Portable Tesla Battery Charger Source

Portable Tesla Battery Charger Source

New portable battery pack to charge a Tesla 3-5 miles.

starojam | 06. September 2019

The original link is a Kickstarter that is now fully funded. It has an output of 1800W, DELTA can power anything from your lamps to the power tools in your workshop. Compact to heavy duty, everything is possible with DELTA. It can even charge your electric vehicle in the case of an emergency!

They have a video on the page. If you don't like my link go to kickstarter and search for delta. Only people that can post here now are Tesla owners. I have an S and a X.

I am also not saying you have to get one. Just offering info as others have asked for a way to add a few miles if you were to run out. This is a possible option that ships this December.