Exterior Mirror Replacement Glass- Base or Premium?

Exterior Mirror Replacement Glass- Base or Premium?

Spouse took out a garbage can with the Right Hand Outside Mirror on our 2012 Model S. The website shows a Base Replacement Glass #1042524-00-A or a Premium Replacement Glass #1042528-00-A. How do I know which one I need? I am sure either one will fit. Mine has 4 wires that connect to the back of the glass.

EVRider | 11. Oktober 2019

Just a guess, but you should confirm with the service center: base glass is for non-folding mirror, premium is for power folding mirror. | 11. Oktober 2019

I thought the difference is if heated or not. Back in the day (2012/2013) heated mirrors were not standard, although I expect 95%+ of the 2012 cars came with the premium package that included heated mirrors. I'd expect the premium glass to be the best choice that has heating and would work in both heated and non-heated cars. Doubt the cost is all that much different. If you get the base version, it will work too, but no heat.