Updated to 2019.20.2 but...

Updated to 2019.20.2 but...

I am 9000 miles away in India and just updated the firmware to 2019.20.2.

I am eager to know the release notes but cannot see it on my app but only in car which is far far away..

anyone knows whats in 2019.20.2?

P49X | 17. Juni 2019

Mine's updating now from 2019.20.1, so it's probably just a bug fix release. What was your last release? That will determine whether there are any feature updates.

lunde | 17. Juni 2019

Both of our Model 3s are in San Jose (CA), and one of them received 2019.20.2.1 about an hour ago. I am in Redmond (WA) this week.

JAD | 17. Juni 2019

Screen brightness improvements and more dog mode adjustments per release notes.

stopnair | 17. Juni 2019

2019.20.1 was my previous version

P49X | 17. Juni 2019

Just went from 2019.1 to 2019.2.1 and (if my dubious memory serves) the only differences are "Display Brightness" features and "minor bug fixes and improvements".

P49X | 17. Juni 2019

2019.20.1 to 2019.20.2.1

jfaubl | 18. Juni 2019

Yeah just auto brightness and dog mode improvements.
To anyone who had owned a Tesla for awhile, I'm at 9 months, are their bug fixes or other small improvements that happen that aren't listed? It seems my autopilot gets better as time goes on. Squashing the Homelink bug would be appreciated.

EVRider | 18. Juni 2019

@jfaubl: Tesla never describes bug fixes in the release notes, and generally only describes features that affect the UI (though there are exceptions). So yes, you can expect improvements that aren't documented.

Quinten | 19. Juni 2019

I was happy when I got this last nite. I updated it to 2019.20.2.1 5659e07. I thought they had the enhanced summon feature but I was very disappointed : (

billlake2000 | 19. Juni 2019

From 2019.20.1 to 2019.20.2.1

Thass all folks! Yeah, still waitin on that advanced summon, and more FSD stuff. Hurry up and wait, I guess.

Goose66 | 19. Juni 2019

I also just went from 2019.20.1 to 2019.20.2.1. Smallest leap I have made yet. Must have been some pretty significant bug(s) in 2019.20.1.

Fredvanngo | 19. Juni 2019

me too today around noon. :)

Fredvanngo | 19. Juni 2019

me too today around noon. :)

sartorius | 19. Juni 2019

I can’t be the only one who thinks 2019.20.2.1 auto brightness makes the screen far too dark at night.

kaushal | 19. Juni 2019

If this is what "Display Brightness Improvement" is supposed to be, I don't want it.

-TheJohn- | 19. Juni 2019

You can just set the brightness to be whatever you want it to be so it'll all be fine.

Insofar as Advanced Summon.. The current state of it is miles better than it was but it's still not ready for prime time. The range is vastly improved but it's ability to drive in a straight line is hilarity distillate.

jjgunn | 19. Juni 2019

jfaubl | June 18, 2019
Yeah just auto brightness and dog mode improvements.
You sure about that?

I have a first hand report the Model X 100D Supercharged for a solid 15 minutes at 140 kW+ Added 62 miles in 10 minutes. That's 20%+ added in 10 minutes.

It seems 2019.20.2.1 may have enhanced the 150 kW SuCh's

Zsar | 19. Juni 2019

display on auto at night is to dark to see anything. I DONT see anything wrong with the display on the 2019.20.1 on auto mode

gballant4570 | 20. Juni 2019

Party mode? I went to 20.2.1 last night, so I'll find out in an hour or so....

ngokelvin | 22. Juni 2019

Model X 75D in San Jose, CA just got update to 2019.20.2.1 firmware last night