Large display and computer died a few months after my warranty ran out

Large display and computer died a few months after my warranty ran out

My Tesla model P85D is over 4 years old, Nine months after the warranty ran out the display died, they said the logs showed fatal errors and I would have to bring it in to have it replaced, $2,800.00. Unfortunately I was getting fatal errors that were corrected by booting the display before the warranty ran out but did not know it at the time. Has anyone else had their main display die shortly after warranty? | 25. September 2019

I'm sure there are some that have failed in warranty, as some have out of warranty, and many are still fine too. Not sure how it helps. Parts fail, although agreed this is an expensive one to fail. While an option may have been to get the extended warranty ($4K), you're still ahead so far for not getting the extended warranty.

p.c.mcavoy | 25. September 2019

I know one owner who had his display die right after his warranty expired. He had symptoms, such as software updates being stuck, but Tesla refused to cover his under warranty. They also refused to provide him with the error logs which he felt would either confirm or refute whether it was failing prior to warranty expiring. In the end he covered the cost, although not very happy.

bill | 25. September 2019

There is a video on U-Tube by a guy who salvages Teslas and does interesting things with them. He claims there is a memory chip in the MCU that is prone to failure at around the 4 year mark due to excessive logging. Google it and you may it is related

Anthony J. Parisio | 26. September 2019

bill + 1 I have seen this video. They are located in California. They can fix it. | 26. September 2019

I did some analysis and the logging of Linux activity is a total red herring. There are likely other reasons, but that's not one of them. I also disagree that it is prone to failure at 4 years, but clearly some failures occur both in and out of warranty, which happens to be the 4 year mark. I do think it sucks if you're seeing problems while in warranty and then have to replace it out of warranty at your expense.

Here's a much longer thread talking about the issues: | 26. September 2019

Do you have a good relationship with a service center? If so perhaps they would be willing to look at your logs before the warranty expired and see the fatal errors you mentioned. About a year ago, the MCU in my P85D could not install updates so I took it in to service and as you describe, the MCU was shot. Fortunately I was still under warranty and it was replaced. It may be a long shot but could save you $2800.

jordanrichard | 26. September 2019

I currently have 169,000 miles on my MS. That is the equivalent to 10 years of normal driving and obviously the center screen and related computer has been running for all of those miles.

jmmcalpin | 27. September 2019

jfemd and mcavoy, it was my local service center that told me they saw fatal errors a few times in the logs before the actual failure.
but they said there was nothing they could do....