Do we have any MTBikers in this group?

Do we have any MTBikers in this group?

Do we have any MTBikers in this group? If so what are you using to move your MTB around with your Model 3? Also did anyone try SeaSucker?

Maxxer | 07. September 2019

Didn’t fit my BMC speedfox Amp yet because I just bought it.

But I easily fit my BMC Roadmachine01 disk in the trunk. I don’t even remove the front wheel, I just fold the 2 rear seats and slide the complete bike rear wheel first and leave some protection drapes under. It takes me literally 10 seconds before getting my road bicycle in the car.

For my time trial bike I need to remove the wheel because the aero bar do not slide well in the frunk when the handlebars are turned 90 degrees. But the Zipp404 have a quick release and the front wheel is off the bike within 10 seconds.

If you don’t want to fold the rear seats, my 54cm frames fit really well in the trunk with the 2 wheels off and the rear derailleur toward the charging port.

I never used my Thule bike rack since I leave my bikes in my car at work and go ride when my day is done.

Maxxer | 07. September 2019

In the second paragraph
My iPhone autocorrected trunk to frunk hahahaha
My 2 y.o. kid bike fits in the frunk since it has no pedals. But I still don’t have a folding back lol

M3NOICE | 08. September 2019

Folding rear seats, remove front wheel and slide my SC Bronson easily over an blanket. Takes about 5 min.

If I have bikes for the whole family then I use my truck.

jimglas | 08. September 2019

one reason to also buy a MX
Std rear hitch works great with no noticeable range loss carrying 4 bikes
(my observation)

lilbean | 08. September 2019

+1 @jimglas
I use the X for the bikes.

dmanincali | 08. September 2019

Went mountain biking 2 weeks ago and saw a couple with 2 MBs mounted to their roof with seasuckers. Asked them about them and they loved them. I like that they leave no visible mark on the car and don’t risk damaging your interior by trying to load the bike in the car.

TeslaG | 08. September 2019

Thank you, i ride SC Hightower and going to try this. I doubt 29 v 27.5 makes a difference and should fit, but do you put rear end first or doesnt make matter?

bp | 08. September 2019

Tesla OEM roof rack with a pair of Yakima High Road mounts.

jarms44 | 08. September 2019

MTBer here. Took two bikes to Downieville last week.I have a Stealth Hitch. Love it. Car handled the turns like a champ. I couldn't even feel the bikes.

billlake2000 | 08. September 2019

What's an MTBiker? My guesses are
1. Mountain biker
2. Montana biker
3. Empty biker

surfpearl | 08. September 2019

4. Medium tall biker

smacdonald | 08. September 2019

Stealth hitch and a 1-up rack. For any of my bikes. If I bring a buddy- most bikes fit in back with front wheel off.
Seven axiom road/gravel
SIR 9 hardtail- sometimes single speed
Rivendell Hunquapillar either MTB /bike pack/tour

jimglas | 09. September 2019

MTB = Mtn Bike

Kathy Applebaum | 09. September 2019

My bikes (one with 29" wheels, one with 27.5") both fit in the car with the seats folded down, but hubby is not fond of putting muddy bikes in the car even with something to cover the seats, so we got the Tesla roof rack and Thule Thruride bike mounts. I have poor upper body strength, and it's no problem loading up full suspension bikes onto the roof. (That said, I appreciate how much lighter my gravel bike is! lol)

A contractor left some of those reflective caution triangles a while back, so I put those in the garage when I leave with bikes on the roof. Works perfectly to keep me from trying to drive into the garage and wrecking bikes + car.

M3NOICE | 09. September 2019


Should be no problem with 29, as Kathy mentioned above. I found it easier to put it rear first as I have leverage to not touch any of the trunk frame until the bike is fully in. Then i put the front wheel under the headset with a towel between them. I don't want any unnecessary scratches on bike either... ;-)

The only inconvenience is that I have to drop off kids to school first then go back home and take the bike.

As for the truck, I am waiting for that "Model B"

pilotsmith69 | 09. September 2019

thanks.. I was thinking about seasuckers but I hear it breaks the model 3 windows

CharleyBC | 09. September 2019

"A contractor left some of those reflective caution triangles a while back, so I put those in the garage when I leave with bikes on the roof. Works perfectly to keep me from trying to drive into the garage and wrecking bikes + car."

Brilliant idea. And actually, it could be anything, so long as it triggers your memory.

HomeLink future feature suggestion. As you and your bikes depart for your adventure, you click some option on the HomeLink menu for "cargo on the roof". Then when you get home again and HomeLink opens the door for you, it pops a message on the screen to remind you of cargo on the roof. Or maybe it doesn't open at all unless you confirm.

ColoDriver | 09. September 2019


My Giant Anthem 29er (size large) will just fit in the back with the rear wheel on if the seats are down. A hightower should fit too.

My road bike (58cm) will fit in the trunk with the seats up with both wheels off. The rear derailleur neatly tucks into the left grab handle on the trunk lid, so it's a really really tight fit. But it fits.

neylus | 09. September 2019

Here's a reach, anyone try an E-MTB?

Kathy Applebaum | 09. September 2019

@CharleyBC I got the idea from a friend who sets up a lawn chair with a scarecrow holding a beer and a paddle in her garage when she has her kayaks on the roof. While the picture was really funny, I needed something that was a bit less work. ;-)

ajbutler45 | 09. September 2019

@Maxxer My son is a MTBiker and he is more impressed with the fact that you have Zipp404 then that you have a Tesla.

rxlawdude | 09. September 2019

@neylus, I've put a Yamaha Cross Connect (size "M") e-bike into the trunk with rear seats down and front wheel off. No problem.

benichols | 09. September 2019

Stealth hitch and Thule rack for Turbo Levo. Love it as I can easily remove the hitch and replace with the stealth cover and only takes about 5 minutes to put on or take off everything.

tbone1k | 11. September 2019

MTB'er here with a Knolly Delirium (long travel bike) and YT Tues (downhill bike). My M3 AWD has a Torklift stealth hitch (installed by Rack N Road in Costa Mesa CA -- highly recommended if you are in SoCal) and it works awesome with my 1up rack setup. I have transported as many as 3 bikes at the same time so far, and have made several runs from San Diego to the San Bernardino mountains (Skypark @ Santa's, Snow Summit / Big Bear) without issues. It definitely places a drag on Wh / mi at freeway speeds (~350-400 on avg, at typical CA semi-rural freeway speeds) but it is super solid. There is a bit of play/movement on bumps/undulations with the Torklift and the 1 1/4" removable receiver, but not too severe. The 2" receiver (I have both because I have a flexible 1up rack setup that can accommodate up to 4 rails) is a bit more snug. In every day configuration, I simply keep the 1 1/4" receiver installed with a black receiver plug (~$7-10 on Amazon), it keeps the setup low-profile and convenient as taking the receiver on/off regularly is a bit of a PITA. It's a high-hundreds $ investment all-in (not counting the 1up rack, which I already had), but is convenient and super-secure. Let me know if you would like any further details, insight, or a few pics.

Maxxer | 12. September 2019


By far the best wheelset I have ever owned.

Just averaged 48 kph yesterday on a 10km segment with a little tailwind. They are crazy fast. I recommend them to anyone!

neylus | 12. September 2019

@rxlawdude - Good to know! Medium Turbo Levo incoming finger crossed it fits!

Tesla2018 | 12. September 2019

I have a Trex that I got about 25 years ago when Iived in NJ and had trails behind my house but never rode it in FL since there are no hills there. Only use it to ride home from the service center if I need to drop the car off. I am visiting Vermont and an 80 yr old friend showed me an electric assist one that he has. It has 9 gears and he said it would climb up a ski slope trail. He said him and a friend just got the distributor ship rights for the area for electric bikes from Yamaha or some other company. On his current one, which I believe was made in Italy, he said it had to be pedalled to work but it has a button for assist level. Top speed is limited to about 25 mph, but their is an aftermarket kit that overrides it to make it do about 35 mph.
Its great that electric bikes are available so older people can still ride long distances or climb large hills that regular mountain bikes wouldnt be able to handle.