Does Model 3 free supercharging not sell with car?

Does Model 3 free supercharging not sell with car?

Co-worker has a ‘stealth’ M3 Performance which included free SuperCharging but no AP. He never uses the SuperCharging so I offered to buy his “Free Supercharging” for $3k and he would pay the $3k fee to Tesla to get AP.

We asked Tesla and they said no, not entirely unexpected but they also said that his free Supercharging was for him only on that Model 3 and the Supercharging would end when he sold it.

Is that true? I’ve seen used S and X’s where the free SuperCharging went with them.

Magic 8 Ball | 21. Juni 2019

Yes, it is true.

FISHEV | 21. Juni 2019

Thanks. Owner was shocked it didn’t sell with his M3. They apparently didn’t make this real clear during his purchase process.

Magic 8 Ball | 21. Juni 2019

It was clearly outlined on the website when I ordered.

Caveat Emptor

Being an adult is a requirement for purchase.

jjgunn | 21. Juni 2019

Caveat Emptor indeed. Has FUSC & doesn't use it??

Why didn't he take the $5k to "turn in" his FUSC from Tesla when it was offered?!?!?

Carpe Diem baby....

EVRider | 22. Juni 2019

The last Teslas with free unlimited supercharging that stays with the car were S/X’s ordered before mid-January 2017.

lbowroom | 22. Juni 2019

FUSC offered to entice and reward a customer for buying before a millstone date, not to reward a buyer years later in the secondhand market, nor to barter and horsetrade with other owners.

sosmerc | 22. Juni 2019

I hope by the time the Model Y is available that Telsa's policy of constantly changing prices and features and offers will
have settled down. One of the original appeals to me was how simple their online sales process "appeared" to be. Now it seems the process is ever-changing and there is confusion as to what features come with the car and what the costs are for options. One may need a "salesmen" to explain it all :).......

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 22. Juni 2019

Keep in mind that 5K miles of M3 supercharging costs about $300 dollars. Keep some perspective.

FISHEV | 22. Juni 2019

"It was clearly outlined on the website when I ordered."

But not in the sales talk and purchase agreement to the point an intelligent, science based 1%'er with two Model X's didn't notice it.

As for the website, while many of us "live" there, most normal people don't and Tesla changes the game pretty frequently for people to catch up.

casun | 22. Juni 2019

fishev was confused again? you don’t say.