Model S Fastest 4 door EV at Laguna Seca?

Model S Fastest 4 door EV at Laguna Seca?

Now we're talking. Model S beats Model 3 on Road Course. The world is going Plaid.

cascadiadesign | 11. September 2019

Just think how much faster it would go if Tesla glued a cheesy "Turbo" emblem on the trunk.

jamilworm | 12. September 2019

I believe it was fastest 4 door sedan altogether, not just EV.

JAD | 12. September 2019

Not an official run, the Cadillac still holds the official record, but the Tesla is going to get faster. That was not an all out lap.

one.more.again | 12. September 2019

This new Plaid will stomp!

legna_fo_htaed | 12. September 2019

AHHHH that was awesome

PolishFalcon | 12. September 2019

Is the Plaid S third motor in the front or rear?

bjrosen | 12. September 2019

They haven't said where the third motor is but I'd bet it's in the rear.

Magic 8 Ball | 12. September 2019

"First off, the Model S and Model X refresh that the electric car maker is preparing to introduce later this year will potentially feature a tri-motor design, with one small motor in the front and two larger motors at the rear."

jimglas | 12. September 2019

what is the advantage of two smaller motors in the back?
More efficient?
Uses less space?
All of the above?

lbowroom | 12. September 2019

Who said the motors in the back were smaller? Advantage, up to twice the power and no differential or braking compensation needed.

Bill Korea | 12. September 2019

Two motors in the back equal torque vectoring.
None of the above

howard | 12. September 2019

I like the E-Stop button on the dash. That is just bad!

TexasBob | 12. September 2019

Not Sure This Plaid Thing is a Great Idea...

A few days after Porsche unveils its "set the bar for electric sports sedans" Taycan, Tesla says hold my beer and opens the curtain on the P100D+ Plaid package. The MS Plaid sets a record for Laguna 4 DR sedans (EV or ICE) without even having a professional driver. The Plaid S is about to do a smack-down on the Taycan at Nurburgring (even if it takes a bit of tuning and they have to come back in a few months to do it officially).

The same sort of thing happened with the etron and the i-Pace ("I-Pace is the first car to challenge Tesla's hegemony in the premium electric vehicle segment." - MT) Next thing you know Tesla is selling the "base" Raven Model X with a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds and 325 miles of range for $85k.

Here's the thing: If every time a "real" car company spends 6+ years developing a competitive EV only to see Tesla stomp it within a fews weeks (or days) of its reveal, I am worried they will just give up. Daimler and VW are again talking up their latest generation of diesels. Elon needs to give them at least a few months to feel like they have a chance of winning before he squashes them* or they will all go back to selling diesels and funding the anti-EV FUD monsters. Maybe we allocate 30% market share between them as a sort of participation trophy?

*MX outselling etron 3 to 1 last month, outselling i-pace almost 10 to 1, M3 outselling Leaf and Bolt 10-to-1, etc.

SamO | 12. September 2019

VW should give up. Shutter their factories and apologize to the world for lying and poisoning everyone.

Is there a German analog to seppuku?