Headlights/Taillights won’t turn off after exiting car

Headlights/Taillights won’t turn off after exiting car

Hi All. Starting just a couple of days ago, my 2014 S sporadically won’t power off the lights when I get out and walk away from the car (they’re set on ‘Auto’ and have been since day 1). For the five years I’ve owned it, I’ve never had this issue and I’m not doing anything differently than I have since I bought it.

I understand that I can turn off the lights via the touchscreen, I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I don’t think I had a software update, but it seems odd that this just randomly started happening.

FWIW, the car drives as normal, this seems to be the only symptom. TIA.

murphyS90D | 19. September 2019

There is an option to keep the lights on for a period of time after you exit the car. There have been reports of options changing during a software update. Go through all of the screens and make sure that the options are set the way you want them to be set.

EVRider | 19. September 2019

Do what murphy said, but is the touchscreen turning off when you leave the car? If not, there might be a problem with a door seal that makes the car think a door is open.

welajust3d1 | 25. September 2019

I've had this problem and rebooted the computer. The problem was then resolved.