A Battery Question

A Battery Question

I do not want to get into a political or environmental argument on this forum but I have a question that I would love to get a factual answer to. I have a 2016 S90D. Love the car. I look for reasons to drive it. As you may deduce by my login I have had the experience of real performance. I did not buy the car for environmental concerns, I bought the car for its performance and luxury. In my misspent youth I have gone through Corvettes and Shelbys. My Model S is a no shit pilot's car. So I’m having a friendly discussion with a fellow aviator about the cost of a battery replacement albeit this will not be a problem for me for a long time. But, hypothetically, if I had to replace it NOW what would it cost? Anyone out there know?

Bighorn | 10. Oktober 2019

I’ve seen $10k bandied about though it was $40k 5 years ago. Not many opportunities to find out.

BarryQ | 10. Oktober 2019

Were you really a SR-71 pilot?

jordanrichard | 11. Oktober 2019

As BH said, there are far and few in between cases of people having to pay for a new battery. With the price of batteries coming down, the replacement cost to us owners is a moving target.

Charsiubao | 11. Oktober 2019

Saw your post earlier, went to pick up my car for wheel alignment this morning, talked to the service center people, re battery change (using mine, 18/75D as an example) to a 100, I was given an estimated cost of something around $30K, there you have it, straight from the mouth of the service center

xfactor973 | 12. Oktober 2019

That’s $300/kWh. I thought Tesla has their cost down to half that by now. Maybe that’s only for that battery modules?

PrescottRichard | 13. Oktober 2019

Perhaps there’s more to it than just the battery.

pgkevet | 13. Oktober 2019

Google tells us that Tesla batteries cost $111/kwh. Howeer that may not include the electronics and housings, coolants etc and has nothing to do with the price Tesla may decide to sell tham at. There;s nothing cheap about Tesla parts and service costs.

dougk71 | 13. Oktober 2019

Tesla has a pricing department that uses a random number generator. Several months ago it cost $20,000 to upgrade from a 75D to a 100D. Just wait eventually the random number generator will come up with a ridiculously cheap cost and if you pounce before Tesla resets it you'll get it below cost.

Mathew98 | 13. Oktober 2019

Not true. Tesla did a single conversion for customer from 60 to 85 about 4 years ago for $17,000. It wasn't worth the time or the effort so it was a one and done deal. At the time the difference between S60 and S85 was $10K when sold as new.

Mi75d | 13. Oktober 2019

How much degradation (loss of range) do you have?

It's really anyone's guess, although the $10K figure sticks in my mind also. The main expense might be that the 90 Kwh battery pack might be an uncommon part, and there are no aftermarket batteries for Tesla vehicles, so that might make it (a lot) more expensive. Compare to a Model 3 long range battery, which they will make by the hundreds of thousands. Or millions.

But why worry? You've got your computer-controlled rocket car from the future!