China Exempts Teslas From Auto Tax

China Exempts Teslas From Auto Tax

Tesla stock jumped Friday as China's automotive regulatory body said it will exempt Tesla (TSLA) vehicles from its purchase tax, helping the electric car company lessen the impact of higher costs from tariffs in the trade war. | 30. August 2019

Great news!

stevenmaifert | 30. August 2019

Well, that's the good news for Chinese buyers, but Tesla also raised the price of their cars to compensate for the declining exchange rate as China continues to manipulate their currency.

Mike83 | 30. August 2019

The stock goes up on good news and the shorts start their trolling. Nothing changes.

sabbia | 30. August 2019

Maifert says "currency manipulator." Economists think otherwise: ""

George Conway, who may have an inside track retweets, "found the president to be of limited cognitive ability, and of generally dubious character."

carlk | 30. August 2019

Sandy Munro said Chinese automakers complained to him their government treats Tesla better than it treats local companies. Tesla got all the assistance from land to financing of the GF3. Nio said when the wanted to built a plant the government just responded fine go ahead. Pretty clear the Chinese can see how important Tesla and Elon is to the future. Only in the US there are people want them to fail.

blue adept | 30. August 2019

China NEEDS to convert their commuter paradigm over to EV's from ICE's just to be able to breath these days and prefer the sort of premium offering Tesla provides and sees them as providing an actual solution to their existential environmental problems, so a little quid pro quo is mutually beneficial.

Mike83 | 30. August 2019

China is double the US in Solar. Check out the graphs on the link. It is no wonder Teslas can provide pure clean energy transport. The money they will save besides the health benefits and curbing Global Warming is very smart

carlk | 30. August 2019

We all know what China's policies are. The significance of this is they are treating Tesla different (better) than they treat any other auto companies foreign or local.

david.biron | 07. September 2019

It would be nice to see the same type response from our own Government. The reason this will never happen is because our government has been sold to the highest bidder ( corporate America ) with unregulated political campaign finance. This happened right under everyones nose and continues to this day.
The relationship between government and the Legacy auto industry became apparent when the big (3) required financial assistance from the government to avoid bankruptcy. The governments response highlights their relationship !
Having said that... a new threat to the "ice" auto industry "Tesla" shows up. Will government policy / money . support this new start up that is offering a superior product ? If government = big business... Tesla can expect no help going forward from our government.
Tesla finds support in China ! Fantastic ! It is obvious China sees just how important Tesla is to the future of everyone on the planet. Are they that much smarter than US government ?
This is not the first time Corporate America has shunned / exported its best talent for fear of change. In the 60's Edward Deming proposed a new system of management (TQM) in an effort to try and improve the quality of goods produced. Corporate America (not wanting to change). rejected his ideas. Deming was convinced his ideas were legitimate and traveled to Japan to talk to their car manufacturers. He ideas were welcome and implemented by Japan. This is the time Japans cars started to flood the US markets and were considered to be a more reliable / better product. They account for a significant portion of US car sales today.
If the US government (big business) doesn't pull their head out of the dark place... we all loose.
I love my country.... however.. unless there is major changes to the way our political system operates, I fear we will export all our talent and get left behind. We need to embrace innovative technologies for the betterment of all. No one wins... unless we all win. Thanks , once again.. to the courage, tenacity and tireless devotion of Elon Musk. Also , would like to give a big shout out to Cathy Woods , CEO of Ark invest. for supporting many of these innovative technologies.

Nexxus | 10. September 2019


It's not that China is that much smarter than the US Government, it's just like you said, the US Government has been bought. Lock, stock, and barrel.

SamO | 10. September 2019

Like advertising, Tesla doesn’t have the $ to pay off politicians like Big Auto, Big FF and Stealerships.

All they have is a better mousetrap and crazy customers like us.

julious.sagan | 17. September 2019