The earth is indeed flat

The earth is indeed flat

The internet has the opportunity to educate all. It is sad to see how it becomes a source for alternate truth and facts. Many including some on this forum use the internet to skip studies and facts and go straight to their alternate facts.

greg | 20. Juli 2019

Of course stupid headline writers at quality media like USA Today misquote the facts.

But Mitch you *never* point out any of the literally thousands of false predictions from your "global warming is a hoax" flat-earthers do you?

Is it because you and these types don't see why anyone should ever let facts get in the way of a good story eh?

Madatgascar | 20. Juli 2019

Mitch, your post concludes that the USNOAA now predicts polar ice caps will disappear in 2039 instead of 2014. Sure that’s the truth you want to promote?

tew ms us | 21. Juli 2019

Do you think some prelates felt sincere sympathy for Galileo before placing him under house arrest? Had to be done to keep his disputation of the Earth-centric model of the Universe from leading some of the faithful into heresy.

kaffine | 21. Juli 2019

If the Earth was flat cats would have pushed everything off of it by now. That should convince anyone that the Earth isn't flat.

SCCRENDO | 21. Juli 2019

@kaffine. If you don’t have a you-tube video of the cats it cannot be true

greg | 21. Juli 2019

That 50 million climate refugees prediction false? Probably right.
But only because its massively under estimated things.

Why do you think so many in Africa want to get to Europe across the Mediterranean?
And why so many from South America are trying to migrate north to the US?
Similar stories in Asian countries.

Sure, some are facing unrest and wars back home, but when you look deeper a lot of those problems are caused by climate/environmental change and damage. Often lack of reliable water is causing massive migrations within continents, and between.

Add up those numbers its tens of millions on the move, in each of the continents. As as a minimum. And thats the level we know about. Factor in the migrations we don't know about but that are happening. Yeah 50 million seems low.

Ignoring all that might suit some flat earthers and climate change deniers agendas.

But reality has a way of catching up with even the most skilled liars.

After all, while the Church "fixed" the problem they had when they imprisoned Galileo, it didn't stop the truth emerging - eventually.

jimglas | 21. Juli 2019

Mass climate change migration has already started
The "arab spring" occured because people could not feed their families
It will only get worse

Tesla-David | 21. Juli 2019

Amen, many of the immigrants from Guatemala now on our border are climate refugees. this genie is not going back in the bottle. I totally agree with @greg’s summary. 50 million is probabally low.

dmm1240 | 21. Juli 2019

It promises to be bad and worse. I read somewhere that Guatemala has had a 5 year drought. Think that might have something to do with it?

greg | 21. Juli 2019

Nothing I see is delusional or incorrect from that report.

The UN said in 2005, there were *already* 10 million "climate refugees" a year.

Extrapolate [you know that big a word right?] that for the years 2006-2010 and that's 5 x 10 million = 50 million *more* climate refugees than there were in 2005.

So 50 million by end of the decade? Yeah the numbers say it will have been at least that many, given it was at 10 million a year half way through. Likely way more thanks to Exponential growth. But we'll ignore that for now.

Nothing since this article was published has manifestly changed the situation for the better and so we're now 14 years past that story appearing. So we'll be well into 150 million climate refugees since 2005 at least.

You might try and deny there are 5, 10, 50 or 150 million climate refugees, or that there actually were 50 million as predicted by end of the decade in 2010.

No doubt largely because they aren't all invading the US of A via Mexico (yet).

So you can't imagine something you can't see or be shown on Fox News TV right?

Although if you watch Fox News you'd reasonably conclude it was actually more like 500 million people **pretending to be refugees** attempting to invade the US from Mexico right now.

There is a lot more than 50 million such refugees - but mostly they are generally still in whatever continent they lived in originally so haven't yet left Africa, Asia, even South America - so usually don't get much coverage on Flat Earth TV right now.

Secondly they aren't officially counted as "refugees" either as the concept of climate [change caused] refugees didn't exist when the agreements around refugees were signed in the first half of the 20th century. But they are still refugees even if the US or other countries don't agree.

But not everyone denies things that they cannot witness themselves. Some things are axiomatically true even if you can't write the proof out yourself.

Most people do actually think Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969. I've never been to moon to verify the facts for myself, so I accept that there is a very teeny, tiny, infinitesimal chance that it could be a major hoax.

And maybe even the bits on the moon allegedly there for us to check, including all the footprints and such along with bags of Astronaut crap - could have been planted to make it look like they did actually go there. .

But the majority of the evidence though is that it wasn't a hoax. They really did fly to the moon and walk on it. This is generally accepted. Occams razor says that they did. Why try and fake a moon landing, when it would have been easier and cheaper to actually go there, walk around, and come home again. Then try repeat it 6 more times and manage to achieve for 5 of those 6 times? Than try and fake the whole things from start to finish.

But even so there are some who still deny it. So getting a 100% consensus is never going to happen even for something as uncontroversial as the moon landings.

So, expecting there be nothing but a 100% consensus from climate scientists before you'll believe anything climate related is real as you keep arguing?

Good luck with that. The rising seas will wash over your head [and possibly, Hell freeze over] long before you'll see that happen.

So why not get with the program too and stop the mindless drivelling posts from Flat Earth central or wherever you source your "facts" on climate change denial from.

And while you're at it, stop shouting like a moron too whenever these posts, like the steaming turds stinking up the toilet, they are, get flushed away in short order.

Simply put: if you continue to shit in the forums and walk away - expect others to flush.

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

If the earth was flat than than climate change induced rising sea levels should just drop off the the sides of the earth and then they will become down again. Problem solved. Find me a you-tube video that supports that please.

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

The climate refugees have just slid off the side of the earth. Voila!!!. No more climate refugees. Need a you-tube video

andy.connor.e | 22. Juli 2019

50 million people is 0.64% of global population. 50 million people would not come from a single nation, they would come from all over the planet. In fact, it would quite literally be 0.64% of the population of each nation in the world being displaced.

andy.connor.e | 22. Juli 2019

2 million people being displaced in America sounds reasonable. Lots of coastal cities that would see displacement from sea level rise.

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

@andy. Displacement comes in many forms. The increased flooding causes some. Droughts occur because of climate change. When people don't have food war particularly civil war results. The Rwandan genocide and the Syrian civil war come to mind as being directly related to drought and starvation

andy.connor.e | 22. Juli 2019

Ya, just Mitch is trying to play it off like 50 million people would be entire nations migrating, when in reality its a very small percentage of the global population because the 50 million people referenced earlier would not be displaced in one single region.

In that event, 2 million needing to move away from the coast just in the USA i dont think is an unreasonable prediction. That is not addressing all the other forms of climate change that could cause displacement.

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

@andy. Thinking about it though. 50 million people having to migrate would be the equivalent of a European nation like France, Britain or Spain needing to migrate. What would make it worse would be one of these countries having to move and nobody knowing about it

dmm1240 | 22. Juli 2019

Syria. The country experienced several years of extreme drought prior to the start of the 2012 civil war. I'm going from memory, but I believe it was 4 million that had to retreat to the cities because they could no longer grow crops. That many refugees who were previously earning a living that suddenly had to be supported created strife in a country already subject to conflict between religious sects. The drought lit the fuse that blew up Syria.

andy.connor.e | 22. Juli 2019

and thats more likely what will happen to nations as climate change worsens.

jimglas | 22. Juli 2019

it wasnt just syria
It was across the middle east

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

@jimglas. The drought was the trigger. But the politics were how Assad addressed the drought that led to the civil war

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

@jimglas. Some of the more detailed science

jimglas | 22. Juli 2019

thanks for the link
I fear that the european "immigration crisis" of the last few years is just the start of a mass climate migration.
Canada is going to have to build a wall when the midwest becomes a desert

MitchP85D | 22. Juli 2019

Syrian drought issue causing war complete delusional nonsense!

SCCRENDO | 22. Juli 2019

As I stated politics definitely played a part. Not every drought causes a civil war. However you skipped the last paragraph of your link. So let me copy it for you
“What can be said with much greater certainty is that economic struggles stemming from drought vulnerability, the loss of subsidies and the loss of agricultural wages did contribute to widespread dissatisfaction with the government. And it was this dissatisfaction which served as a rallying cry to unite people in opposition’

blue adept | 23. Juli 2019

@kaffine & @SCCRENDO

It's the cats...Those damn cats.

SCCRENDO | 23. Juli 2019

@blue adept. You have it on video. It must be true

RedShift | 23. Juli 2019

While any single drought may be hard to link to AGW, what is clear to sensible persons is that droughts will definitely be made worse or more frequent by AGW.

2018 was the hottest year on record and you can see heat waves becoming more severe and frequent.
Glaciers are melting and one has been recorded traveling at 5ft/hour!!!

It’s very clear: we are warming faster than ever before.

It’s only pertinent to do something right now, we don’t have ten other habitable planets we can go to.

andy.connor.e | 23. Juli 2019

Mitch, i havent seen you do anything but deny every single thing that people say is climate caused. Your preaching of "global warming zealots" is pretty hypocritical because you do the same exact thing on the inverse.

Tesla-David | 23. Juli 2019

Indeed the loss of glaciers is another sign of AGW/Climate Emergency. Iceland just unveiled memorial to dead glacier. lost to Climate Change.

dmm1240 | 23. Juli 2019

Mitch, you are FOS.

Is a Lack of Water to Blame for the Conflict in Syria?

A 2006 drought pushed Syrian farmers to migrate to urban centers, setting the stage for massive uprisings

Is a Lack of Water to Blame for the Conflict in Syria?
A 2006 drought pushed Syrian farmers to migrate to urban centers, setting the stage for massive uprising.
By Joshua Hammer
Smithsonian Magazine
June 2013

Water loss documented by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), a pair of satellites operated by NASA and Germany's aerospace center, suggest water-related conflict could be brewing on the riverbank again. GRACE measured groundwater usage between 2003 and 2009 and found the Tigris-Euphrates Basin—comprising Turkey, Syria, Iraq and western Iran—is losing water faster than any other place in the world except northern India. During those six years, 117 million acre-feet of stored freshwater vanished from the region as a result of dwindling rainfall and poor water management policies. That's equal to all the water in the Dead Sea. GRACE's director, Jay Famiglietti, a hydrologist at the University of California, Irvine, calls the data "alarming."

While the scientists captured dropping water levels, political experts have observed rising tensions. In Iraq, the absence of a strong government since 2003, drought and shrinking aquifers have led to a recent spate of assignations of irrigation department officials and clashes between rural clans. Som experts say these local feuds could escalate into full-scale armed conflicts.

In Syria, a devastating drought beginning in 2006 forced many farmers to abandon their fields and migrate to urban centers. There's some evidence the migration fueled the civil war there, in which 80,000 people have died. "You had a lot of angry, unemployed men helping to trigger a revolution," says Aaron Wolf, a water management expert at Oregon State University, who frequently visits the Middle East.


jimglas | 23. Juli 2019

Don't confuse him with facts

DonS | 23. Juli 2019

Claiming records based on our short recorded history as humans is no more accurate than claiming humans have no affect on the environment. There are no absolutes, but the most likely case is somewhere in between. Of course, if there is a major volcanic event, or large meteor strike, any human affect will suddenly become irrelevant.

jimglas | 23. Juli 2019


SCCRENDO | 23. Juli 2019

@dmm. Thanks once again. Indeed politics plays a part but if there were no drought they would likely not left their farms. If there was a responsible government their needs would have been addressed. But when people are starving and get no help they become desperate

andy.connor.e | 23. Juli 2019

In todays time, you can explain why an event happened today. What you cant do is predict what will happen. Try predicting which country will enter civil war and have millions of refugees fleeing their nation in 25 years. But we most certainly can look back at what happened with Syria, and determine the cause.

If the argument is whether or not the Syrian crisis was because of human activity, thats like trying to prove something causes cancer. I wish you the best of luck

SCCRENDO | 23. Juli 2019

You guys are generalizing and each event needs to be looked at independently. As regards Syria we are aware that there have been significant droughts in the region. Droughts will increase with climate change. In a first world country the farmers can be helped out to a certain degree and missing crops can be imported from other places. But in more third world areas the livelihood of the farmer and in fact the population is much more dependent on crops. During the Syrian drought as with many other droughts farmers were starving and not making money. !.5 millions people were displaced to the city. This caused stress and grievances that were not addressed
If you research the topic you can trace multiple other droughts that led to conflict.

RedShift | 23. Juli 2019

@Don S

“There are no absolutes, but the most likely case is somewhere in between. ”

Somewhere in between eh? Can you give some proof or it’s just something you are pulling out of thin air?

Mitch of course loves any opinion seemingly opposed to science. He is a desperate old man.

finman100 | 24. Juli 2019

evidence and science equals you're wrong in donald land and climate change denier world.

wow. how did our species get so stupid?

facts are. the rest is noise. please try to keep up.

andy.connor.e | 24. Juli 2019

I dont think people are any more stupid. I think they just have a good excuse to point at now (trump).

SCCRENDO | 24. Juli 2019

@andy. Whether people are more stupid could be subject to debate but I don't have data either way. What is clear is that people are less informed and indeed are far more misinformed thanks to the internet.
Some data suggests we may be getting dumber

Tesla2018 | 24. Juli 2019

Millions of Canadians and New Yorkers are climate change refugees. They all migrate to Florida during the wintsr

SCCRENDO | 24. Juli 2019

@Tesla2018. Many would say that they are not. They are escaping the cold. Floridians escaping to New York or Canada would be climate change refugees.

blue adept | 25. Juli 2019



blue adept | 25. Juli 2019

Or it's one of those so-called "deep fakes" we've been hearing of lately?!

blue adept | 25. Juli 2019


Dayyum...Why don't you just go ahead and tell us how you really feel about Mitch?!


andy.connor.e | 25. Juli 2019

What happens when too much fresh water gets dumped into the north Atlantic?

andy.connor.e | 25. Juli 2019

K well you left out the part that fresh water is less dense than salt water, and too much freshwater in the North Atlantic would disrupt the ocean current that flows all around the globe, and carries the warm ocean water by the equator subsequently carrying warm air with it as well. Thats why places like the UK have warm temps all year round while being at the same latitude as places in Canada that are covered in ice. Its strange to me how you talk with such confidence while missing crucial information. Maybe you're just not even aware they exist.

MitchP85D | 25. Juli 2019

No andy, that's not it. I am simply pointing out to you that this has all happened before. And that natural climate variation dwarfs everything Man does.