Slacker cutting out in v10

Slacker cutting out in v10

Can’t be 100% certain of this, but I seem to be getting more audio stalls with slacker on v10 than before. These correlate to “loading error” messages. If I advance the song, playback resumes normally. Am I alone?

pjwheeler83 | 08. Oktober 2019

You are not

Hal Fisher | 08. Oktober 2019

Yes, it stops mid song and good cell service. I have to make it go to next song to start playing again. it’s also happening with usb music.

PECo CT | 08. Oktober 2019


ODWms | 08. Oktober 2019

I had it happen yesterday.

geedub1023 | 08. Oktober 2019

It also happened to me yesterday while I was listening to local FM stations. It kept cutting out/pausing.

jball | 08. Oktober 2019

Happening here as well.

fdcottrell | 08. Oktober 2019

For me, Slacker never cut out when there was cell coverage prior to V10. Now happening about every other drive.

LostInTx | 08. Oktober 2019

Spotify is cutting out a lot also. Of course we didn't have Spotify prior to V10 so no means of comparing prior to now.

It's concerning, yes.

bp | 08. Oktober 2019

Great, thanks - since it’s happening to everyone and it’s a new problem, it will get fixed in the next update.

Lbanworth | 08. Oktober 2019

I'm glad to hear this! It happens to me all the time!

jdbeth | 08. Oktober 2019

I was wondering if I had an individual issue, using Spotify since the V10 update it seems to freeze too much. This did not happen prior to V10 and cell service is good.

Joseb | 08. Oktober 2019

Is happening every now and then, but it was happening before V10 as well.
"Loading error" retry usually fixes it.

Happens with Slacker and with pod casts as well.

wfickas | 08. Oktober 2019

Ah! I'm not imagining it. Same thing happening here.

wildblue | 08. Oktober 2019

I've had this problem occasionally before v10 but now it seems like it's every time I get in the car. Annoying. Especially when it's playing a song I really like, suddenly stops, then after spinning a bit it goes on to another song.

Atoms | 08. Oktober 2019

Not crazy

wayne | 08. Oktober 2019

I have seen this a few times playing from my USB thumb drive. This is indeed new since V10.

M3NOICE | 08. Oktober 2019

Yeap, happening on both cars. Different daily routes.

zylka | 08. Oktober 2019

Ditto. Ever since v10, slacker stops playing mid-song. Came here to see if others had the same issue.

SteveWin1 | 08. Oktober 2019

Same issue here. Not that I want you guys to have issues, but I'm glad it's not just me. Likely means it'll get addressed sooner.

texxx | 08. Oktober 2019

Yep - a bunch of times now with USB music. Sometimes it recovers by itself by switching to another track, sometimes not. Definitely a v10 thing - USB playback has been flawless for me up to this point.

Thanos Daddy | 08. Oktober 2019

Hi !
I live in Southern Cal ...I still haven't gotten a update yet ?

am I the only one ?

cmh95628 | 09. Oktober 2019

me too.

Cari - Bella | 10. Oktober 2019

Mine cuts outs a few times a week. Anybody lose Slacker searchable music voice commands? Mine no longer works. Since V10. If you say(for example) "listen to rocketman by elton john", only the keypad entry comes up. Slacker does not play any other music, it only brings up searchable music keypad entry. the keypad entry works as well as it always did but is there any way to bring back the voice command search?, especially while driving!!

triton3 | 10. Oktober 2019

Thanks for this post, looks like Im not alone.

geno.kearney | 10. Oktober 2019

Definitely is for me, too.

WardT | 10. Oktober 2019

I noticed more frequent problems right after V10 and wondered about if it was a V10 problem. I listen to podcasts and it is a pain when you are half way though the chapter and it locks up. To hear the remaining podcast you have to fast forward to about where you think it locked up. The podcast is on Slacker. Maybe this is fixed in the new update released recently.

SteveWin1 | 11. Oktober 2019

@WardT, hasn't happened to me yet since the newest update, but i've only had it for a day now. It was happening multiple times per day for me, so hopefully its actually resolved or improved and not just a run of good luck. Fingers crossed. :)

Ron.Olsberg | 11. Oktober 2019

After the V10 update, I noticed some of the problems discussed above; however, I experienced another issue not mentioned. I voice select songs by artist and song name but most of the time now it does NOT play the requested song. It does correctly translate the artist/song correctly but it now brings up a selection screen to choose something from the artist/group requested (does not play the song). I know you can only request the same song one time per 24hrs and i am requesting the same songs I have requested many times over the past year. Hope these issues get fixed in the next firmware update!

hokiegir1 | 11. Oktober 2019

@Ron - hubby noticed that it seems to be favoring Spotify for searches rather than slacker when both are logged in (I have a personal premium slacker account as well, so I have playlist support). If he does a voice search, it'll bring up the window and he has to click (didn't have to do that before most of the time), and then it'll play on spotify. I told him to try to log out of spotify and see if it helped, but I'm not sure if he did or not.

Ron.Olsberg | 11. Oktober 2019


Thanks for the reply! I do not have a Spotify Premium account so have not logged in/used Spotify yet. After the dust settles, I might sign up for the 90 day free trial and see if I like it enough to pay $10 a month.

wiboater4 | 12. Oktober 2019

Went on about a 100 mile drive yesterday with the latest version 10 update and I had it cut out mid song about 4 or 5 times on the trip. Not real worried about it right now though because I think we are going to get more updates soon.

M3phan | 12. Oktober 2019

Still happening for me on 2019.32.12.2

Ron.Olsberg | 13. Oktober 2019

Voice command still not working on 2019.32.12.2. See my previous post above for details.

bp | 13. Oktober 2019

To increase our chances of getting this fixed quickly, let’s all file a bug report each time it cuts out.

Ron.Olsberg | 16. November 2019

I checked the slacker plans online and discovered the Plus subscription does not include "Play on demand". I believe the free Tesla Slacker is basically the Plus subscription so maybe something changed on the Slacker end about the same time the V10 was released? Maybe the Tesla Plus subscription had or should still have the ability to request a song by Artist and Song? Being able to select a specific song by voice command is MUCH safer than selecting a song on the center screen while driving. Maybe the Premium Slacker version would allow song selection via voice command but the monthly cost is higher than I am willing to play. If I was going to play a $10 monthly fee I would go the Spotify route but not until its user interface works better in the Model 3.