Windshield change

Windshield change

So I've taken a rock chip to the windshield here in WA. Would be nice if this state actually enforced mud guard laws as I see more pick up trucks with gigantic wheels and elevated suspensions here than the last 3 states I've lived in combined. But I digress, Tesla Service center has moved me back twice now (each time 2 weeks) due to "parts on backorder". Is this normal for just changing a windshield out?

I have the Raven LR from May so this is my first foray into the world of Tesla Service, I've read some of the horror stories on delays and stuff but didn't think it would affect a straight forward windshield.

jordanrichard | 11. September 2019

I had to wait 2 weeks for a replacement windshield on my 2014 S85. When the new glass did show up, it had the heating elements where the wipers sit, but I didn't order the winter package so my original windshield didn't have these. I was told that they no longer make the old stand glass. BTW, Tesla, like any car company doesn't actually make the glass, a supplier does. So the delay may not be Tesla's fault. Now I don't know if this adds to the delay, but the glass is not your standard windshield. There is a IR coating that sometimes you can see, that gives it red-ish look to it. So that is an added step in making a windshield for a Tesla.

Renzo | 11. September 2019

@jordanrichard, I had the same situation, as you and I am curious, does your windshield heating elements work? I got the same replacement, but I dont see on the car any indication that they work, I would like for them to work.