Normal 80% Charge?

Normal 80% Charge?

Hello, I have model 75d x with about 13000.

the green bar showing only 180 miles on 80% full when it used to show 185 and when it suppose to show 189. I know it does not reflect the real number which depends on your driving etc, but isn't suppose to be fixed? like showing 237 on 100%, 213 on 90%, etc?

I'm trying to make an appointment but Tesla service is refusing by saying its all looks normal to them.

What are you thoughts or real life experience with the same model, miles, etc.

Thanks in advance.

jimglas | 07. September 2019

its an estimate based upon your driving habits.
multiple threads on this
don't worry, be happy

yuvaldoitnow | 07. September 2019

the green bar is estimated or fixed 237 on 100%?

canonguy12 | 09. September 2019

Estimated. And 1-5% degradation within a year is fairly normal | 09. September 2019

Also, calibration drifts downward over time. It's an estimate and not an actual value. Battery capacity can actually only be accurate at 100% SOC and 0% SOC. To get a real number discharge to under 20% and then change to 100% and check the range within an hour of getting to 100%. Anything else is just guesswork and while it can be accurate, more often it is low.

Most of us just ignore it - not worth the bother to show an extra few miles. The true battery range is not affected if the viewed range is off. What this means if at 80% it shows 180, and the actual capacity is 185, then you really will get 185 miles of range. As others point out, there will be some degradation over time. I'd guess about 2% in the first year and perhaps 1% more per year thereafter. This is normal and expected.