Voice Command Issues

Voice Command Issues

I have a 2017 Model S and the Voice Command never loads. It rarely works. I would click the button and it never seems to want to load. It just keeps circling and nothing after. I also noticed my LTE bars are always low as well, so not sure if that’s causing it. I am on the latest software version too. Has anyone else encountered this? It works fine on the Model 3.

Ohmster | 16. Juli 2019

Yup. Low bars used to mean voice commands no workie. That was on previous versions. Has gotten better with 24.1

rishabh0428 | 16. Juli 2019

I am on the latest version still not better :/

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. Juli 2019

What version, number please.

bp | 17. Juli 2019

Voice command requires internet access.

When this happens, try scrolling the map on the console display - if the map isn't refreshing, then the problem is likely due to poor internet.

It appears the first use of voice command requires considerable internet access before it's ready to start processing voice commands - so if there are internet issues, the first command could take a while - and might time out.

If you have another Tesla (Model 3?) available - compare the LTE signal strength in the same location - it's possible there's an issue with the LTE reception in your S.

sakeith | 19. Juli 2019

I had the same problem with the voice commands until I rebooted the computer. I rebooted the computer by holding down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the center screen went blank.

rishabh0428 | 20. Juli 2019

I reboot it all the time but same issue.

geo.teepe | 23. Juli 2019

I drove to the North West Terr of Canada,voice command did not work because I was simply out of range.
May be we have dead spots in the USA

AIA304 | 27. Juli 2019

Try it at home when it’s connected to a good WiFi access point. If it still has an issue, it’s most likely not the internet connection. Typical operation is press voice control button, within one spin of icon on IC, you should hear an alert stating voice control is ready for input Stephanie, Number 5 alive.

My LTE signal in town is about 1-2 bars. I checked it at the SC, my was still 1-2 bars, however when I checked the new cars in the showroom, the model 3 and S had 4-5 bars. When pressing the voice control button on showroom cars, the alert beep came back before one spin of icon on IC.

I asked if Tesla had an ATT cellular hot spot in the showroom. They replied, “the wireless passwd is ....” oh well....

jun3280net | 29. Juli 2019

I can confirm I experience the same issue @rishabh0428 with my 2017 Model S. I've tried rebooting as well. I will try it out at home and report back. That said, my issue usually relates to the very first time I try to initialize voice command with each drive. It always fails on the first time. However, the subsequent tries often work.

I don't use the voice command that often, as OK Google works better. Hopefully, Tesla can work to get Google Assistant on the car in the future.

nyeakel | 29. Juli 2019

I have had this problem ever since the first update after we got V9. It very rarely works. I would file a bug report but...

rishabh0428 | 29. Juli 2019

Filed many bug reports but the SC says it’s performing as it should

jun3280net | 30. Juli 2019

Connected to the wifi at home this morning and launched voice command to "navigate to work". As usual, the first time it failed. It ended up working the third time it was engaged / beeped. Google Assistant works so much better. Perhaps there is a way to navigate using Google Assistant, and then hand off the navigation to Tesla. I believe you can Share directions from Google Maps to the Tesla app.

PrescottRichard | 30. Juli 2019

If you have the Tesla app on your phone you can send an address to your car. From my experience the ROUTE is not sent, just the addy.

Also, for going to work just drag down on the address field on your screen and it’ll pull up work. At work or anywhere else it’ll pull up home.