How to upgrade to full self-driving (FSD) capability

How to upgrade to full self-driving (FSD) capability

I received an email from Tesla the I can upgrade my Model 3 to FSD capability for a reduced price of $3000 until 8/16 but there does not appear to be a way to make this purchase on the Tesla website.

What am I missing?

Bighorn | 07. August 2019

It’s in your Tesla Account

gdwalton123 | 07. August 2019

If you upgrade your model 3 for the $3,000 will you get the new computer hardware? I have a 2018 model 3 with EAP already

Joshan | 07. August 2019


Suefader | 07. August 2019

Same problem here. I cannot find this option in my account. Have gone to account and manage several times.

EVRider | 07. August 2019

Some Model S/X owners are reporting that the option to purchase FSD is missing from their account, maybe that’s happening to the OP.

eplaskett | 07. August 2019

1) Log into your account
2) Click the "Manage" button that's shown in the vicinity of the picture of your car on the screen
3) Scroll down to Autopilot Upgrades
4) Check the box for FSD on the following screen

Magic 8 Ball | 07. August 2019

account/manage/shop/auto pilot upgrades

Magic 8 Ball | 07. August 2019

ninjaed by eplaskett

ShesNoCissy | 07. August 2019

Has $3,000 been the lowest offer for Full Self-driving? Does anyone think now is the time to subscribe?

Joshan | 07. August 2019

its was lower at one point at $2k, but Elon has publicly stated that the price will raise every few months moving forward. It will be 1k higher in 9 days...

jim | 07. August 2019

The price was reduced to $2,000 for a short period of time back in March.

jimglas | 07. August 2019

I bought for $2k during the fire sale.
That will never be seen again

wiscy67 | 07. August 2019

My understanding: The normal purchase price of FSD is currently is $6k. I think that goes up $1k after 8/16 to $7k. The current discount promo of $3k for existing EAP owners ends on 8/16 and after that even current EAP owners would need to pay full fare.

Frank99 | 07. August 2019

Like jimglas, the $2k sale was too much for me to resist.

I've said for a long time that when FSD works, it's value will be far higher than $2K, $3K, $6K or even $10K. I'm a cheapskate, always have been, but a car that reliably drove itself from home to work is likely worth $20K more than one that didn't.

jebinc | 07. August 2019

Funny, didn't "The Charlatan" say last month that the price was going up on August 16th (from $6000) last month???

lbowroom | 07. August 2019

jeb, I'm not catching in which way you are being sarcastic or what you're poking at. Can you clarify?

Magic 8 Ball | 07. August 2019

Seems like a new troll, in another thread creating rumor about Q3.

DickB | 07. August 2019


Same problem as you are having... could not find how to purchase FSD in my tesla account.
Drove down to the Tesla Service in Debham Ma. with my laptop and seen the salesman
that sold me the Model 3. He could not find the FSD purchase on my computer or on his
computer. He ask another salesman for help and he could find it either. He said he would
take it to service with me and have them correct the problem.

The service guy could fix the problem but he was able to sell the FSD while I was there.

Joshan | 07. August 2019

he is also on TMC and if you look where he is from on there? well I will give you one guess...

drrock75k | 07. August 2019

Followed above instructions by eplaskett. Thank you.

ernie | 08. August 2019

Also followed instructions by eplaskett but purchase price show $6000 not $3000.

eplaskett | 08. August 2019


Do you have EAP or regular AP? More recent builds only have regular AP and are not eligible for this special price. Same goes for older cars whose owners recently paid to upgrade to regular AP. Only EAP owners are being offered the $3,000 price, since they have already, in effect, paid for all current FSD functions.

anilreddy1 | 08. August 2019

I just paid for FSD from my account and how to get the new self driving hardware installed?

Joshan | 08. August 2019

That starts end of Q4.

Joshan | 08. August 2019

you may already have it, depending when your car was manufactured.

jeff | 08. August 2019

I just got my Model 3. Where/How do you receive the sale notices? I looked in my account and it still says $6,000 for the upgrade. Do you get an alert on your app or an email or something? Thanks.

Joshan | 08. August 2019

it is 6k for you as you have not already purchased EAP (which you cannot as it no longer exists)

EVRider | 08. August 2019

@anilreddy1: Tesla won't start upgrading existing cars to HW3 until they have a reason to, and so far they don't. Although Elon has said it could happen in Q4, that doesn't mean much, and it certainly won't happen until there's an FSD feature that requires HW3.

lbowroom | 08. August 2019

"he is also on TMC and if you look where he is from on there?"

I saw that. His topic of choice at TMC was comparing Subaru lane keep to Tesla Lane keep....

ruff911 | 08. August 2019

Can somebody help me out here? When I purchased my Tesla M3P with EAP at purchase for $5000, I though that the next hardware was a free upgrade. I did get the email to purchase V3 hardware, but when I click the link, it only takes me to my] Tesla referral program page. Nothing else......I can’t find anything on my page or theirs to make this purchase if I need to.

EVRider | 09. August 2019

@ruff911: EAP does not entitle you to a free upgrade to HW3, you have to buy FSD for that. The e-mail you received is probably offering to sell you FSD (not HW3) for $3,000, which is the current price for people who bought EAP.

samidad | 09. August 2019

As an EAP Model 3 owner, I received the email for the 3K upgrade - who were the folks that got the option - would have been nice to get the opportunity
Also is there anyone concerned about individual state legislation on the legality of autonomous driving?

bob_bolan | 10. August 2019

Same issue here. I have a Model 3 with EAP and would like to upgrade to FSD for $3,000 as promised in the email I received from Tesla. When I log into my account and follow the links to "Autopilot Upgrades" for my vehicle, I'm given two options: 1) Autopilot $3,000 or 2) Full Self Driving Capability $6,000. If I select the FSD option, it automatically adds the autopilot option for a total purchase price of $9,000. I paid $5,000 for EAP when I purchased the vehicle, and just want to take advantage of the $3,000 offer to upgrade to FSD, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do that through the Tesla website. I guess I'll call Tesla support on Monday.

miaoxl8822 | 10. August 2019

I followed eplaskett's direction and still cannot find where to purchase it. I got my Model X P100D in December 2018 and I purchased Enhanced Auto Pilot when I got the car. Same thing as others mentioned, got an email about purchasing full self driving but when I clicked the link it took me to my home page.

EVRider | 11. August 2019

A number of people are reporting issues with purchasing FSD from their account page. Call Tesla rather than waiting for them to fix the problem, which might not happen in time.

san-san | 11. August 2019

First off, I ordered the car pretty much when reservations were opened. Love the car. Love the company's mission.

But the way this whole AP, EAP and FSD is marketed is nonsense or some kind of messed up "price discrimination strategy" that Tesla has been applying here. Look at this:

BTW back in February my neighbor who had purchased EAP learnt through reddit that the upgrade to FSD was dropped to $2,000. Then it got jacked up to $3,000 without clear notice AFAIK. Model 3 owners (especially early supporters) deserve much better communication regarding pricing.

Tesla should really do better in this case: for instance by upgrading all people who purchased EAP to FSD at the lowest price point, especially given that the capabilities are still aspirational at this point.

ruff911 | 12. August 2019

@EVRider thank you for your assistance. Seems there are hundreds or people with the same situation. I absolutely love my car, however I think this whole autopilot/FSD/EAP has left many supporters in the dark and I feel like I was switch and bate with the promise of Autonomous driving. I understand we need HW3 for this, I would pay for that but that in itself should be fully active and fully functional. We seem to be buying upgrades but don’t know exactly what they can and can’t do. For what I paid for my car it should have already came with HW3. I just don’t want to buy HW3 just to be told “well you need HW4 for this and HW5 for that”.

EVRider | 12. August 2019

@ruff911: What Elon has said before is that anyone who pays for FSD will get whatever hardware it requires at no additional cost. That means if FSD requires anything beyond HW3, you’ll get that too,

Don’t confuse the hardware with the software. HW3 is the hardware platform for FSD functionality, but the functionality will be introduced incrementally via software updates. No one knows when fully autonomous driving will get here, but you can bet there will be a lot of incremental improvements while we’re waiting.

ruff911 | 13. August 2019

@EVRider: thanks!

thedrisin | 13. August 2019

@EVRider. "That means if FSD requires anything beyond HW3, you’ll get that too,"

Depends on what the definition of FSD. If it is actually level 5 autonomous driving and may require additional hardware beyond HW3, will everyone's car be continually updated?

EVRider | 13. August 2019

@thedrisin: More specifically, Elon said anyone who buys FSD will get whatever hardware is necessary for full self driving. I think it would be difficult for him to walk that back without inviting a class action law suit. So yes, if additional hardware is needed for full self driving, we’re supposed to get it. Whether things actually work out that way remains to be seen.

terminator9 | 13. August 2019

Nowhere is it documented that FSD is Level5. HW4 or HW5 could easily be sold for an extra cost to achieve Level5.

Copy/Paste from order page. This is what you get from FSD....
Full Self-Driving Capability
Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

Coming later this year:

Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
Automatic driving on city streets.

EVRider | 13. August 2019

Tesla no longer talks about full autonomy on their web site because they can’t predict when it will be available. But buying FSD is supposed to get you there eventually.

cybergrafx | 13. August 2019

I picked up my car in Dec 2018. I could have sworn I advanced paid 3k for FSD in addition to the 5k EAD when I ordered the car but Tesla is now saying I didn't. (I should have screen captured every page when ordering)
I also should have waited one month because now I'm reading that people who got their cars in early 2019 got a free FSD upgrade in addition to the price drop. Even with the tax credit decrease they ended up paying a lot less than I did the month before.
I wish Tesla would have notified me of the 2k upgrade. All this price adjusting and feature swapping is making me distrust Tesla.

ryan_card | 14. August 2019

I tried multiple times on website to order it but it only comes up
At 6k

EVRider | 14. August 2019

@cybergrafx: Unless you ordered your car months before you took delivery in December, you could not have ordered FSD while configuring the car, so you’re mistaken about that. In any case, you should have an invoice that shows what you actually ordered.

Joshan | 14. August 2019

I purchased in Dec 2018 and could have bought FSD but it was 6k not 3k. I did purchase EAP for 5k and held off on FSD. Glad I did now as I got it for 2k in March.

This was Dec 28th specifically.

Techy James | 14. August 2019

@Joshan In December 2018 Tesla pulled the FSD off the site for ordering. It wasn't till Early March with the addition of the SR & SR+ that FSD was put back on the ordering process. At which time it was Now AP for 3K and FSD for 5K. So on the 28th the only other option to get FSD would have been if you used the Tesla Site in November to order your Model 3 before the FSD was pulled from Site and you took delivery on December 28. Even if that is what you did, FSD was a 3K add on to EAP that cost 5K.
So only 2 ways in December you could have had option for FSD at time of purchase would have been if you either purchased a model sitting on lot that already had been configured with FSD, or you worked with Tesla Rep to have Corp add the Off the Books feature. Either way it would have been 3K at time of delivery, or 5K after Delivery using Tesla Shop Site to add feature. The 6K price tag didn't start for FSD till autonomous day.

Joshan | 14. August 2019

I ordered on Dec 28th and took Delivery on Jan 3rd. FSD was absolutely available. I know this for a FACT as it caused an argument between the wife and I as I wanted it and she didn't :)

I did not order online, I was at a showroom in Oakbrook Illinois and they did all the driving and setting things up.

davebytbay | 14. August 2019

I purchased my 3 Nov 2018. I did not get any email notice and the option to buy on my account page is $3k for AP and $6k for FSD. I paid $60k otd for my 3 awd lr without these extras. Why didn't I get an invite to save on this option? Anyone?