Software update in progress as I speak!

Software update in progress as I speak!

Just checking in to see what my latest software update is...does anyone know? Is it the BIG one?!!!

gmr6415 | 09. September 2019

A very helpful link.

raqball | 09. September 2019

What's the big one? V10? I don't think that's even rumored to be out yet..

Lbanworth | 09. September 2019

Thanks gmr6415 and raqball! So you haven't received a recent update from Tesla?

jimglas | 09. September 2019

i got 2019.32.1 today

CharleyBC | 09. September 2019

You're probably getting 32.1, OP. Not a biggie, unless you want the UI in Norwegian.

ronocoug | 09. September 2019

@CharleyBC Ya...sure...ya betcha!

jimglas | 09. September 2019

well done rono

CharleyBC | 09. September 2019

Silly rono! That's Swedish!

BuffaloBillsFan | 09. September 2019

Received an update tonight, but I already have my car set to Norwegian. I haven’t checked the update yet, as the last few were so disappointing. I will look tomorrow. I hope it is not another language update to Hungarian, but I expect that will be the highlight . . .

EVRider | 09. September 2019

You’ll know when V10 is coming, because about a month before it does, Elon will say it’s coming out in a few days.

Devilstower | 10. September 2019

Though it looked for awhile there as if 2019.32.1 was going out to everyone, the speed of distribution has really dropped off in the last couple of days. Unlike some other releases that have stopped after issues were detected, 2019.32.1 continues to go out (including to HW3 Model 3s) but it's doing so ... slowly.

And the rate of distribution seems to be getting slower rather than faster. Which makes it seem like another version may land before most people get up to 2019.32.1.

Boomer543 | 10. September 2019

Slow roll out driving me nuts. Definitely suffering from update envy. Still on 28.3.1. Usually, I'd have the update by now. Big bummer.

CharleyBC | 10. September 2019

Relax, @Boomer543. 32 isn’t a particularly exciting release, IMHO. Not like when Sentry Mode was released, or anything like that.

dsvick | 10. September 2019

@Lbanworth - "Just checking in to see what my latest software update is...does anyone know? Is it the BIG one?!!!"

Really? How could anyone possibly know what software update you're getting?
Also, unless you're literally one of the first ones to get it, you'll know all about version 10 getting released long before you get the update.

billlake2000 | 10. September 2019

If you are Roman, you will get Version X.

gracie272 | 12. September 2019

Does anyone know when the enhanced summon features will be released

M3BlueGeorgia | 12. September 2019

@gracie272 Nope, I'm pretty sure no-one knows, though there's probably a few people in Tesla QA who have a good idea. But they aren't talking.