Is standard range model 3 able to have the option to upgrade to premium connectivity?

Is standard range model 3 able to have the option to upgrade to premium connectivity?

Hi guys I'm new here. Just get my standard range model 3 in June and wonder if I will be able to upgrade to premium connectivity, when on the site it says available later this year?

EVRider | 11. Juli 2019

Yes, according to this support article:

I don't think Tesla is letting anyone upgrade yet and they haven't announced pricing, but it's coming.

Buzzkill | 12. Juli 2019

That post in the FAQ's has been there for quite some time.
When I contacted Customer Service they were absolutely clueless about purchasing Premium Connectivity for SR or SR+ owners. However, they said if Elon wants to do it he will tweet it. So, I guess EV is is coming. Just when no one knows.

ralphfiol | 13. Juli 2019

Oooh, I didn't know about this. Excited. I will definitely subscribe.

M3BlueGeorgia | 13. Juli 2019

If Tesla can make money on it, they should do it, and damn quickly.

But I can't see how they can resell the data profitably for $100 pa. That's $8.25 pm.
I use Google Fi, and their data rates are very reasonable at $10 per GB, and I doubt if premium internet uses less than a GB per month.

Tesla's website still claims it will be $100 pa when offered. I don't know how they are going to dig themselves out of that pricing.

bryanhicks | 16. Juli 2019

What's throwing me for a loop is that it states in that article that premium connectivity will include a browser and in brackets it singles out "for Model S and Model X". Why was the model 3 left out of this statement? I know the browser is available on higher trims... AND when I picked up my SR+, it had the glitch where it was running the browser and satellite (for about 3 hours). So, I know the SR+ is capable...

gballant4570 | 16. Juli 2019

M3BlueGeorgia, I consider the $5/gb HughesNet charges to be on the high side....that is their charge for extra gb, I'm not certain what their plan rate comes out to be.

But Elon is currently putting up satellites right and left, with the aim of global coverage for his StarLink service. So, he has a plan for that......

gballant4570 | 16. Juli 2019

Sorry, HughesNet extra gb are $3 each, not $5. StarLink will bet that price by a wide margin, from what I am reading.