I took delivery of my new Model X in July 2019 and I wanted to know will I now have free supercharging.



bryce | 18. August 2019

I took delivery in july 24th and also would like to know if I get it, because I have had nothing but issues with my vehicle starting at day 8. They keep telling me there is nothing they can do. It will be fixed in an update but that is bs. I get alert emergency breaking disabled about once every 2 days. Then goes away. I also got cruise control disabled alert a few times. My washer fluid was not working at first. My passenger door is not opening or closing 100% of the time. I'm so mad at tesla right now. And they want to not give us a loaner car when I spent over 100k for this vehicle. My bmw 335i when I take in for service they get me a loaner car. I will be telling everyone I know to never buy a tesla if they do not make these things right and offer free supercharging as I was within a few days of them offering it.

Alex310 | 19. August 2019

From my understanding is if your vehicle was within the 7 day return period and they announced free unlimited supercharging you can get it. But I am not sure if you have to contact them within that 7 days or not.

bryce | 04. September 2019

They refuse to even talk to me about it. I have asked multiple times for the corporate office number and they refuse. Bad customer support all around. I have had issues with my car since day 8 and its in for service right now. I honestly feel they should compensate me for something. I would prefer it be the free supercharging, but something needs to be done. My payment is $1850 per month and I have not had full use of my car yet and its been about 6 weeks now since I got it.

foamcows | 05. September 2019

So how about doing something instead of complaining? Lawyer up. Give the car back. Get a lemon law claim. Or complain online to people who can’t do anything for you...

carlmoris | 04. Februar 2020