New Model S — Browser requesting GPS services enabled

New Model S — Browser requesting GPS services enabled

Just picked up a new Model S yesterday—very excited! All working perfectly except the browser: In my previous Model S, I used a webpage (Eve for Tesla) that uses GPS to show local weather and a clock on the browser. When I tried to load this site on the browser on my new Tesla, a pop up states that “You must Allow GPS for this functionality to work. If you have previously Denied location services you must perform a factory reset the browser settings in your Tesla...” Factory reset did not correct the problem. Mobile access is on; this is a browser issue. Google Maps also working normally. Any ideas?

Goose66 | 08. Juli 2019

I have the same issue with my new EVE for Tesla account. Any word? | 08. Juli 2019

Could it be a MCU2 vs MCU2 issue? Eve doesn't appear to have a free version, so I can't test it out. You might contact EVE as well and see if they have run into the issue.

emulajavi | 25. September 2019

Happening the same. Could you (Tesla) add a setting to enable/disable GPS location in the browser??

It’s not ok to have to do a factory reset if you have accidentally ‘said no’ to enable location on a website. | 25. September 2019

My EVE is a free edition (maybe they do not offer to new members). I assume it is a MCU2 issue.