I guess everyone Assumes you have summons feature

I guess everyone Assumes you have summons feature

I was already parked in the farest part of the parking lot (no other vehicles were around), when I got my errands done saw this vehicle parked next to me.

surfpearl | 27. Juni 2019

Just a jealous jerk, hoping for the good looks/vibes to rub off onto their car! Leave a note on their windshield next time.

Magic 8 Ball | 27. Juni 2019

I like it, really shows how butt ugly the Audi is next to the clean 3.

CharleyBC | 27. Juni 2019

I never thought of the 3 as a big car, but the Audi looks tiny beside it. Audi driver is parking-challenged, hanging over the lines.

TranzNDance | 27. Juni 2019

Which Audi model was it?

Joshan | 27. Juni 2019

those are angled spot also. I think perspective is causing a small optical illusion. In some pics when I am closer to the camera my head looks twice the size of my wifes, but no it is not :P

rajan900 | 27. Juni 2019

Can't you just use the app to move it out or am I missing the point and that only works if you have full self driving paid for?

Joshan | 27. Juni 2019

FSD or (previous EAP) only. But I think he was just pointing out whatr arse holes people can be. He is in the last spot in the lot and there is no one around and he gets squeezed.

Magic 8 Ball | 27. Juni 2019

Why did you park in their spot?

texxx | 27. Juni 2019

But the most important question - did the Audi passenger door you?

Drives me nuts when I park in never-never land with dozens of open spots around me, only to find someone parked right next me like it was the last space in the lot. Guess they are trying to make some kind of point.

M3phan | 27. Juni 2019

Guys at work intentionally parked a HUGE pickup next to mine but in good fun because they wanted to film me using summon. We had a good laugh and they were blown away by the car.

quinney | 27. Juni 2019

People do that because they believe that a Tesla won't risk dinging itself by dinging their car.

kevin_rf | 28. Juni 2019

I do that to a coworkers mini van on a daily basis. Forces him to crawl over the child seats :-D

New challenge, try and see how close I can get it to his door with summons....

derotam | 28. Juni 2019

I think I would have rearranged my day and then moved my car to their driver side blocking them...and then walk away and wait patiently. Then when they came and were forced to go through their passenger side, I would have summoned...or advanced summoned(if I had it) my car away. :)