Pinker Mentions Tesla in "Anecdotes Aren't Data"

Pinker Mentions Tesla in "Anecdotes Aren't Data"

A realistic mention of Tesla in Harvard Prof Steven Pinker's essay:

"In the year after the 9/11 attacks, 1,500 Americans who were scared away from flying perished in car crashes, unaware that a Boston-LA air trip has the same risk as driving 12 miles. One death from a self-driving Tesla makes worldwide headlines, but the 1.25 million deaths each year from human-driven vehicles don’t. "

jimglas | 22. August 2019

yeah, but you know ..... tesla

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

Glad I didn’t waste time trying to get into Harvard since I learned stories are not necessarily facts. The light bulb came on for me when I found out dogs can’t talk like in cartoons.

NKYTA | 22. August 2019


NoMoPetrol | 22. August 2019

But the President himself said, without a shred of data to back it up that "Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw his modern-day descendants wanting to build a much more expensive (electric) car, that is far less safe and doesn’t work as well, because execs don’t want to fight California regulators (over stricter emmissions standards than the federal guidelines)."

And this, folks, is the end of the universe as we once knew it. An unstable, yet elected, leader of the free world is attempting to define our existence with FUD.

NKYTA | 22. August 2019

Unfortunately it isn’t FUD, he actually believes this shit based on the time of day, or what he hears on Fox, or what Ivanka/Jared whispers in his ear.

And then he “comes back down to earth” when Mitch says “that won’t” fly.

We need to end this “universe”.


SCCRENDO | 22. August 2019

If your old grandfather started raving about buying countries and being the chosen one. At the barest minimum you would take away the car keys

rxlawdude | 23. August 2019

@SCC ... and his bank cards! :-)

jimglas | 23. August 2019

@SCC: trump was misquoted
He didn't say he was the chosen one and the second coming
He actually said he has chosen a new girlfriend and he comes in seconds

sabbia | 23. August 2019

@jim and @SCC. No, what he actually said was he wasn't disloyal to Marla Maples nor Melania ... he was merely unfaithful. Besides, Marla and Melania weren't running for office so there is no harm done by being disloyal.

jimglas | 23. August 2019

thank god he didn't lie about a blow job

NoMoPetrol | 23. August 2019

We entertain ourselves with clever wordplay while Nero fiddles and Rome burns.

NKYTA | 23. August 2019

@NoMo, apt.

Yodrak. | 23. August 2019

"An unstable, yet elected, leader of the free world is attempting to define our existence with FUD."

If he gets a full 8 years the US President may no longer be the leader of the free world. Worse yet, he may accomplish the task in the 1-1/2 hears he still has available to him.

NKYTA | 23. August 2019

Vote Democrat or Independent.

Better yet, vote Democrat in Kentucky. Putz.

jimglas | 24. August 2019

A vote for an independent is a vote for trump