When ICE’s gang up on you

When ICE’s gang up on you

Picked up a red M3 recently and as if the color is not conspicuous enough, I normally go my way without raising any eyebrows.

But today, I was stuck behind 3 regular cars, a black ford 250, a silver Mercedes s class and a red Audi A5. They were kind of blocking the whole highway. I was behind the ford who had been moving as if to open up but he slowed down to maintain a three lane block. Annoying right?

As I indicated and changed lane, the ford sped up and I was like, I see your game here. Within a few seconds I weaved in and out from behind the Audi and kept it moving. The Audi stayed on my bumper. For the first time, I found out what this little M3 was capable of. He couldn’t keep up and they all became dots in my rear.

Has anyone else here been “ganged” up against by non-ev’s?

vmulla | 14. Juli 2019

Ganged up? No.

But looks like fast and furious needs a Tesla in their next movie. Tesla would sound like what in the movie now? :))

rhj | 14. Juli 2019

The shear acceleration let’s you be just like an ice Hole or can put you far in front of one

kevin_rf | 15. Juli 2019

I like chill

SnowZA | 15. Juli 2019

Heh - I am still driving an ICE - waiting for delivery of my M3. And the other day, I had a bunch of EVs gang up on me... ;P

Well, not seriously gang up, honestly, but I was driving along the highway as the single ICE car in a group of 7 Teslas, a Leaf and an Ioniq...

Brian | 15. Juli 2019

I have seen many instances where it "seems" as though they are messing with me. They drive slow, and if you get in the faster lane they speed up just enough to keep you from getting ahead of them and trap you in that lane, or they just slow down in front so that I can't get by. Now most of this is probably just bad drivers that don't care about others, but it happens much more than it did when I was driving my Suburban, so I think there is something to it. Also, I have several times had BMWs that just have to get around me at any cost. Again, I don't know if they are targeting the Tesla, or if they are just morons behind the wheel. I'm thinking both. Audis seem to have a problem with Tesla too. They aren't the only brands, but I have noticed a higher percentage of them. I usually show everyone that theTesla is quicker than their old tech, then let them take off. I'm not interested.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

TabascoGuy | 15. Juli 2019

@Brian, I think when you were driving the Suburban, they were worried that you might put a bumper on them so they left a little more room.

Hp.1193 | 15. Juli 2019

This happens to me on a weekly basis. Depending on how much battery I got left, in addition to having Waze open (cops), I usually smoke them :)

gballant4570 | 15. Juli 2019

Its almost too easy to smoke them to dots.....I try not to do it as much as i might like. It helps to keep your trip meter displayed - I find there is motivation in keeping avg wh/m low.

vmulla | 15. Juli 2019

That's not ganging up on you, that's inviting you to join the party ;)

SnowZA | 15. Juli 2019

@vmulla I'm trying, I'm trying!!!! Now if I could just figure out a way to get Tesla to deliver to the Netherlands quicker, I would be happy... :P

BuffaloBillsFan | 15. Juli 2019

I like smoking Mustangs. My brother has a Mustang Shelby. I have never had the pleasure to beat the shit out of his, but there have been 2-3 times when other Mustang owners revved their “cars” next to me at a stoplight and got left in the dust. So much fun! And nary a rumble from my car!

Shesmyne2 | 15. Juli 2019

The best part is that I KNOW I can take them.
For fun, or safety.
Vroom vroom.

Still Grinning ;-)