Taptes Gen 2 charge pad arrived

Taptes Gen 2 charge pad arrived

I received and installed my Gen 2 Taptes charging pad. The batch of them arrived to Los Angeles and cleared customs over the weekend. I might be the first to install it.
The fit and finish is very good - it came with 2 usb splitters as well as short cables for the pad itself. The splitters have a power-only wire and a power/data wire. My Raspberry Pi Teslacam is happy sharing on a data side.
Previously, I had the thin disc type chargers. They were hit-and-miss lately, but the Taptes pad is working really well. It has indicators for which side is charging. Both indicators light if you put the phone along the bottom sideways, and the phone shows charging much quicker than it did when the disc worked.
No tape or other kludges to fit the pad - it is molded just like the bottom of the Tesla soft pad that it replaced. I highly recommend this upgrade if you have $50.

rob | 03. Juli 2019

If you are buying from Teptes
caveat emptor

thedrisin | 03. Juli 2019

I have the Gen 1 and was a great purchase. Looks great and works flawlessly. No need to pay more for another pad.

FISHEV | 03. Juli 2019

Ordered June 22nd, no shipping date yet. Ordered the Taptes one so 7+ in Mophie wireless charging case can fit cross wise.

Tracker45 | 03. Juli 2019

I have the Gen 1 wireless charger too. Works fine thus far.

TrexTesla | 03. Juli 2019

I just received the Gen 2 charging pad as well and it installed very easily and seems to charge with no issues. The only issue I'm having is now people can't hear me on phone calls? Before i was plugging my phone into the USB, but I thought the car doesn't even use the USB for anything but charging...I use an iPhone X. Anyone have that issue?

FISHEV | 04. Juli 2019

Tina at TapTes says orders are shipping. Mine will ship next week from June 22nd order in case others are wondering where there orders are. Be great to have a spot for the brick and wireless charging spot to boot.