Connectivity on IPhone when using as a key

Connectivity on IPhone when using as a key

We continue to lose connectivity on our IPhone with our model three. We have to shut down the phone and return to get it to connect. Has anyone had a similar problem and/or a solution?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 17. Juni 2019

Do you turn off then turn on Bluetooth like the app tells you to do?

FISHEV | 17. Juni 2019

Yes. Pretty much everybody with Model 3 has the problem with the iPhone. When I was at the Service Center, they told me it was a known Model 3 issue. Tesla's suggested work around was play with the door handle to try and wake up the phone/car connection. This also looks like you are trying to break in to your own car. And if you have neighbors with $50k plus cars, they will let you know "mine doesn't have to do that".

What works for me is opening up Tesla App first, making sure it connects, following Tesla's instructions of turning iPhone's Bluetooth off and on if it doesn't. Once I see it's connected, then it's safe to go outside, neighbors or no, and it will work as intended.

bgbythsea | 17. Juni 2019

I gave up on phone and bought the fob.

terminator9 | 17. Juni 2019

My iPhone (latest model) works 95% of the times normally. For the rest 5%, as soon as I open the Tesla app, it then works. I never had to restart the phone or turn bluetooth on/off.

PECo CT | 17. Juni 2019

My wife’s iPhone X seems to have problems connecting to our Model 3, but my old iPhone 7 Plus connects very reliably. Go figure.

PECo CT | 17. Juni 2019

My wife’s iPhone X seems to have problems connecting to our Model 3, but my old iPhone 7 Plus connects very reliably. Go figure.

LikeEVs | 17. Juni 2019

My iphone 8 plus works quite well, 95% works on first pull, 4% requires me to turn little bit (my phone is in my back pocket, it may just be the extra second or two delay), 1% requires pull the handle 3 times.
I don't even bring my card key anymore. The only one time I was stranded was when my phone ran out of juice. A phone call to my wife to remote unlock and start the car saved the day!

coleAK | 17. Juni 2019

We have only had an issue once or twice between my XR and my wife XS. Are you force closing the app ever? If so It tells you not to do that.

EVRider | 18. Juni 2019

No issues with my iPhone X or my wife’s iPhone 6s, when used as a phone key. I noticed a different issue yesterday: after opening the car with the phone key, the car didn’t connect to either my phone or my wife’s phone via Bluetooth, which I discovered when I tried to display the calendar. I got a prompt to connect the phone, and both phones were listed and I selected mine. The car should connect to one of the phones automatically.

rdh37 | 18. Juni 2019

Mine is an iphone 6 on the latest available ios. Currently on 12.1.2, LR AWD 2/2019 build. Consistently the car will not open from overnight sleep without about a 20 second delay even if I pre-condition the car for about 20 minutes. About 80% of the time then have to place the phone on the card reader inside the car for the pin to drive to come up. For the rest of the day I generally use the car with no more than a 4 or 5 hour delay. Almost always works perfectly until the next day. Annoying but certainly not something I care about. Only note, in nasty weather I make sure to unlock the car from the app before heading out if the car is outside. Have a nice day.

lbowroom | 18. Juni 2019

Weird that some claim everyone has trouble with the phone as key. Even 95% sounds sub optimal. Some quick math here. Had my car 9 months, open and get in and out at least twice a day. Recall 3 times I had to pull it out of my front pocket and wait 5-10 seconds to work. so 9 x 30 x 2 attempts with 3 failures works out to 99.4%

Keeping in the front pocket seems to be the biggest success factor. Don't know how to correlate the maybe 10 people who chime in here regularly with key problems to the number of cars sold.

rdh37 | 18. Juni 2019

I can only speak to my consistent experience. Since this started happening, I always am holding my phone in my hand. I wonder if my hand is somehow causing the issue. Remember way back when poor antenna design on the phone would allow your hand to really block the signal? I will have to experiment with this.

lordmiller | 18. Juni 2019

My iPhone is in my hand as I approach, it always opens when I pull the door handle. What is everyone talking about. My son will pull the passenger door handle even if I'm still 5 feet away and it opens. Are people trying to use it differently? I don't understand the issue.

lbowroom | 18. Juni 2019

Maybe there's a number of vehicles out there that don't work as designed. Perhaps there's a use condition with the phone settings that's a problem. The complaints on here are consistent but don't seem overwhelming in numbers. Anecdotal references to techs saying it's a know problem doesn't mean the known problem is widespread.

lbowroom | 18. Juni 2019

This guy Fish seems to latch into every reported problem as being symptomatic and insurmountable.

lordmiller | 18. Juni 2019

@lbowroom True, there's a couple weirdos on here that complain about the smallest things. There's probably 250K Model 3s in the states driving around and a few people have some small issues.

Wick | 18. Juni 2019

I’ve had similar connectivity issues, but it seems to be related to waking the car up. If I recently got out of the car and went back it unlocks immediately. If I try to open the door first thing in the morning, it takes a couple of tries

sara | 03. Dezember 2019

The Tesla app asks for me to enable Bluetooth on my iPhone XR in order to register it as phone key, however Bluetooth is definitely connected because my phone and media work ok. Is this an apple problem or a Tesla issue?

dhelmy | 08. Dezember 2019

To iPhone prevent from forgetting Tesla:
go to iPhone settings
scroll down to "screen time"
click on screen time
scroll down to "always allowed"
scroll down to "choose apps"
select Tesla

This will keep the app awake and you won't have to play with your phone anymore

EVRider | 08. Dezember 2019

@sara: If you’ve recently upgraded to iOS 13, you’ll get prompted about allowing Bluetooth for any app the first time you launch it. This is an international feature of iOS 13.