Seat heater confusion

Seat heater confusion

Hello all, I've had my 3 since 3/30/19 and I know that I tried the seat heaters probably once for functionality and haven't needed them since. Well, a few days ago I read a post where someone had lost the rear seat heaters due to de-accessorizing. I have premium interior but I double checked via the climate? screen and played with the new graphic putting the heaters on and off. Outside temp (MA) was in the mid 70's. The next day I was convinced that the driver's heater was on but as the screen and the app both said they were off, I figured it was related to the 85 degree weather. Yesterday, the temp never reached 70 and the driver's seat (only) was truly warm all the time and as it was concentrated under my legs and mid back I was theorizing that it was my body heat. I used that theory because I've noticed forever that the spot where I generally hold the steering wheel is always very warm. Today, the temp is in the low 60's and I still feel the heat in that seat only. I've done a reset, cycled the AC, and put all seats on high for a few minutes before shutting all off. All shows off on the screen and on the lower menu bar there are no red squiggles and my phone app shows them to be off. Checking through this forum and googling has not revealed a similar problem. How do I check to confirm that this is a car issue vs. an old man's body temp calibration? Are there areas other than my legs and back (headrest maybe) that would be warm with the heater on? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

radean84 | 12. September 2019

I was thinking this was likely a case of menopause and was trying to find a delicate way to suggest that, but then I got to the end where you said you're a man so my whole theory is shot :(

lbowroom | 12. September 2019

OK, so you think it feels warm when it's off. Does it feel the same or hotter if you turn it on high? Medium? Low?

ebm | 12. September 2019

I'm a Fire Fighter in WA state and most departments have Thermal Imaging Cameras. Depending on your local Fire Department, they might have them too. Just stop by the closest station and ask them if they would be willing to check it out. | 12. September 2019

There is only a limited area of the seat that is heated, bottom center (not the side bolsters) and the center back. Might need some colder weather to test, but it does sound like it might be on all the time while driving. You might turn the passenger seat on low and after 5 minutes see how it feels and note the area where it is heated.

Technically it is possible for a seat heater to be on all the time when the car is not off if the heater controller has failed. Can't say I've heard of another case like it on S/X/3 over the years.