Major Differances between S90D and 2019 S

Major Differances between S90D and 2019 S

Other than the 2019 being 100 what are some of the other differences? Trying to deiced if I want to go newer and do I want Long range or Performance

EVRider | 26. September 2019

Which year S90D?

nipper2 | 26. September 2019


murphyS90D | 26. September 2019

Before or after the refresh? Before the refresh is AP1. After the refresh could be AP1 or AP2.
In any case no sun roof or metal roof or silver paint on the 2019. There are more but I've misplaced my list.

PrescottRichard | 26. September 2019

I have a 2016 90D with AP1 and the old nose, estimated range at 100% is 260. I’ve been in a Raven 2019 performance briefly, so I can speak to a few things-

The new suspension is substantially better. Nothing you’ll ever notice until you ride in one.

The P cars are, of course, faster and eat energy quicker. Still, the rated range on the Raven is 350 I believe. With a light foot you’ll prolly get more than that too, it seems to sip energy.

AP2 is as good (if not better already) and soon to be much better than AP1. You’ll have the FSD option on a new car.

Then there are warranties which start upon delivery of a 2019 vs the used car.

Keep in mind there are still some pre-Raven 2019s out there, so if you’re looking at an inventory car look at the rated miles or suspension to distinguish which it is.

I guess if you thought that there is a REAL possibility of a leap in tech next year or so getting a 2016 can hold you over. Keep in mind though- the prices for that tech may be higher than what you can get now.

I love my 2016 AP1 car, but if I could get a Raven long range I’d jump on it. Particularly with the perks, FUSC, etc. 370 miles range would give me 300 usable and that would be plenty to skip SCs unless I want to stop. That’s just me though :)

RAR | 26. September 2019

Even if the 2016 is AP2.0 (built in October or later) and FSD was purchased, there are at least two functions that will not work. That is Dashcam and Sentry Mode. The self driving CPU can be updated to the AP3.0 version, but those still are not going to work. Starting with the initial build of AP2.5 cars in 2017 there was an update to the cameras for color vision that apparently is required for those two functions.

SO | 26. September 2019

I have HW 2.0 on my 2017 S90D.

I installed 4 dashcams which are actually better quality videos than HW 3.0 native dashcam/Sentry.

My car still alerts me with Sentry mode.

Bighorn | 26. September 2019

I swore I answered this thread this already morning.
Range, efficiency, charging speed and suspension are what immediately came to mind.

nipper2 | 26. September 2019

It does have AP1 with refreshed front and solid Metal Roof.

markbraukman | 26. September 2019

I pulled the plug (pun intended) a couple of weeks ago and traded in my MS P90D purchased Dec 2015 for a new "Dual Motor" MS (I still like the P100DL notation but that's gone). There were several deciding factors. As my old car gets older, the trade in value diminishes. I need to get new tires and the 4th annual check-up is coming. So with all those imminent expenses, the main deciding factor was the continuation of unlimited supercharging, along with all the aforementioned improvements. I haven't heard when delivery will be, but since this is the end of the quarter, I suspect soon.

murphyS90D | 27. September 2019

I found my list of lost features.

No sunroof
No all metal roof
No silver paint
No leather seats
Rumor that big screen will be rotated to horizontal (I wouldn’t be able to reach the right side.)
No 80 ampere charging

The on / off status of free supercharging is also a concern.

I have zero interest in FSD. I don't believe it will be feasible in my lifetime.
Four way stop intersections and circular intersections are huge problems.

I would like to have the 100 kWh battery but will not give up what I have now to get it.