recommendation for state inspection in NOVA?

recommendation for state inspection in NOVA?

Any recommendation for state inspection around Herndon/Chantilly area that have experience with model 3? Or can we go directly to the Audi dealer next to the Tysons tesla?

Whdame | 28. Juni 2019

I live in the southern part of Virginia and had to call my Tesla service center and they recommended me a place in the Hampton Roads area. A few days later I got a text message from my Tesla Ranger, and he recommended the same place.

vmulla | 28. Juni 2019

It's only inspection, I just like to go to family owned local businesses. There's a gas station by Rt50 near Chantilly - I think that gas station was Chantilly, it's that historic! I like to go there because of it is family owned and operated, and it's history.

Lonestar10_1999 | 28. Juni 2019


I went to the local Toyota dealership because I have a long history with them. No problems whatsoever.