If you have a spare SSD drive lying around...

If you have a spare SSD drive lying around...

... you can use it for music and/or dashcam/Sentry recordings.

I bought this $10 enclosure on Amazon:
ORICO 2.5 USB 3 External Hard Drive Enclosure Casing for 2.5 inch 7mm/9.5mm SATA HDD SSD Support UASP SATA III Max 2TB Tool-Free Design - Clear

I put an old 64GB SSD drive inside, which was gathering dust on my desk after an upgrade a few years ago, and split it into two partitions.

It works much better for music and dashcam/Sentry recordings than any USB flash drive I've tried. YMMV, of course.

HighlandPony | 12. August 2019

Great idea, I have a couple of junk SSD’s sitting around.

MadOverlord | 14. August 2019

Yep, I did exactly the same thing with an old 128GB internal laptop SSD. I've found it to be more reliable than a thumb-drive or a SD card adapter.

finman100 | 14. August 2019

I'll also say my 500 GB SSD in a USB enclosure works very very very well. Not 100% but very very very well. I'm glad I went thru the process to format FAT 32 as well as partition into 3 parts: TeslaCam, my music, and her music. All is happy!

Well, it seems to forget where it left off overnight, but, alas, it remembers the last song when the car is off less than 4 hours or so. not 100% but close enough that I can highly recommend the SSD solution.

styvwerx | 14. August 2019

I'm using a 2TB drive, with a TeslaCam folder, and the rest for music (less than 3000 tunes) . I got the "too slow" message once, then did a two button/brake reboot, and all is good. Even with my tired and very old ears, I think I can detect a magnitude of difference in the sound quality between USB, and streaming with my iPhone. I have to "reselect" USB, and choose a song, quite often. I think that is partly due to me using Siri to open the Frunk, Trunk, or "Lock her UP!" so much. The USB drive won't play tunes when the phone is showing "in use" from such frivolity. | 14. August 2019

For those without an SSD laying around, there are several all-in-one SSDs that are smaller than most 2.5" SSDs stuck in a case. Samsung ranges from 500 GB to 2TB, $80 for 500 MB: and WD's unit from 256 GB to 2TB is about $90 for 500 GB:

Note that your power budget via the M3's USB is about 6W, which these SSDs should be fine. Hard disks are going to be a problem unless they are very very low power, so I wouldn't bother trying.

bobandpattys | 14. August 2019

I've got this: Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB Micro SDXC Card with Adapter - 100MB/s U1 (MB-MJ64GA/AM)
and this: Rocketek Aluminum USB 3.0 Portable Memory Card Reader Adapter for Micro SD Card/TF Card Reader Adapter
and a USB cable. It was dropping frames in Sentry and DashCam. Haven't gotten the "too slow" warning. But I did notice that it gets really hot when it was in use. So I'm assuming it got so hot it was above the threshold for writing, and that's why it was dropping frames.

Got one of these: Memory RAM Cooler Heat Sink Cooling Vest Fin Radiation Dissipate For DIY PC Game Overclocking MOD DDR DDR3 DDR4 Fury Hyper X Black
and twist-tied it to the USB drive, and all is really good now!

So it's not just the speed of the drive, it's the heat generated and how to dissipate it.

jrweiss98020 | 14. August 2019

You can do it without an enclosure, if you want to more easily swap SSDs:

My SSD is rated at 5V x 0.35A = 1.75 Watts. That draw would be when writing, so less when idle.