Smart Summons Experiences

Smart Summons Experiences

I thought it would be interesting and informative for those of us who are fortunate to have Smart Summons on our Tesla vehicles, to share our experiences...both positive and negative.

When I first attempted Smart Summons my excitement was tempered by a little trepidation. It brought to mind my "leap of faith" feeling when first engaging Perpendicular Parking. Deciding to err on the side of caution, I stood in the hammerhead of my rather long driveway. I was giddy with excitement when my MX pulled along side me...even though it was not a complicated maneuver.

Encouraged by my experience, I summoned the courage to next test Smart Summons in the COSTCO parking lot. Standing near the COSTCO entrance, with my shopping cart beside me, I pressed the COME TO ME button. My MX smoothly backed out of its space, slowly drove forward then made a left turn to pull along side of me. WOW, I was amazed at how well it performed.

However my next experience in a Strip Center lot was not as impressive, but thankfully not damaging. I manually perpendicular parked in a space, purposely without any vehicles on either side. Standing several rows away from my MX, but with good visibility of my vehicle, I pressed COME TO ME. Once again my MX smoothly backed out of its space and slowly moved forward. After several feet it started turning left like it was trying to park in a space in a row on the opposite side from where I parked it. Thankfully I aborted the Smart Summons as it was heading for an adjacent parked car. Whether it would have stopped before hitting that car was not a chance I wanted to take.

I am not discouraged by my last experience. It's a reminder that we must be vigilante especially in the early stages of this incredible new feature. Hopefully we can all learn from each others experiences and avoid unpleasant experiences.

I look forward to reading about your experiences with Smart Summons.

Niel | 01. Oktober 2019

We used smart summons because we are in a quiet neighborhood. Doesn’t work... smart Summons cannot be used in public roads. So, we took it to a target parking lot, a marketplace parking, and found an area that all businesses were closed because it was a Sunday. The car I parked itself and started to crawl onto the parking lot roadway where most cars are zooming up and down to reach their destination. The car stopped at each intersection and on the app it stated it was waiting at the intersection. If you can imagine, a car had pulled up behind the driverless Tesla. It waited more than usual at the empty intersection where there were no cars or pedestrians. We raised our hand at the driver to apologize and waited desperately for the Tesla to continue its route to us. After a few seconds, it finally drove to us.

We tested it a few more times in the empty parking lot. I even jumped in front of it and it stopped. On the app it stated it was waiting for pedestrian to cross.

Next we used it when it was parked in between cars. It did a great job backing out and coming to where we were.

My only want at this point is where smart Simmons can be used at even a further distance. It seems like by the time I pull out the app and get everything situated, I could have already been in the Tesla...

Saxman | 01. Oktober 2019


Thanks for your experiences. Very interesting.

I remember when AP2 was being introduced. We could only go 30 mph, if I remember correctly. I live close to I-70 in Colorado. I couldn't wait to test AP2 but going 30 on an interstate was scary.

My point is Smart Summons should allow greater distance in time with more experiences.

abnranger76 | 01. Oktober 2019

Does anyone know the range on the summons?

Saxman | 01. Oktober 2019


According to V10 Tesla information, you must be within approximately 200 feet (61 meters) of your car.

lmpercival | 01. Oktober 2019

I've tried smart summon a few times. I have mixed feelings about it. A couple of times it worked kind of ok but did not seem very polished. I tried it at work and it started to back out (no obstacles behind it), then it decided to pull forward into the parking space again, several feet further forward than it was originally positioned before I aborted it. I just walked over and got in after that. It's not trustworthy. It gives me great concern that full self driving is not anywhere near ready to be released. I see this as a stepping stone to FSD. Hopefully data collection and analysis will lead to an update with much improved smart summon. It's a neat trick at this point but little more than that IMHO.

LTR | 02. Oktober 2019

Long paved driveway on flat lot with lots of open space around the driveway.
Tried SS a couple of times.
It definitely does not 'see' the asphalt/paved driveway. As it maneuvered to me (and/or the target spot), it drove off the asphalt into the dirt without any hesitation at all....
so I suspect it's using sensors only? Maybe not the cameras? There is a very clear distinction in color and texture between the asphalt and the dirt. But the car apparently doesn't 'see' that....
Oh well...

Saxman | 02. Oktober 2019

Do you think Tesla will study the Fleet's SMART SUMMONS experiences as they seem to do with AutoPilot, in general?

I wonder how big of a priority it is for Tesla to refine SS into a very viable feature? For example I am much more comfortable using Perpendicular parking than I was initially.

Any other thoughts?

pooho2000 | 02. Oktober 2019

I bought my X for half years with FSD in Vancouver, Canada. The smart summon is not working after V10 updated. I couldn't see the circle summon button on the app. Is anyone had that problems?

Teslapalooza | 02. Oktober 2019

Smart summon aborts repeatedly for me. Never got it work after recent update. Even before that smart summon has been a hit or a miss for me. I shared my log events timestamp to Tesla. They looked at it and said the ECB(Electronic Control Board) used for driver assist is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. I have an appointment next week.

jimglas | 02. Oktober 2019

Just got an update to the model 3 Bloomberg survey I completed earlier about SS. I did mention that its a beta feature and not expected to be flawless.

karthikmnews | 02. Oktober 2019

Did anyone notice the auto unlock of driver doors when approaching with a key fob stop working after using Smart Summons feature ? This is in my 2017 August Model X

jpanunto2 | 02. Oktober 2019

I'm also in Canada with a V2 MX. v10 installed and also had a further update last night but the smart summon is not available for some reason. Disappointing..

Saxman | 03. Oktober 2019


Was your vehicle plugged in when you looked for SS on the Tesla app? SS will not show on app if MX plugged in.

Vawlkus | 03. Oktober 2019

Smart Summon is not available in Canada currently.

A recent tweet from Elon indicates that we may be getting it in the next week or two.

Saxman | 04. Oktober 2019

Thanks Vawlkus for your response.

I'm using it cautiously about every day, just to see any improvements.

taralex77 | 04. Oktober 2019

I scared the shit out of someone when I pressed Come to me next to a Trader Joe's in a very busy parking lot.
The car without thinking too much backout out right into the passing truck, I stopped it before it stopped itself (which I'm sure it would, or wouldn't it?), but the guy in the truck was very upset and told me to play with my toys where there are no other people driving.

marqdow | 04. Oktober 2019

@pooho2000: my guess is you didn’t update the mobile app to V3.10.

Hugh-SG | 07. Oktober 2019

Very educational, thank you for sharing your experiences folks.


Saxman | 13. Oktober 2019

Periodically I experiment with SS in uncrowded parking lots, especially after a bug fix.

Currently I am on 2019.32.12.2, which I believe is the latest update. I cannot say that I see dramatic differences since last update, but it does seem smoother. I like practicing in a situation where my MX must make either a right or left turn to COME TO ME.. So far, so good, but not great. It seems to make extraneous maneuvers straightening out, before moving forward. Maneuvers that I would intuitively know were unnecessary.

I'm not being critical but actually encouraged that SS is moving in the right direction.

Bagzzz | 14. Oktober 2019

I have used it 3 times and twice it failed. Once it just drove forward onto the grass then stopped short of a pole in the grass. Once it started turning too soon while backing and stopped when the nose got close to the adjacent car. It is more embarrassing when it doesn’t work than it is satisfying when it does, so I stopped using it.

Saxman | 15. Oktober 2019


I must say that so far, I've had more positive than negative experiences.

I wonder if perfecting SS has as high a priority as FSD, or are they basically interrelated?

jaelliis | 15. Oktober 2019

I just had the v.10 update today but I still have no smart summon capability. Our Model X is only about 4 months old. What do I need to do to get these functions?

mbp11 | 16. Oktober 2019

I have not had the greatest success in testing this on my July 2018 MX. I get out of my work late and most of the time the parking lot is pretty empty. The first few times I tried this, the appropriate behavior was to back up, turn, and then drive straight down the row to pick me up. Instead, it drove forward into the parking bumper and tried to drive over it and into a drainage ditch. I stopped it just in time. I think this was software 2019.32.12.1

In another test, it did back up and then drove down the row.. and nearly hit a car in the way, on the wrong side of the lane of parking spaces. I stopped it in the nick of time and walked the rest of the way to the car.

A few nights ago it successfully backed up and drove towards me and picked me up. This was 2019.32.12.2

Tonight the car tried to back up, panicked, and shut down and refused to budge. There is no traffic around. I had to nudge it out of the parking space on reverse summon, let it rest a minute, and the restart the enhanced summon and it drove towards me and stopped where it was supposed to.

Not quite ready for prime time. I hope the car is talking to the engineers and they are trying to figure out what it is doing.

Saxman | 16. Oktober 2019


Have you purchased the Full Self Driving option, that is required to enable Smart Summon on 2019 vehicles?

Saxman | 16. Oktober 2019


Thanks for your input.

It would be helpful for us to know WHY it sometimes works reasonably well and other times not.

I had another good experience at COSTCO yesterday. I purposely parked in a remote area of their parking lot where traffic is very light. After shopping, I stood in the main traffic lane ( but far from the main entrance) near my parked MX. It backed up properly, moved forward down its lane, then turned right at the main lane to pick me up. It still made a couple of extraneous adjustments before making the right turn, but otherwise very impressive.

Saxman | 16. Oktober 2019

I had another 3 positive experiences with SS, so far today.

One in particular I was very pleased. I was parked in between a vehicle on my left and right up against a curb on my right. SS straightened my steering wheel and backed out straight, then moved forward before making a left turn to meet me.

I think in the last few days I am noticing small improvements with version 2019.32.12.2

rockpaperscisso... | 18. Oktober 2019

Considering they supercharged the car multiple times per day to a high state of charge that 13 percent degradation seems pretty low for a car with 350,000 miles on it.

joelschochet | 18. Oktober 2019

32.12.2 was, I thought, a regression. The car wouldn't change lanes on AP when I hit the turn signal and going around curves became painfully slow. But I did get "Come to me" on the app. When I saw that Tesla was delivering 32.12.2 shortly afterward, I was happy. The car now obeys me when I hit the turn signal and goes though curves a bit faster, although it continues to decelerate out of the curve. But COME TO ME DISAPPEARED from the app. Has anyone else had this happen?

Saxman | 19. Oktober 2019


Was your MX plugged into a wall charger when COME TO ME DISAPPEARED? If so, then there's your reason.

starbucksjanahai | 21. Oktober 2019

Periodically I experiment with SS in uncrowded parking lots, especially after a bug fix.

Currently I am on 2019.32.12.2, which I believe is the latest update. I cannot say that I see dramatic differences since last update, but it does seem smoother. I like practicing in a situation where my MX must make either a right or left turn to COME TO ME.. So far, so good, but not great. It seems to make extraneous maneuvers straightening out, before moving forward. Maneuvers that I would intuitively know were unnecessary.
I'm not being critical but actually encouraged that SS is moving in the right direction.

Saxman | 31. Oktober 2019

I had my first SS experience yesterday on 2019.32.12.3. I was at COSTCO in a less crowded parking area towards the end of their lot.

This was my first experience with my MX driving down the aisle while another vehicle was driving in the opposite direction, in the same aisle. I was a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous ). As our vehicles approached each other mine stopped as if to see where the other was going. Then as they were almost side by side, my MX proceeded down the aisle, turned right at the end of the aisle and came to me.

I was very impressed and pleased with the experience.

jimglas | 31. Oktober 2019

you are braver than I

Saxman | 31. Oktober 2019


I had perfect view of both vehicles and they were the only ones in that aisle. If they started getting to close or "aiming" for each other, I was primed to abort immediately. Believe me I was tense.

Anyway it was thrilling to watch it successfully Come To Me. So far, so good.

jimglas | 31. Oktober 2019

would be interesting if both cars were on SS. Maybe a nice experiment.

Saxman | 31. Oktober 2019


I'll meet you at the COSTCO parking lot in Austin at 10am and we can try it.


jimglas | 31. Oktober 2019

thaanks for the offer
working this weekend and a bit of a drive from CO
Another time?

Saxman | 01. November 2019


I'm in Vail CO 6 months of the year. Out of curiosity, where are you in CO?

Teslapalooza | 01. November 2019

I don't like the reference to SS :-(
I like CTM (Come To Me)

jimglas | 04. November 2019

@Saxman: Live in CoSpgs but Work around the state in several smaller communities as well. Moving primary residence to Breck when I retire at the end of the year. Probably like you, I will evacuate from Breck during mud seasons.

nukequazar | 05. November 2019

Summon not summons. | 05. November 2019

@Teslapalooza - I like CTM - added it to the Acronyms and Abbreviations list.

Saxman | 09. November 2019

Has anyone tried a SS from a parallel parking situation? Probably not since most parallel parking is on the street rather than in a private lot. Just curious if SS would work in that situation.

avesraggiana | 09. November 2019

It's a neat but potentially dangerous party trick. Not very useful.

Particularly sobering is the WARNING in the Owners Manual - "Smart Summon may not stop for all objects...and may not react to all traffic."