Will they bring back the LR RWD?

Will they bring back the LR RWD?


I am looking for a Model 3.
Living in Canada with lot of snow and cold during winter, I'm a bit scared of the range of the Model 3 SR+. But the Long Range AWD is too expensive for me.
Do you think they will bring back the Long Range RWD version of the Model 3?

Thank you

lilbean | 09. September 2019

I don’t think so.

jamespompi | 09. September 2019

I have a LR RWD which ive had for a year. While the improved efficiency is awesome, if I did it again id at least get AWD. Being in Canada I def would, I believe even if they brought it back the price difference would be less than 4k

gmr6415 | 09. September 2019

I thought you could still call in and order the LR. There is also the chance of finding one in inventory. Go here and enter your postal code:

Looking at that link there are several in my area, but AWD.

jd4714 | 09. September 2019

I’m pretty sure you can get a LR RWD “off menu” meaning give them a call and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get one.

stevehendler | 09. September 2019

I think its mostly discontinued because of battery shortages. If they are going to make a large battery, they'd like to profit as much as possible while at it, since it takes away from their battery inventory.

I agree though... Mine is LR RWD and you have to be careful in the rain. Any power mid corner causes the rear to step out quickly. My BMWs were much better in that regard surprisingly. They were also easier to handle when it became necessary to counter steer. The bimmers I would drift just for fun and try to put down as much power as possible on corner exit without going sideways. The Tesla goes sideways, then sits there even with counter-steer until the electronics kick in, which forces you to center the wheel immediately.

It def. leaves me anxious in the rain. Would I trade it? Probably not.

vmulla | 09. September 2019

@lilbean +1
With the lower prices it doesn't make much sense to skimp on AWD.

LR RWD was a fantastic spec for places that don't have much snow - actually scratch that, it did really well in decent amount of snow. It was a fantastic value spec back when the 3s costed more.

vmulla | 09. September 2019

You just contradicted me on LR RWDs handling :))
That's ok, I don't push my car to the edge, and try to avoid the road in inclement weather. When I do drive in bad weather I drive 'mild'.
So, the LR RWD did great for me - maybe folks who are more adventurous have different experiences.

stevehendler | 09. September 2019

It did surprisingly well on snow covered hills though ahha even with the stock michelins. I switched to better rated Yokohamas and went to a wider tire but it doesn't help much in the rain. Must be the instant torque.

Mike83 | 09. September 2019

Use chill mode in snow and ice. It's very powerful and is great fun if you know how to drive in the snow. Tires, tires and tires are very important.

vmulla | 09. September 2019

@Mike83 +1
I'm on chill most of the time, perhaps that's why I have such good things to say about LR RWD handling in snow.
I have a separate profile, 'zoom', for the times I want to enjoy the power and handling :)

Back to original topic, I don't think LR RWD is going to come back. I am holding my reservation for the Y specifically because it offers LR RWD option now.

gmr6415 | 09. September 2019

@stevehendler, I completely disagree. My LR RWD did great on ice and snow on a very steep grade near Asheville, NC this past winter with the OEM Michelin tires.

It was this curve, which is quite a steep grade that turns back onto itself (more than 90˚) and was covered with ice and a fresh light snow.

We were there for a week and took that corner several times a day coming and going while on vacation. The car did great.

benichols | 09. September 2019

Have had LR RWD for 16 months through one Colorado winter. With Tesla winter tire package it's the best car in snow I've ever had. Not sure what others are complaining about but as others have mentioned, it's all about tires, tires, and tires. Was not an option at the time, but I do not miss nor feel I need AWD.

Atoms | 09. September 2019

LR AWD is cheaper than LR RED I purchased. Not sure what you are talking about more expensive. AWD is better for redundancy in case of drive train failure. Is better for acceleration and better for traction in Snow. The range is slightly reduced. The AWD is just better.

billtphotoman | 10. September 2019

I certainly hope they bring it back for those of us who need every mile of highway range we can get. Looking at the LR RWD with 18s was only recently dethroned as the king of highway range by the raven model S LR with 19s and only by a couple of miles at highway speeds. I do a lot of road trips around my state of TX and with 75 MPH speed limits and many 200+ mile gaps between SCs I value range above all else especially since I don't own an ICE vehicle.

stevehendler | 10. September 2019

The efficiency is much better for the RWD. My friend drives his AWD with the heat mostly off in the NJ winters, runs higher tire pressures, and uses the aero caps and he gets the same of slightly better mileage than me. I keep the cabin at 70-73 F and run about 38 psi in the tires, no caps.

RedShift | 10. September 2019


I used to have a BMW E46 platform. It was very neutral in turns when pushed. That’s just BMWs suspension tuning as well as the near 50/50 balance working its magic.

My LR RWD hasn’t been pushed to get the understeer happen many times but the curve was on a down slope, aiding front wheel traction.

On my other car, a 60 kWh Model S, when I pushed hard in corners, the rear would break traction abruptly and without warning.

RedShift | 10. September 2019

*HAS been pushed to get the understeer

stevehendler | 10. September 2019

@RedShift Mine was an E36 and I had a 1976 2002 as well. The rear on the Model 3 just doesn't progressively slide, same as your S. It snaps straight to floating out of nowhere. Seems best corner speed is achieved by coming in hot and coasting through the apex. Requires expert level judgement of corner entry speed.

Supposedly the low polar moment of inertia (most of the weight is close to centered due to battery pack, rather than out near front and rear axle) which allows the car to rotate very easily) allows the car to turn well, and I guess inherently makes it rotate quickly once traction is lost.

richard | 12. Februar 2020

It is being made in China right now 2000 so far... I was just about to buy a Mercedes because they got rid of the middle price models... Will it come here and what price? Should I wait?

richard | 12. Februar 2020

They made 2000 model 3 not lr rwd... It will start soon I guess... In China...

-TheJohn- | 13. Februar 2020

Can't you order that off the menu? Pretty sure you can. Try asking them.

I love our LR RWD and I waited 866 days for it.

EVRider | 13. Februar 2020

You can’t order something off menu in the US if they only build it in China.

DiminishedSeventh | 13. Februar 2020

Yeah, sounds like they are only making them for the Chinese market right now. Will it come back to the US? Your guess is as good as anyone’s. I’m sure if the demand is there it will happen. Just look at how Tesla reprioritized the timeline for Cybertruck production based on demand of particular models. The question now is, are there enough buyers in the US for that variant to justify the costs to adjust production.

Big_Ed | 13. Februar 2020

Have seen comments in other threads saying that since battery supply is the key constraint in production, Tesla would prefer to sell all available LR batteries as higher margin AWD in the US. That makes sense.

billstanton | 13. Februar 2020

-TheJohn-: I concur, 852 days.
Nic727: But I expect Big_Ed is right, why make LR RWD if they can't keep up/overcome LR AWD demand?

bjrosen | 13. Februar 2020

Find a way to buy the AWD, if you have snow, and you have tons of it, you want AWD. The LR AWD was discontinued because Tesla is maximizing the profit/battery. Batteries are going to be in short supply for the foreseeable future, the introduction of the Model Y is going to but a further strain on supply so it's highly unlikely that they will offer the LR RWD in America anytime soon. You could call them and see if you can special order one.

vmulla | 13. Februar 2020

LRRWD is a great trim to reintroduce when Y affects the sales of the 3. I’ve no regrets with LRRWD, it exceeded all my requirements in the harshest conditions.

kallian | 13. Februar 2020

Opinion: As long as Tesla is production constrained, they won't bring back LR. (obviously sell higher margin vehicles first.)
When they can over produce vehicles, LR will come back with a SR body which will be a new standard in range.
(- premium)