Tesla Gaming Controllers

Tesla Gaming Controllers

My kids want to try beach buggy and the new Tesla game in the new update but it requires a compatible controller.

Anyone has found some affordable controllers that work well?

andrewsjra | 06. Oktober 2019

I had a Xbox One controller and now ha e a PS4 one. They are a bit pricey but work. I’ve heard and seen videos of the below Logitech controller working with the game. It seems to be more affordable.

Logitech Gamepad F310

Taffy | 06. Oktober 2019
raqball | 06. Oktober 2019

I'd like to find a wireless solution....

I have Nintendo Switch controller sitting around collecting dust and would love to be able to connect and use it wirelessly

Peterkn | 06. Oktober 2019

I bought and used the Logitech F310. Works well for Cuphead and Beach buggy too. I played both for a while with zero problems.

hokiegir1 | 07. Oktober 2019

I bought 2 of these and they work great on Beach Buggy and Cuphead. For some of the Atari games, they are a little less great -- but that could just be that I haven't figured out which buttons were right to do what. They do work on all of them as far as I could tell -- just not necessarily intuitively.

hokiegir1 | 07. Oktober 2019

Would help if I pasted the link, wouldn't it?

I'll go finish my coffee now. ;)

Rutrow 3 | 07. Oktober 2019

I returned the PDP controller and got the Logitech 310. It works great with Cuphead. Thanks everyone.

jamilworm | 07. Oktober 2019

I got this one and it works great.

Orthopod | 11. Oktober 2019

Thanks for the info everyone

priit | 11. Oktober 2019

I have been using the Xbox controllers. The good thing is that using them with the car does not unpair them from the Xbox (unlike using them on a computer usually does). I have been trying to use 2 Xbox controllers to get 2 people into Cuphead game on Tesla, but whichever controller chooses the character first gets to lay and it does not let the second controller to get second character in there.

rsingh05 | 11. Oktober 2019

I got the logitech 310 mentioned above by @Rutrow 3 . Works great for cuphead. However it doesnt apply gas for BB2 - but does any controller work for BB2?

FinkFarm | 11. Oktober 2019

So I have PS3 and PS4 controllers. Do they both work? How do I connect them to the car since they are wireless?

httran26 | 11. Oktober 2019

I have the Logitech F310. It works fine for both cuohead and BB2.
To apply gas for BB2, you press the big button on your right hand index finger. It's the RT button

M3NOICE | 12. Oktober 2019
jamilworm | 12. Oktober 2019

Someone in another thread (I forgot who) said they used this usb hub, so I bought one and it works great (and is really small). I keep my dashcam usb stick in one of the tesla ports since I don't want to risk that not working for some reason, and then the hub is plugged into the other port, feeding the phone charger, music usb stick, and two controllers.

jebinc | 12. Oktober 2019

^^^^ Same.

rsingh05 | 12. Oktober 2019

@jamilworm - I have been swapping the game controller with the phone charger so far but the hub seems like a good idea.

@httran - the rt button didnt seem to do anything but let me try again tomorrow on BB2.

rsingh05 | 13. Oktober 2019

Ok RT button works to accelerate in BB2. Logitech 310 is the way to go!

bnor1a | 10. Januar 2020

I have tried an Xbox 360 (knock off for pc) and ps4 (knockoff) and neither worked on RHD M3. However Logitech F310 does. Yay!

shandoosheri | 28. März 2020

I have been using this wireless controller and so far its great: