Taptes Model 3 Mudflaps Arrived and Installed with Pics

Taptes Model 3 Mudflaps Arrived and Installed with Pics

Ordered 7/11. Arrived 7/23.

I said I'd post a review and pics in another thread, but I don't remember where that was, so figured I'd just start a new one. If it's been done before, my apologies. :)

Price $35. Great for the price. Fit is excellent. I will order another set as a backup.

Easy to install. Took about 30 minutes. Hardest part was pushing the snap fastener screw back in. Couldn't do it with my fingers, but was able to pry them in with some leverage from the tires.

Front: 2 screw fasteners and one screw. I used a tiny drill bit to start the screw. Other than that, it just uses the two lower snap fasteners.

Back: 1 screw fastener, one 10mm bolt underneath. There's a little tab at the top that holds it snug against the fender.

Link to photos:

CaliforniaMaki808 | 23. Juli 2019

Looks pretty cool. Wonder if the flaps affect the air dynamics of the car. You may want to post where you got those flaps from and cost for others if they are interested. Thanks for posting.

Resist | 23. Juli 2019

They look better than other ones I've seen, that were just flat pieces of plastic for around the same price. The only thing that concerns me is that you need to made a new hole with the screw. I not interested in putting new holes into the body of my Model 3.

stopnair | 23. Juli 2019

can you get a side view picture of the car with flaps visible? Just want to see how the car looks overall.

ricksli | 23. Juli 2019


It's only a tiny screw that goes into the plastic of the wheel well. Would be easy to fill or just leave the screw in place if the mudflap were removed. There are bigger holes left in the plastic from Tesla.

ricksli | 23. Juli 2019


I will take a full side view pic tomorrow and post it.

thedrisin | 23. Juli 2019

I ordered these this morning. They look great, like OEM flaps. I previously made flaps from universal flaps, similar to other others available.

When I receive them, I'll give a review also.

neil.weinstock | 23. Juli 2019

Those Taptes look really good. I've been pondering getting some of the universal ones, but I much prefer the molded. Now I am wondering about the aerodynamics as well....

PECo CT | 24. Juli 2019


Why did you install mudflaps? Looks? Function?

No judgment here. Just wondering.

If I could tow anything with the car, I’d have them, too. Since I can’t tow anything, I’d prioritize aerodynamics over looks.

ricksli | 24. Juli 2019

Additional photos added.

ricksli | 24. Juli 2019


Function. Keep car cleaner. Paint protection in that area.

jweiner | 24. Juli 2019

These are by far the best looking mudflaps I have seen for the Model 3. Thank you for sharing these pics.

jweiner | 24. Juli 2019

Were the installation instructions clear and easy to follow?

FISHEV | 24. Juli 2019

I'll have to put some on come Winter as skiing 30 days a year in OR's gravel coated roads is brutal on a car. Have the full nose cover.

I purchased the flat "Middle West" version for Bolduc but have not put them on. Hoping for a more 3D model similar to Taptes. There look to be some gaps in the TapTes one but maybe if I can see in person or better pics.

A full side pick and then one were you can see each wheel would help.

I'll talk @raqball to put them on his and see how they look. He was modeling the Performace Blade

rajan900 | 24. Juli 2019

Link to where you bought them from please?
Moulded ones look much better than the other flat ones on sale

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 24. Juli 2019

They look great. Ijust ordered them and a few other items from Taptes. Thanks for sharing.

ricksli | 24. Juli 2019

Ordered from

No instructions were included but it’s easy to figure out.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 26. Juli 2019

If only I knew Taptes is located in China. The billing went to, and order is shipping from Shenzhen, China. To me, that’s worse than buying from Amazon.

thedrisin | 26. Juli 2019

@CRAIG. TapTes is a legitimate company. Nice products, excellent service. Worth the wait. I have the wireless charger, mudflaps on thei way.

jebinc | 26. Juli 2019

I have a TapTes M3 wireless charger and it works fine. When I looked into these flaps the order to delivery lead time was more than a month, so I went with flat versions sourced in the USA, as I wanted to get those rockers some protection right away.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 26. Juli 2019

I understand that almost all products that don't say Made in USA are probably coming from China.
BUT, the billing for my order isn't going to Taptes, It's going to Chen Liang.
The reason I'm suspicious is last year I ordered Seresto dog collars on Ebay from a vendor in Ca. Long story short, they were counterfeit, and it took me months to get my money back via PayPal.
So, when the billing goes to someone else, somewhere else, my radar is up.
I'm not saying that this will end in a similar scenario, it just looks a little shady to me when this happens.

chet.galek | 26. Juli 2019

Look pretty good.

Can you let us know what if any impact these have on mileage?

Did you use anything between the flap and car to protect the paint?


ricksli | 27. Juli 2019

I don’t track mileage so won’t be able to help you there.

I didn’t any protection. There was probably more damage there already from not having them then these will ever cause.

thedrisin | 27. Juli 2019

@chet.galek. It would be impossible to measure any impact on mileage. It is probably negligible if any. The flaps are mainly shielded by the airflow from the tires. Do you often get home testing the limits of your battery? The car protection vastly outweighs any theoretical aerodynamic impact.

thedrisin | 27. Juli 2019

@CRAIG. Taptes is not a shady company. Yes, they are in China. The customer service is excellent and they respond quickly to any questions. They care about their product and customer satisfaction. I made mudflaps from universal Rally Armor flaps, similar to what is being sold by other companies. Taptes is the only ones, at this time, selliing OEM style flaps. I will post a review when I get them.

FISHEV | 27. Juli 2019

2nd on Taptes being very customer focused. Always return emails, always fix problems. It's interesting dealing with China factory direct. Get a pic at what Chinese folks see on the business side. They use an all China Air Express service so see Chinese ports and cities on the tracking.

PT733 | 28. Juli 2019

Would be good if "3M Paint Protection Film 8591, 14 mil, Transparent" or similar could be applied to the side of the car in front of the rear wheels to avoid paint damage e.g.

My Celica has coloured plastic side skirts, with some PPF on sections of the side skirts, even though the 205 tyres are within the wheel arches

ricksli | 31. Juli 2019

Just wanted to follow up and mention how great these work. I had to go down a long, wet/muddy entrance to a parking lot. My wheel wells were coated with mud. Sides of car, perfectly clean.

jweiner | 31. Juli 2019

ricksli - - what is the difference between a screw and a screw fastener that you reference needing for the fronts? does the 10mm bolt for the rear require a hole to be drilled?

jebinc | 31. Juli 2019

Re TepTES selling these flaps. First, the ad said no drilling for these; not true. Next, they recently doubled the price. For these reasons, I say ..|.. TepTES.

ricksli | 31. Juli 2019


Looking at my link in my original post....

The "screw fasteners" are the stock plastic fasteners. Look at first picture. Just the two on the bottom are removed and reinstalled with flaps. They give additional screws, but all you need is one in each front flap. You can see that one at the top. That one is a tiny self tapping screw. It easily screws into the plastic wheel well behind the flap. That's it. For the back, see pic 4 for the 10mm bolt under the car. Undo that and put back in place with the flap in place. Same for the stock plastic fastener (same as front) shown in picture 5. No screws needed. There is a little plastic lip shown in picture 6 that holds it against the fender. No screw needed.

This a very easy install. The hardest part is pushing the stock fasteners back in place. It takes some effort.

coleAK | 31. Juli 2019

Look nice. Where did you order them? I’d like a set before winter.

FISHEV | 31. Juli 2019

Good pix of what the mudflaps entail. Nice 3D product by the looks of it.

Syed.Hosain | 31. Juli 2019

These are very nice (and I am fine with Taptes too - I use and like their wireless charger version 1), but Amazon has a large number of identical products for a lot less cost.

Hmmm ...

stopnair | 01. August 2019

I still haven't received my order ..its been 2 weeks.. I wrote 3 emails and no reply.. what a f'ing ripoff..

neil.weinstock | 01. August 2019

Are there any issues or difficulties installing these with the wheels on? I'm trying to figure out how you worked around the wheel when tapping the new hole.

ricksli | 02. August 2019

No need to remove the wheels. For the front, just turn the wheels out of the way.

This is a very easy install.

alisse | 02. August 2019

Mine just arrived. Planning to install this weekend.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 02. August 2019

Stopnair: If you are tracking your order, as I am mine, you will find that it's probably sitting in USPS customs waiting to be cleared. I did work at the USPS facility at JFK airport a while back (a long while back) and they had so many packages to x-ray and inspect, the packages were backed up 100' on the conveyor and only one x-ray machine being used 8 hours a day. I'd like to think that maybe they've picked up the pace since then. My order arrived at JFK on 7/28, released on 7/30, and released to a local courier on 7/31. Those last 2 updates came through this morning. It was shipped on 7/25.

SteveWin1 | 02. August 2019

A strip of PPF along the bumper panels is pretty cheap and will also provide paint protection without affecting aerodynamics. Do you think the decrease in aerodynamics from doing this negates the slight benefit from the aero wheels?

FISHEV | 02. August 2019

"I still haven't received my order ..its been 2 weeks.. I wrote 3 emails and no reply.. what a f'ing ripoff..@stopnair.

You should have gotten a receipt of order from Taptes that included a tracking number. It will show where the order is from China to your front door. Usually Tina@taptes replies very quickly.

They get a bit optimistic on orders but always deliver and are customer service oriented if you need to cancel or return items.

I ordered the wireless charger, was told a couple weeks and it just got to me after SIX WEEKS. Even when they ship it takes a while. Shenzen to HK to LA to Seattle to PDX took 14 days.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 02. August 2019

I received my Taptes sun shade for the windshield. It's very flimsy, no real rigidity to it.I'm going to give it a chance but it doesn't fit 100%. There's a large gap around the camera pod at the top center of the wind shield. I am expecting the mud flaps and a couple of other things tomorrow. I hope they're better quality.

CaliforniaMaki808 | 02. August 2019

Wonder if these mud guards are the same quality as TapTes? These here are around $25 compare to TapTes at $60.

drbob | 02. August 2019

Amazon ones look like the Taptes ones 'to a T' for less than 1/2 the price. The reviews look a bit shady but who knows. Maybe worth a chance. Amazon is pretty good with returns. Take your pick!

Link for Amazon Mud Flaps:

Link for Taptes Mud Flaps:

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 03. August 2019

Just got my Taptes mud flaps today. They seem well made. I'll let you know how the install goes.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 03. August 2019

The mudflaps go on very easily and they look nice. took me 20 min. altogether to install them. Putting on the door button decals is a pain, but they're on.

jebinc | 03. August 2019

Installation of Amazon-sourced molded mud flaps made in China

I received my flaps on Friday, 8/2/19. I selected an Amazon supplier that had them in stock and who got them to me two days after ordering. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was a strong toxic odor from the flaps - so strong that I put them outside over-night to degas. The installation was very straight forward and didn't take more than 1/2 hour to do all four, and that includes the time it took me to remove a set of flat plastic flaps. Overall, the fit and finish is fairly good. I will say that the thickness of these molded flaps is less than OEM molded flaps you can find on Honda or Subaru vehicles. Not sure how that may affect the long-term viability at this point. Attached are some picture of these flaps installed on my MSM LR AWD M3. Pictures below.

alisse | 08. September 2019

I've had mine on a few weeks and I can confidently say that there is considerably less dirt in my doorsills that without them. Happy with the purchase. Note that the Taptes site price varies pretty wildly. I got my for $29.99 and when I checked later it went up to $59.99. It's back down to the $30 price-point right now so it may be a good time to jump on it if you were still debating.

h2ev | 08. September 2019

That looks pretty good! I think I'll get them put on my car.

IMO it made the aero covers look better with the mud guards on. Really looks great on a midnight silver which I have. I did take off the aero covers the moment I drove the car home. Maybe I'll put them back on after I get the mud guards on just to change up the look sometimes.