Preparing for Winter -> what tire to use?

Preparing for Winter -> what tire to use?

With the 22" Onyx Rims and the Pirelli ZR rated tires on MX, I was told by the Tesla service team these ZR rated tires are only "Summer" tires.
but curious why the M+S rating on the tire?

what tires should I be using in the Winter? Given I am in Oregon with mild Winter weather, like to hear from other MX owners on what tires they are happy with for the winter.


HammoJ | 29. August 2019

I live in the mountains in West Virginia and have been quite satisfied with how the M&S rated Continentals on 20" rims perform. I've driven in a lot of snow in many vehicles (pickup trucks included) with M&S rated tires and never felt compelled to put on "snow" tires. Try out your 22" Pirellis in the first snow of the year and make a decision then.

HammoJ | 29. August 2019

P.S. The traction control in the Model X is fantastic in adverse conditions.

Vawlkus | 30. August 2019

Technically, M+S are all season tires, but as a Canadian I do NOT recommend them if you get any amount of ice or snow during winter.
I have 20’s so I just went with Pirelli Scorpions for my winter tires and I’ve got no complaints.

AlphaInfinity | 30. August 2019

Pirelli would probably suffice for a winter in Oregon. In northwest Montana where we see bomb cyclones, polar vortexes and chinooks, I only put one tire on my SUV's for the winter:

I get them studded. Best winter tire I have EVER purchased. I will be putting these on my Model X.

raffidesigns | 01. September 2019

Nokian Tyres studded are the most ideal. I have the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3. WIth the Traction control mentioned by @HammoJ, your Model X is now a tank.