Planning a very long trip in 2 weeks, any suggestions?

Planning a very long trip in 2 weeks, any suggestions?

I will be driving my new (2 months old) LR RWD Model 3 from St Paul, MN to Rapid City, SD (overnight) to Trinidad, CO (overnight) and finally to Phoenix, AZ. Plan on doing it in 3 days, mostly freeways with hopefully adequate Superchargers along the way. Some are in interesting places such as Wall, SD and Lusk, CO. I love long distance driving but have not done a trip thus long in 20 years. Getting contradictory info from Abetterrouteplanner in some places, such as warning to keep speeds as low as 45 mph from Rapid City to Sidney, NE for example even though the distance is about 220 miles and not in the high mountains. Any suggestion welcomed.

F.vanalstine | 13. August 2019

If I take the route fro Rapid City to Sidney, NE, then my next suoercharger stop would be Limon, CO and then on to Trinadad avoiding the city traffic through Denver. This would skip Lusk, CO too.

LostInTx | 13. August 2019

There's a dispensary next to the Trinidad, Colorado Supercharger. Just saying.. smoke'em if you got 'em.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. August 2019

Good info to have, thank you.

daver3 | 13. August 2019

I took my first 2 day trip (600 miles) shortly after getting my m3 and I was a rookie. It was Feb and driving north into a 20 mph wind and 20 degrees for much of the trip. I was getting 30% less than the tank said. In one really close call I got to the charger with 5 miles left in the tank. I didn't know about the app in the car that will take your current driving results and project them to your trip saying something like you're starting with 80% and when you arrive with your recent driving as a reference you will have 20% left. I have found that to be very accurate, although recently I mapped a route that took me on a 70 mph highway and I took an 80 mph highway instead and had to charge on a route with no superchargers. That meant about 25 miles charged over lunch on a L2 charger and later an 8 mph charge to be sure I got home. As it turned out a longer route with a supercharger on it would have saved time.

bp | 13. August 2019

Best advice I can give: use the in-car nav to plan your route and charging stops.

cmh95628 | 13. August 2019

Make sure you have a tire patch kit (but you should always have that since there is no spare). I got the one recommended here by Bighorn because, according to this forum, he is always right. And everything on the internet is true. Actually, in all seriousness, he is very experienced and helpful.

dmastro | 13. August 2019

Bring bottled water and a first aid kit, because you never know when you'll need 'em.

jfaubl | 13. August 2019

I just did a long trip a month ago and was a bit worried too. Listen to the car. Abetterrouteplanner suggested two stops and the car only suggested one. The car was right. Have you hopped in your car to see what stops it suggests?

vmulla | 13. August 2019

How many people in your car? If it's 2 or less, you should really try Tesla camping. The relief of lying down flat between stops is nice. Packing in small duffel bags gives you some flexibility if you want to do this. (I can share more of you'd like)

Since you're doing over night drives, I suggest you follow other vehicles - it's much less stress than AP on an open road because you're not scanning for obstacles on the road as much.

beaver | 13. August 2019

+1 to just following the NAV, though it is nice to research the route and things to do along the way in advance.

I did a 5,300 mile Los Angeles to Minneapolis and back trip in June,. I shared info on all the charging stops, things to do, any issues in this forum:

Here is the St. Paul to Rapid City summary:

Day 6: St Paul, MN to Worthington, MN
Short first day on the trip back home, we didn't leave until 8pm. Supercharged at the Holiday Inn Express we stayed at (so awesome especially when you have 3 sleeping kids in the Tesla) for 60 minutes, max of 116 kW.

Day 7: Worthington, MN to Rapid City, South Dakota (Black Hills!)

Pretty smooth, we dodged some thunderstorms (and apparently a tornado we only found out about the next morning). SD superchargers were rock solid, people were friendly, and the roads were wide open...except they shut down one direction every 30 miles or so for road construction (dangerous and annoying!). You know, in the midwest there are actually only two seasons...winter and road construction :)

We stopped to charge in Oacoma and Murdo. Oacama is a small town across the river from Chamberlain, we loved the Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, and had dinner at Upper Crust. Actually, my family had dinner and I got stuck at the Supercharger because there are no ride services in SD (who knew). Not even a Bird scooter arghhhh

Murdo SCer has a nice little playground next to it, and the motel people were friendly and let me fill up my water bottle.

Patronus | 13. August 2019

I am in the middle of a 3000 mile road trip in the west. I recommend charging a bit longer that the car nav suggests. It does not account for headwinds nor summer traffic detours.

Bighorn | 13. August 2019

Lusk is in WY and often a couple of the 4 pedestals are slow. A long trip is over 10k miles, so I’m wondering what a very long trip is:) I’m currently on a medium 6k mile trip. I plan my trips as I go, but I’m coming up on 300k miles between my two. A LR 3 should have no issues with having to go slow except off the grid.

roger.klurfeld | 14. August 2019

I did a 1,600 mile trip a couple of months ago. Here are two suggestions. One, load up a large USB drive with tunes. And two, use Autopilot.