Performance Software For AWD - Poll

Performance Software For AWD - Poll

How many AWD owners are willing to pay for Performance model software to give the AWD cars the same acceleration as the performance model 3. This would not include track mode, performance brakes, 20” wheels with performance tires, carbon fiber spoiler or performance pedals. I do not see myself tracking my car but would love to have the full performance acceleration.

urbancowboy | 28. Juni 2019

@Kary993 to each his own. And as noted this is your personal opinion on the matter.

Over ~45mph the acceleration between the AWD and P is comparable, so by your logic the AWD is unsafe as it possesses the same capabilities as the P at more dangerous speeds without the "necessary" hardware to handle the power.

The fact is Tesla sold the P3D- without any issues, and their reasons for discontinuing it do not appear to have anything to do with the factors you mentioned. The P does not accelerate twice as fast as the AWD, and even if it did the idea that you need to stop twice as fast is not sound. Braking is a function of speed, not acceleration. How quickly I can reach 60mph has no impact on the fact that I'm still going 60mph and have to stop. Further, the reason the P stops faster is mostly due to the superior tires. As others have said, the bigger brakes are mostly for the track and even then experience fade very quickly. And the suspension on the AWD is fully capable of handling the power in a straight line.

dmastro | 28. Juni 2019

Not sure why I would purchase Performance acceleration without all of the performance upgrades to track the car. How often am I going to WOT 0-60?

lbowroom | 28. Juni 2019

Every red light

lbowroom | 28. Juni 2019

Or the subsequent green....

Magic 8 Ball | 28. Juni 2019

If you don't use it don't buy it but, oh so fun to have. : ).

lbowroom | 28. Juni 2019

Most people are far more likely to have an occasional 0 to 60 blast than to track it

Kary993 | 28. Juni 2019

@urbancowboy - yes it is my experienced opinion after racing sports cars for 20 years.

Kary993 | 28. Juni 2019

@ urbancowboy - let me know what your experience is?

dmastro | 28. Juni 2019

@lbowroom: My point exactly. To each their own, but I'm not inclined to pay only for faster acceleration from a stop sign or light than I have on my LR-AWD.

If I was inclined to track the car, I'd buy full performance package. Although I'll bet that less than 5% of all P3s actually ever see a track.

lbowroom | 28. Juni 2019

Hey, I have club racing experience, but mine is only on 2 wheels.

Kary993 | 28. Juni 2019

@lbowroom - well you may or may not know more than @urbancowboy who thinks he can drive a regular AWD M3 like a M3P 0-60 like anyone cares, and all is equivalent. That alone tells me several things.......

lbowroom | 28. Juni 2019

Not likely to get anywhere near the limits of the base tires, brakes, and suspension buzzing around on the streets. So essentially, he's not wrong. Anyone going to the track will know or learn quickly. I'm not concerned.

urbancowboy | 28. Juni 2019

@Kary993, we going as hominem now? What you stated about accelerating 2x as fast and breaking 2x as fast didn’t make sense. And I have track experience FWIW. All I am saying is the AWD config can be run with the P power on the streets without an issue or safety concern. The hardware is plenty capable, especially for the 0-60 straight line thrills most people enjoy. That Tesla sold (and still sells in the UK) the P3D- config is reasonable proof of such from plenty of engineers far more knowledgeable than you and me.

daddy88 | 29. Juni 2019

Another option is $25 activation per 24 hour period usage.
However insurance rates higher premium for "Performance" model...

lbowroom | 29. Juni 2019

From what I hear, the P with the goodies needs a few things for the track as it is. The wheels are heavy, 19 x 9.5 with 265 is a more suitable size. Brake pads and fluid recommended as well. The springs are 12mm shorter, but that's about it.
Upgrading a P3D- is actually a better way to go.

DirkFirkin | 29. Juni 2019

...and insurance? If you don’t advise your insurance company that you now have extra BHP, surely it will be invalid??

Magic 8 Ball | 29. Juni 2019

Give insurance your VIN and what you paid for the car, done.

lbowroom | 29. Juni 2019

Insurance seems to be Segregation them in this fashion, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive because that’s all the information the VIN provides

Kary993 | 29. Juni 2019

@ urbancowboy - no we are not....the reality of what I am saying is weight kills at're example of and normal M3 with performance software cannot stop, nor corner as well as a M3P...that is reality and fact....not 2x but somewhere in between for sure...what I am saying far more pointed than my earlier post. I have watched people think they can add horsepower to cars and not realize how it hurts the overall experience of a car....and yes, in some cases it can be dangerous or harmful to the car because there are weak links that were not changed in concert with the single change. Having track experience is great, racing wheel to wheel and teaching people to race is another thing...that is where I am coming from.....

For the rest on this thread, I think and M8B stated, if you want performance then you should have purchased a's not that complicated. If Tesla were to let non M3P owners buy only the software Tesla would cannibalize the the M3P sales....don't see that happening.

adoh2010 | 29. Juni 2019

When Elon unveils the P125D model s with 2.2 seconds 0-60 then the performance model 3 will get boosted to 2.9 and the dual motor would be given a decent bump to like 3.9 or something and then the rwd will get back to high-mid 4s like it was with the early production models.

ryanmurray | 02. Juli 2019

@adoh2010 - That would be awesome as a free update. Some of us however still want 3.2 sec 0-60 and are willing to pay extra for the P3D- option. Fingers crossed!

lbowroom | 02. Juli 2019

Adding HP to a car doesn't make it any harder to stop from the same given speed. 100-0 is the same on a P3D- as it is on an AWD. The cars weigh the same, have the same brakes, and the same suspension.

It may cause problems on a track where the P3D- can get to a faster speed in the same distance and have to slow to make the same corner. If you do that repeatedly that gets worse. But Tesla gave me a P3D- and then turned on track mode for me with the warning that it'll get into heat trouble earlier than the one with the upgraded brakes. So I think we're good.

lbowroom | 02. Juli 2019

MPP, Unplugged Performance, and Racing Brake offer varying levels of upgraded rotors, lines, and calipers for those so inclined to seriously track it.

lbowroom | 02. Juli 2019

Kary993. Speaking in generalities you're correct.... I acknowledge your expertise, but in this case specifically you're a smidge over reacting

Zakynthos | 14. Juli 2019

@Kary993 - if you want performance then you should have purchased a's not that complicated. <-- By what logic? That's ignorant. Because you think people shouldn't have the option to pay for performance improvements and are basically calling the P3D- an unsafe car to drive? Given that the are no ways to improve straight line performance in Tesla's other than dropping weight or through software - we are sadly at the mercy of Tesla on this front. Your argument about braking power is moot. 20 years of experience says nothing when you have zero experience with the P3D- to understand it's braking or handling abilities, much less knowing how the many owners of that particular model do not have a problem braking or with handling on the streets. I haven't heard a single one complain about that. I'm sure Tesla's engineers wouldn't have allowed it if it were unsafe either. The P3D+ is great as a track car but for daily with some spirited driving in between the P3D- is the sweet spot. And the UK is getting spoiled by being able to buy them currently.

I wasn't ready to pull the trigger when the P3D- was available or I would have gotten it. But when I was, they killed it for P3D+ which I don't care for. The 20" wheels with low profile tires and a heavy car are terrible for city driving here where I live in Texas. Not to mention they are expensive to replace.

If Tesla were to offer atleast a 15% acceleration upgrade for the AWD 3, I'd buy it in a heartbeat if the price isn't ridiculous. Needs to be around $5k. It's free profit for Tesla so it's low hanging fruit if they want extra money. Even if it's not equal to the P in 0-60, that's fine. But hell, atleast give us owners with our wallet open something to chew on.

Hugues1965 | 14. Juli 2019

I'm in. Although that would be cool to have it on a pay-per-use basis, because honestly, how many times I can actually floor my M3. Would be cool. Might be a new business model for Tesla. Not so many people are ready to shed a few thousands for the upgrade, but I'm sure everyone would use it on a pay-per-use basis.

Atom12 | 14. Juli 2019

I absolutely love my P3D- and am still alive to talk about it. Go figure.

blkl | 14. Juli 2019

I’m in

lbowroom | 14. Juli 2019

There's interest, it's possible. Not a democracy though, you can't vote it in.

MJP.75D | 13. August 2019

I’m in the process of purchasing a P3D- (aka “stealth”) model: the up-charge from a LR AWD is $2,000 (US) and the 0-60 drops to 3.2 from 4.4. Top speed also raised to 162. Doubt it has “track mode” but unsure as of this wiring.....seems like a good deal.

bjrosen | 13. August 2019

To those who bought the performance model or the P3D, are you racing the car? You can't do 162 on a US highway without going to prison so there is no point to an upgrade that can do that. unless you are taking the car to a track. If you are racing isn't it a good idea to get the whole performance package including the upgraded brakes?

dmastro | 13. August 2019

For an additional $2K, I might have been tempted to buy the P when I bought my AWD. Although honestly I almost never WOT, and I can't even think of a circumstance that the increased top speed would ever come into play.

ODWms | 13. August 2019

Most cars today can go 120-130 mph. Most drivers aren’t doing that either.

brownteeth | 13. August 2019

@MJP.75D. It does have track mode as I own the exact model you are buying.

Kary993 | 13. August 2019

@bjrosen - yes you should have the upgraded brakes and suspension if you are going to track the M3....many here believe an upgraded M3 with speed needs nothing else, but those that track cars know the difference. If you are going to track buy the M3P as it is set up.