019

Get a larger USB drive. There's currently no way to get Sentry Mode to overwrite old clips -- only the dashcam will do that. If you have 2019.16 or later, you can configure Sentry Mode to stay off at certain known locations (like Home), but other than that a larger USB drive is your best option.

shank15217 | 14. Juni 2019

Get a USB drive that's at least 128GB. Currently Tesla does not delete old sentry events and I don't think that's a good idea anyways. There does need to be an onscreen management tool for the USB drive though or at least a sentry mode review tool.

snailboat | 14. Juni 2019

If you've got an Android phone I made an app a while back to help with this issue. It lets you check the videos and delete them without having to remember to bring the drive inside to a computer. It's free on Google Play: TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer.

I'll be deploying a feature this weekend that lets you delete all of the videos at once. | 14. Juni 2019

Yep, comes up at least weekly. Wrote an article on picking a drive that will work well:

I agree with others, 128 GB should be the minimum size. Also avoid cheapo no-name drives - most are pure junk. If the price is too good to be true - it's a junk drive and will only cause you aggravation.