Software update schedule

Software update schedule

My model 3 is on 2019.20.4, but as I understand it, the latest software is 2019.28, so my car is far behind. How do I make it update? I put it on 'advanced' for updates.

jebinc | 16. August 2019

There is no rhyme or reason that we know of for when you Lr car gets an update, and there’s no latest version. Depends on configuration etc. The one thing to make sure of is having a good WiFi connection overnight. And, of course, flipping the placebo button to “Advanced”.

M3phan | 16. August 2019

If you’re that far back, try to use your app to schedule service, and select Software Update. They may push it once you submit that request.

ahostmadsen | 16. August 2019

Thanks for the suggestion. I scheduled a service appointment for software update. Hopefully they will not actually show up, just update my software. I really hope to get the latest update with the driver profile linked to keys.

My WiFi connection is OK, I think. Is there a way to test the speed of the WiFi from the Tesla?

ken | 17. August 2019

I just pickup my LR AWD last Thursday and it shows 2019.15.106. Looks like I'm either even further behind or there is something different about my configuration. Anyone else still on this version?

KAM6 | 17. August 2019

Stop with the wifi stuff. You will be notified of an update via LTE. You only need wifi to install.

EVRider | 17. August 2019

@kamitchell: You only get notified of an update after it has downloaded to your car and is ready to install. Being on WiFi greatly improves your chances of that happening sooner. If you don’t have Premium Connectivity, WiFi is required. You don’t need WiFi for the installation.

KAM6 | 17. August 2019

That's odd because I don't have premium connectivity, the car charges overnight outside of wifi, was notified of an update while parked at work (no wifi) and was required to connect to WiFi to complete installation.

KAM6 | 17. August 2019

Complete installation is the wrong wording. I had to connect to WiFi to download the update.

ahostmadsen | 17. August 2019

I don't know if it's possible to check the car's WiFi connection, but I did a speedtest next to the car with my phone and got 7 Mb/s download speed. That should be sufficient, I believe.

EVRider | 17. August 2019

@kamitchell: I think you got that message because you don't have Premium Connectivity, and your car will only download updates via WiFi. Those of us with Premium Connectivity don't see the message, because the download will eventually happen even without WiFi.

@ahostmadsen: I don't think the actual bandwidth matters, the car probably assumes that WiFi is better than LTE even if that's not true.

The way it works for people with Premium Connectivity is this: when an update is available for you car, the Tesla server pings your car via LTE and the car tries to connect to WiFi. If it can't, I believe it will try again later, and eventually use LTE if it can't get WiFi. I don't know how the retry mechanism works, and Tesla doesn't publicize how it does updates.

M3phan | 17. August 2019

@ken, I believe you have HW3, different numbers from HW2.5

jordanrichard | 17. August 2019

Just a little insight into the numbering of these updates. The next update after 2019.20.4, is not 2019.20.5. 2019 is the year the update was created and the second number, in this case 20, is what week in 2019 it was created.

Your car will get the update when it gets the update.

EVRider | 18. August 2019

To add to what @jordanrichard said, the last digit is a build number for that week, but not all builds are released to customers. In other words, the first released build from a given week might be .1 or a higher number. If it is .1, the next released build from that week (if any) might be .2 or something higher.

ahostmadsen | 20. August 2019

Now my car was updated to 2019.28.3 — Don’t know if this is because I scheduled the service appointment (and cancelled it again), or just that it was my turn.

Nice with the key dependent profiles, but I can see the car could be confused when both my wife and I approach the car at the same time with each our phones.

BuffaloBillsFan | 20. August 2019

Updated to 2019.28.3.1.

Still haven’t read the update text, but I am excited (as always) with a new update. I can’t wait to read what’s in store!

EVRider | 20. August 2019

If you had 2019.24.4 previously, 28.3.1 doesn’t add anything. The release notes are just a repeat of earlier release notes.

@ahostmadsen: The profile doesn’t change until the driver’s door is opened, but it seems possible the passenger’s phone will get detected first. Not a big deal if the correct profile is selected most of the time. This is also a problem with pairing with the phone for calls and steaming media, since only one can be connected at a time.

jwins | 20. August 2019

@EVRider I just got 28.3.1 tonight, up from 24.4, and I got something I'm very happy about (which was not in the 24.4 release notes, btw). Now you can assign profiles to cards, so no more getting in the car, pressing on the brake, and being scrunched by my wife's profile. If you could do this before with your phone, I missed that, but now all our access items (phones and cards) are properly assigned. Now if they'd just do something about the windshield wipers...

EVRider | 21. August 2019

@jwins: I was wrong in my previous post. Some of the things I thought were added in 24.4 actually came in 28.1. Driver profile links to keys came in 28.2. I should have known since I created a thread about it. :-)

Jmeiley | 21. August 2019

I’m still on 2019.20.4.6 and I am on the Early Access Program??

leo33 | 21. August 2019

@jmeiley If you're on early access, you get different numbers. None of us on 2019.28.3.1 have advanced summon. This page is a little out of date, but