Tesla driver insensitive or was it the car?

Tesla driver insensitive or was it the car?

At church the other day the priest was talking about compassionate behavior and he told a story of waiting on a freeway onramp that was metered. He remembered it was a Tesla in front of him, and there was someone soliciting money at the side of the ramp. When the Tesla approached he said it veered as far away from the person as possible. He saw that as an enormous sign of disrespect. My first thought was that he was right, but then thought, maybe self-driving was activated and the car purposely avoided the pedestrian as much as possible. Could this be the case?

PrescottRichard | 25. September 2019

The church of big oil?

Dunno. Pass this on to your pastor- I was at my local gas station buying lottery tickets. Storms had been on and off for the past few days, typical for northern AZ during the summer. It was early enough that it hadn’t rained yet, but I could see rain was coming soon. A young couple with a gas can walked up to the station as I pulled in and bought a gallon or so. I asked them where their car was, turns out it was about a mile away and not on my direct way home.

I offered to drive them back to their car as I had the time, we put the gas can (tightly sealed) in the back of my S in that covered storage under the trunk. The trunk’s trunk if you will. Sure enough it started drizzling as they fueled up their old Volvo in a church parking lot, started it and got out before anything substantial fell, like a downpour or lightening.

First time that car ever had gas in it, I’m guessing.

What’s my point? Well this- does the car I was driving matter? Does it matter that the car in your pastor’s story was a Tesla? Nope. Before Tesla that story would have had a ‘Benz in it.

Tesla is just a code word for affluent person in an expensive car here. Puts a real ‘us and them’ vibe in the story, and us are better than them because we’d give the guy some $$ or at least not be afraid of him. Right?

Sorry, you’re asking if the car would avoid someone. Prolly not.

NKYTA | 25. September 2019

+1 Prescott

Mike83 | 25. September 2019

Possibly the car saw the pedestrian and it moved away avoiding a possible injury to someone in the road. Our cars on EAP show trucks, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, etc. as icons on the screen. The car avoids accidents as much as possible. It doesn't car if the person is rich, poor, what religion or sex one is.

nukequazar | 25. September 2019

Maybe that driver is intelligent and knowledgable enough to understand that handing money to people at offramps is not the right thing to do. Most people standing at freeway offramps being for money in major cities are drug addicts who collect thousands of dollars standing there, and use the money to buy drugs. Our neighborhood community police office told us that any time they have a reason to stop and frisk the offramp beggars, they have at least $5,000 cash in their pockets, as well as drugs and paraphernalia. Handing money to people in these situations only supports their unhealthy life and lowers quality of life for everyone else.

Handing cash to people on the street is not compassionate. It make you feel good but it is not the right thing to do. Donate money and volunteer time to shelters, drug treatment centers, and homeless services.