Free unlimited supercharging.

Free unlimited supercharging.

So, I am a new owner of Tesla Model S and already feel terribly frustrated with customer service. I purchased the car this past June as an inventory vehicle that comes with free unlimited supercharging. I also had a referral which gave me free 1000 miles supercharging. The problem is my account getting billed after I exhausted my 1000 free miles, even thought I have free unlimited supercharging.

I asked my delivery specialist and he said that he can’t help and told me to talk to service advisor at Rockville, MD SC. The service advisor told me that they confirmed the free supercharger is activated on my account and that certain owners were having issues with the billing. They told me they can’t do anything in their end and told me to talk to customer support. I contacted customer support and they said that free unlimited supercharging is being handled by the referral program. Then I receive an email from the referral program that the only handle supercharging for referrals and pointed the finger back to service advisor. At this point I’ve been going around in circles for several weeks now.

I’m not venting here but wanted to see if anyone has suggestions how to resolve this.

jordanrichard | 27. August 2019

Well, first congrats on getting your car. Welcome to the future, you’re going to like it here.....

If your car already has FUSC (free unlimited super charging) then why worry about getting 100 miles free? What does your account say as far as supercharging goes. Meaning, go to “My Account”, either there or under “Manage” it willstate what your car’s supercharger set up is.

I would also delete whatever card you have on file, that way it can’t be charged for supercharging.

peterchen73 | 27. August 2019

Thanks. Though my excitement has been diminished by the supercharger issue. I’m not concerned about the 1000 referral miles. It is just that because of the referral miles being used, I didn’t realized that I did not in fact have free unlimited supercharging set up on my account. Under my account currently, it does not stated anything about free unlimited supercharging.

Interesting suggestion about deleting my CC information under the account. If I do that, does the Supercharging station know and won’t allow me to supercharge? Might still have to give it a try.

Teslavie | 27. August 2019

Tesla service continues to be a disappointment. Now the schedule service option has vanished from my Tesla app.

As a relatively new Tesla owner, even though I love the car, if it can't be serviced properly, Tesla's future may not be as rosy.

Many pioneers have fallen by the wayside due to their arrogance or inability to scale. I hope it is not the case with TSLA.

neofelis | 27. August 2019

I bought a Performance Model 3 one week before they phased out unlimited supercharging last year. My account shows per per use supercharging but they have never charged me. It is disappointing that such sophisticated car company can't fix simple things like this. Sigh.

cslaurie | 27. September 2019

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Tesla Referral Program. I apologize for any inconvenience this delayed response has caused. Looking at your account, I see your vehicle is configured for Pay Per Use Supercharging. This appears to be correct as I see this vehicle possessed Free Unlimited Supercharging for the duration of current ownership prior to when ownership came to you. In other words, the Free Unlimited Supercharging was not set to remain in place through a change in ownership. I do apologize for this confusion.

The good news is you can still acquire free Supercharger miles by referring others interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle. Your referral link is accessible in the Loot Box of your Tesla App and in the "Home" section of your Tesla Account. Let us know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with. Thank you for helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Warm regards,
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