Fully charging SOC 100% vs Supercharging when traveling 400+km

Fully charging SOC 100% vs Supercharging when traveling 400+km

I wonder what are going to be the advices on this subject.

I will use my Tesla couple times to drive around 200km, park and cycle MTB and road cycling in the mountains, and come back in town after a 400km round-trip. There is a supercharger on the road at midway.

Repeatedly charging above 90% SOC cause premature battery degradation so does supercharging.

Would you rather charge at 100% in the morning and get back at home at 10% to charge with 240V 14-50 outlet or start at 80% and supercharge on the way back when the SOC is around 40% to get it to 70% and get back around 20%?

I guess there is one preferable solution to long term battery degradation, which one would you suggest?

gwolnik | 21. Juni 2019

Charge at home to 100% before leaving, you cannot always count on a supercharger being available when you want it. You can always add a partial recharge at the supercharger so you are not coming home so low, but if the wait at the supercharger is too long, just drive slower on the way home to make sure you make it. It is OK to fully charge to 100% occasionally as long as you plan to use it soon afterwards. I think supercharging fully is worse for the battery because it charges too fast.

FISHEV | 21. Juni 2019

“Couple times”...likely so infrequent that it would have any measurable effect. Do what works best.

Since the initial supercharging is the least damaging, if you charged at 80% at home and then charged just enough at SC to get home with decent margin is probably the best battery cycling you could do. No 100% charging and small amount of low risk SC’ing.

Frank99 | 21. Juni 2019

I haven't seen any evidence that supercharging causes premature battery degradation - Tesloop might indicate exactly the opposite. Am I behind the times?

Anyway, if I could make it there and back on one charge, I'd charge to 100% and do it without supercharging. Based on my understanding of LiIon chemistry and charging behavior (I'm an engineer, although not a battery or chemical engineer, but I've read a lot about it), charging to 80% and using the Supercharger on the way back is likely easier on the battery.

kevin_rf | 22. Juni 2019

I would start at 80% and do a quick top off in the way home. If you have most of the range you need, it shouldn't be more than five, maybe ten minutes.